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Playster Streaming Service Review


In the age of technology, everyone is viewing movies, listening to music and reading books all online. Services like Netflix only offer movies, but the new service Playster offers all of the above in one convenient location for a reasonable monthly rate.

Playster is simple to use and offers a fantastic selection, and no matter what genre you are into, they have something you’re sure to love. They offer one of the broadest collections of movies, music, books and PC games I have ever seen.

How much will a service like this run you? It is $24.95 a month, but you get your first 30 days free. This is a pretty reasonable price when you consider most streaming sites that offer only movies are $10 a month or more, and the price of books in-store are enough to make you think twice.

Horror fans, they have an incredible selection of horror movies and are taking place in ‘Shocktober’. Playster would make for a great Halloween treat for yourself, a friend or a family member.

I highly recommend Playster to all of you that love movies, music and books but you don’t love the price tag that comes along with purchasing them. Give them a shot, you get 30 days free, why not?

The Horrors of AutoCorrect: A Unique Horror Short

11203106_1747398212153959_5802331297398825047_nWe’ve all had a moment or two when our cellphone have put our foot in our mouth for us, but don’t feel bad, even large, scary killers have issues with auto correct. Nothing ruins the moment quite like “I’m going to ducking kill you“. The Horrors of AutoCorrect is a unique short written and directed by Alex Divincenzo that places a man attempting to frighten and ultimately kill a young girl, but his phone ruins his pre-murder scare tactic.  

The Horrors of AutoCorrect stars Nick Principe (Laid To Rest) and Jaquelyn Fabian (American Poltergeist). It is refreshing to see a piece of work that allows Principe to show that he can be way more than just a big man behind a mask. This short showcases his more comedic side while still having him do what he does best. 

The Horrors of AutoCorrect is like a short form of Scary Movie. It is campy without being over-the-top ridiculous. There is also a hint of a more modern Scream. The text message banter and the unique choice of weapon only make this short even more incredible. Be sure to watch all the way to the end, the hilarity continues after the beginning of the credits.


Jenny’s quiet evening at home watching a scary movie is interrupted by a stalker who can’t quite master the art of text messaging.

Enjoy the show!

Movie Review: Among Friends (2012)

Among-Friends-movie-posterI have been waiting a while to see Danielle Harris‘ directional debut, Among Friends.  Among Friends was written by Alyssa Lobit and directed by the lovely Danielle Harris.  It stars Jennifer Blanc, AJ Bowen, Christopher Backus, Brianne Davis, Kamala Jones, Alyssa Lobit and Chris Meyer.


A group of friends get together for a murder mystery party, but things take a dark turn when 1377552356_3one hijacks the evening and is out for blood.

I was so excited to see the debut of Danielle Harris as a director, but I must say, Among Friends was kind of a let down.  In my opinion, it had nothing to do with Danielle‘s directing ability, but the script that ruined this film for me.

The plot of Among Friends held a lot of promise, but was not carried out to its full potential.  There were many holes in the plot and a lot of 2013_08_18_-_AMONG_FRIENDS_004_1“what the fuck” moments.  With this film being a dark comedy, every cliche stereotypical characteramong-friends-dvd-4 from traditional horror films were made fun of, and that is all well and good but the best part/character of the whole film was Kane Hodder’s cameo as the perverted limo driver.  I loved that we got to see Kane’s funny side when he spoke to the passengers of the limo, and none of his lines were scripted, it was all him.

To be completely fair, Among Friends was conceptually great.  Everyone wants to call their friends 1377552356_2out on their bullshit and we would all like to know what people do and say about you behind closed doors. This film to me was a bit of a fucked up dinner among-friends-dvd-3-300x169party with elements of Saw thrown in.  The ending was a total let down and completely confusing.

I love Danielle and I hope she continues to direct, but Among Friends was not a very good film in my opinion.  I give Among Friends a 5 out of 10 for a decent plot concept and a good cast, but the plot did not tie together well at all.


The Among Friends trailer:

Rotten Cotton Review : Girl’s Exorcist Tank Top


As many of you may know, I am a huge fan of Rotten Cotton and that they have the most badass horror t-shirts on the web.  I received the girl’s Exorcist tank top to review and I must say, it is awesome.

972T-Possessed-Girl-TankThe Rotten Cotton Exorcist tank top is comfortable and fits well.  The material is soft and very flattering on the female figure.  The straps are a good width and easily cover bra straps.  I love that this is a standard tank top and not spaghetti strap or racer-back.  It is very breathable and definitely good for those hot summer days.

The design of Rotten Cotton’s Exorcist tank top is completely badass!  It boasts the face a possessed Regan MacNeil in bold white covering almost the entire front of the tank top.  The design itself is very simplistic, but there is no doubt who is pictured on the front.  I wore it yesterday and everyone that seen it automatically knew who it was.  The screen printing is flawless. Absolutely no peeling at the edges and no cracking in the design.New Image

The girls’s tank tops at Rotten Cotton are awesome to say the least.  Hopefully they will begin carrying girl’s t-shirts eventually, but even if they don’t, their tank tops are a perfect fit for any lady trying to keep cool this summer

Be sure to like Rotten Cotton on Facebook and follow them on twitter for announcements and awesome news!

Also be sure to check out Rotten Cotton’s indiegogo campaign, “Black Devil Doll”!


Five Finger Tees: Myers October Ale Review


I have come across some some interesting t-shirts online, but Five Finger Tees may have some of the most interesting tees I have ever seen.  What makes their shirts even cooler?  They start at $11.99!  They offer tees in men’s and women’s sizes (men small-3XL & women small-2XL).  Not into just a regular black t-shirt?  That is no problem, Five Finger Tees offers many other color options.

Five Finger Tees offers t-shirts for pretty much every occasion.  I am (obviously) a huge fan of horror, and I was very impressed with their selection of horror shirts.  They also offer many movie and TV show inspired tees.  yhst-75848739727244_2269_18505100

Five Finger Tees sent me an awesome t-shirt to review.  The shirt that I received is their “Myers October Ale” t-shirt.

As a fan of the Halloween franchise, I was so stoked to see such an awesome play on such an iconic character in horror.  The mocked up beer label is a genius idea.  I love shirts like this, but Michael Myers and October Ale is a beyond perfect combination.

The design is a perfect, attention grabbing size.  The color scheme is plain, but not yhst-75848739727244_2271_189899779much is needed with such a recognizable face strategically placed in the center of a rather intricate design.  There is so much detail to it from the name and face all the way down to a mock up of alcohol content.  No detail was over looked.  If I didn’t know better, I would think this was a real brand of beer.  The design on this shirt actually makes a better beer label than many real ones.

The T-shirt itself is preshrunk and 100% cotton, double needle stitched, has a seamless rib at the neck and fits very well.  I also love that the shirt is tagless.  Like all of Five Finger Tees‘ shirts, this shirt was professionally screen printed in the USA.

For a better look at this awesome t-shirt and many others, check out FiveFingerTees.com!  To keep up to date on awesome t-shirts and news, like Five Finger Tees on Facebook and follow them on twitter.

DSCF7553 (2)DSCF7554 (2)

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BigtimeTeez ADHD T-Shirt Review

Another BigtimeTeez funny t-shirt that I have received that has gotten a lot of attention is the ADHD t-shirt.  This t-shirt gets a lot of laughs and I am always asked where I got it.

Photo & Design Credit

The ADHD t-shirt design is very clever.  It boasts ADHD in bold white lettering and the font is ACDC inspired with the lightning bolt.  The design is large and sprawls across the chest reaching almost from armpit to armpit.

BigtimeTeezfunny t-shirts are always just as comfortable as they are funny.  The fit is always true to the size chart.  The ADHD t-shirt is available in many size and color options.  It is available in mens (t-shirt & v-neck t-shirt), womens (form fit t-shirt & form fit v-neck), adult tank top, adult pullover and zip-up hoodies, and kids t-shirt.  Adult tank tops and hoodies are available in mens standard sizes.

The BigtimeTeez ADHD t-shirt starts at only $16.99, depending on size and style options.  If that is not a good enough deal for you, like BigtimeTeez on Facebook (Facebook fans get 15% off) and follow them on twitter for special offers and discounts.  If you are not a fan of social media or there are not specials available, use code miss15 at checkout for 15% off your order.

*For all of you BigtimeTeez fans in the UK, yes they do ship to the UK.* 


BigtimeTeez Logo T-Shirt Review

What is the best way to show support for your favorite funny t-shirt megastore?  The BigtimeTeez Logo t-shirt!

Photo & Design Credit: BigtimeTeez.com

This funny t-shirt leaves no question of where you got it.  The design is bold and has a really “notice me” gradient effect to it.  The logo covers almost the entire front of the t-shirt.  It features the BigtimeTeez mascot proudly wearing his BigtimeTeez shirt, and the bold “FUNNY T-SHIRT MEGASTORE” phrase in big, bold letters underneath.  The screen printing is by far superior to many other online t-shirt stores.

The BigtimeTeez Logo t-shirt is very comfortable.  It allows your skin to breathe even on hot summer days.  The fit of this t-shirt is incredible.  This t-shirt is true to the size chart.  You can purchase the BigtimeTeez Logo t-shirt in kids t-shirt, mens t-shirt, womens form fit t-shirt, mens v-neck, womens form fit v-neck, adult tank top, adult pullover and zip-up hoodies (tank tops and hoodies are in mens standard sizes).

The price of this funny t-shirt is just as low as the others offered by BigtimeTeez.  It starts at just $4.95 (depending on size and style options)!  If that price isn’t low enough for you, like BigtimeTeez on Facebook for many more discounts and special offers.  They very generously offer 15% off to their Facebook fans.  If you are in a hurry or do not have a Facebook, use code miss15 at checkout for 15% off your entire order.

I recommend this t-shirt to anyone that loves to support a company as great as BigtimeTeez!  They are also very social, like them on Facebook, follow them on twitter and Instagram for more updates like new offer and new t-shirts.

DSCF7061 (2)


Zombie with a Shotgun Review


I recently watched a short called Zombie with a Shotgun it can be viewed online.  There are currently four episodes available and the average run time is 4-5 minutes.  The shorts were created and produced by Hilton Ariel Ruiz and co-produced by Kirk Goodall.

Zombie with a Shotgun stars Braeden Baade as the protective and tough Aaron who is not yet sure what his future holds and Lynnea Molone as Aaron’s innocent and vulnerable girlfriend, Rachel.  You also see one certain zombie a lot who is played by Sammy Mena.  The script was well written and the acting is very convincing.

The setting is very dark and fits well with the story.  It appears to be an old warehouse and fits perfectly with a story that chronicles a mans transformation into the undead.  The music, by David Bateman, makes the setting even better with it’s eery sound.

The makeup, done by Karen Michele, is very creative and convincing.  The makeup that Karen did on Braede Baade (Aaron) was fantastic.  With  each episode, Aaron’s makeup changes gradually, much like a person’s appearance would if they were turning into a zombie.  The makeup on the zombie (Sammy Mena) is definitely grotesque and ranks pretty high on the list of zombie makeups that I have seen in the past few months.

All in all I would say that Zombie with a Shotgun is a solid indie piece and has a lot of potential to become very successful.  I will definitely continue to watch the upcoming episodes.  To keep up to date on all Zombie with a shotgun, follow the official twitter page.

BigtimeTeez “Crystal Lake Boat Tours T-Shirt” Review

BigtimeTeez, the funny t-shirt megastore, has been on a  string of hits this Spring/Summer with all of their new t-shirt designs.  One that I have received recently is the “Crystal Lake Boat Tours” t-shirt.  This Friday the 13th inspired t-shirt is a great campy play on the horrors of Crystal Lake.

Photo Credit: BigtimeTeez.com
Photo Credit: BigtimeTeez.com

I have seen a lot of the same Friday the 13th inspired  t-shirts, but non of them are as witty as this one.  Most spoof on the camp itself, but I love that BigtimeTeez has decided to do a shirt inspired by the legend of the lake.

The design on the t-shirt covers almost the whole front of it.  It features a Jason Voorhees inspired character paddling a boat covered in blood with large, bold lettering.  The screen printing is very good quality and does not appear to be flakey.

The t-shirt itself is very soft and great quality.  The fit is incredible just like all of their funny t-shirts.  The sizing is very true to the size chart available on the site.  It is preshrunk, so you do not have to panic about putting it in the dryer.  Not only can you get the Crystal Lake Boat Tours t-shirt as just a t-shirt, you can also get it as a hoodie, tank top, v-neck or long sleeve (hoodies, long sleeve,  and tank top are all basic mens sizes.   The regular t-shirt style is available in kids (small-x-large), womens form fit (small-5XL) and mens (sm-5XL).  V-necks are available in mens and womens sizes.

The price is beyond reasonable.  At the mall, you would pay upwards of $25-$30 for a shirt similar to this, but this t-shirt starts at only $16.99 (depending on sizing and style options).  BigtimeTeez not only has everyday low prices, but they often times run specials and offer codes for more discounts on their Facebook page.

This t-shirt is by far one of my favorites.  I highly recommend the Crystal Lake Boat Tours shirt to any fan of the horror genre, men and women alike.

DSCF7270 (2)