Zombie with a Shotgun Review


I recently watched a short called Zombie with a Shotgun it can be viewed online.  There are currently four episodes available and the average run time is 4-5 minutes.  The shorts were created and produced by Hilton Ariel Ruiz and co-produced by Kirk Goodall.

Zombie with a Shotgun stars Braeden Baade as the protective and tough Aaron who is not yet sure what his future holds and Lynnea Molone as Aaron’s innocent and vulnerable girlfriend, Rachel.  You also see one certain zombie a lot who is played by Sammy Mena.  The script was well written and the acting is very convincing.

The setting is very dark and fits well with the story.  It appears to be an old warehouse and fits perfectly with a story that chronicles a mans transformation into the undead.  The music, by David Bateman, makes the setting even better with it’s eery sound.

The makeup, done by Karen Michele, is very creative and convincing.  The makeup that Karen did on Braede Baade (Aaron) was fantastic.  With  each episode, Aaron’s makeup changes gradually, much like a person’s appearance would if they were turning into a zombie.  The makeup on the zombie (Sammy Mena) is definitely grotesque and ranks pretty high on the list of zombie makeups that I have seen in the past few months.

All in all I would say that Zombie with a Shotgun is a solid indie piece and has a lot of potential to become very successful.  I will definitely continue to watch the upcoming episodes.  To keep up to date on all Zombie with a shotgun, follow the official twitter page.

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