BigtimeTeez Review: “Back To Back World War Champs T-Shirt”

With the 4th of July quickly approaching, that family BBQ is right around the corner.  Everyone wants that t-shirt that will make them the center of attention at whatever function they are attending.  BigtimeTeez has a great selection of funny t-shirts for just that occasion.  I have recently received the “Back To Back World War Champs” t-shirt.

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Much like all of the funny t-shirts from BigtimeTeez, this one is witty with a side of fun.  The design is original and covers roughly 3/4 of the t-shirt.  The screen printing, like all their other t-shirts, is very clean and not flakey at all.  The bright red of the design is sure to be an attention grabber.  I love the font choice for the words too, it’s bold and blocky which draws a lot more attention.

The Back To Back World War Champs t-shirt, like the others offered have shirt color options.  There are a lot of size options.  This funny t-shirt is offered in mens sm-5XL, womens form fit sm- 2XL, kids sm-XL, mens v-neck sm-3XL, womens form fit v-neck sm-3XL.  It is also offered in pull over and zip-up hoodie and adult tank top, these are offered in mens standard sizes.

With a recent price drop on, the t-shirts are now even more affordable.  This t-shirt used to start at $19.99, but now starts at only $16.99 (depending on size and style options).  Along with their already low prices, BigtimeTeez offers other discounts to those who like them on Facebook as well as t-shirt giveaways from their page.  They are currently having a promotion for 25% off your order until 6/24/2013.  If you miss this promotion, use code miss15 for 15% off of your order.

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If you do not think that the Back To Back World War Champs t-shirt is not for you, BigtimeTeez offers an array of other 4th of July inspired t-shirts for you to choose from.

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