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The Horrors of AutoCorrect: A Unique Horror Short

11203106_1747398212153959_5802331297398825047_nWe’ve all had a moment or two when our cellphone have put our foot in our mouth for us, but don’t feel bad, even large, scary killers have issues with auto correct. Nothing ruins the moment quite like “I’m going to ducking kill you“. The Horrors of AutoCorrect is a unique short written and directed by Alex Divincenzo that places a man attempting to frighten and ultimately kill a young girl, but his phone ruins his pre-murder scare tactic.  

The Horrors of AutoCorrect stars Nick Principe (Laid To Rest) and Jaquelyn Fabian (American Poltergeist). It is refreshing to see a piece of work that allows Principe to show that he can be way more than just a big man behind a mask. This short showcases his more comedic side while still having him do what he does best. 

The Horrors of AutoCorrect is like a short form of Scary Movie. It is campy without being over-the-top ridiculous. There is also a hint of a more modern Scream. The text message banter and the unique choice of weapon only make this short even more incredible. Be sure to watch all the way to the end, the hilarity continues after the beginning of the credits.


Jenny’s quiet evening at home watching a scary movie is interrupted by a stalker who can’t quite master the art of text messaging.

Enjoy the show!

Short Film Review: Call Girl

callgirlCall Girl had it’s world premier at HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati in March of 2014, and is now available free to watch online via Vimeo. This amazing short was written by Eric Havens and marked the directorial debut of the immensely talented Jill Gevargizian.

Call Girl is a 5 1/2 long short film starring Laurence R. Harvey (The Human Centipede 2&3) and Tristan Risk (American Mary). The best way to describe this film is exploitation at its finest. Nothing is what it seems in this thrilling tale of voyeurism gone wrong or right depending on how you look at it. 

Call Girl is a new breed of short film that packs even more punch than most feature length films. This is by far one of the best shorts ever created. If you have yet to see it, I highly suggest you get on it. Check it out here — Call Girl -short film –. 

To show your love and support for Call Girl and the cast and crew, like the official Call Girl -short film Facebook Page and follow the short’s twitter, @CALLGIRLfilm. Also be sure to check out SixxTape.com for more of Jill Gevargizian’s upcoming work.


Daniel: A Short Film By Peter Dukes

10384531_693795024018946_4566028805009863311_nShort films are an art form in themselves, and a great short film is hard to achieve. Peter Dukes is a master at creating short films that will either make you laugh or scare the pants off of you, but one thing he does not do is create bad films. I have previously reviewed his short film Little Reaper about the daughter of Death. Little Reaper was a comical short, but not Peter Dukes and Dream Seekers Productions have put together a much darker short film, Daniel.

Daniel stars Dominic Pace, Varda Appleton, Peter Le Bas, J.P. Giuliotti and Jake Ryan Scott. There is not a lot of dialogue in this short, but there is a lot of “body acting” which was flawless. The dialogue that was present was well written and recited in a very dark, believable way. The beginning credit were eerie and really set the tone for the rest of the short. Daniel is only 3 minutes long, but packs as much of a punch as a 90 minute feature film. The feeling I got from the film was a bit of a You’re Next vibe at the beginning which was quickly changed to an Exorcist vibe in the last 30 seconds. There is even a moral to this very short story, but I do not want to spoil it. You’ll have to find 3 minutes and watch for yourself (which you can do below) to find out what it is.


DANIEL is a paranormal horror short about a boy hiding in a closet from a dangerous intruder, but is all what is seems?

Watch Daniel below:

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