Clothing Review: Serial Killer Shop- ‘Bloody Ash’


With an abundance of companies popping up across social media pushing t-shirts and other merchandise, it is important to be aware of what companies are legitimate and what companies are trying to rip you or artists off. The guy’s at Serial Killer Shop have Bloody-Ash-Unisex-Tee-Black_1024x1024reached out to me to do a couple of reviews; are they legit? The answer is yes. The first design I was sent to review is the ‘Bloody Ash’ (Evil Dead) Design.


T-Shirt & Design Quality

If you’re going to pay any amount of money for an item, you want it to be a quality purchase. The shirts are really soft and fit like a glove. The sizing is true to fit; I would recommend that if you are like me and like to customize or cut your shirts to size up one size.

The stitching is tight; this may not seem like that big of a deal, but it actually is. I have received shirts that were not exactly cheap only to receive them full of loose threads and even wholes in the armpits and along the side seam.

The print quality is fantastic; it is super soft and looks and feels like it was made into the shirt organically as opposed to being printed on.

Did it stand up to washing?

Nothing is more frustrating than finding that perfect shirt only to have it ruined in the17991054_10211008779408766_4569273124801889040_n wash. This shirt held up very well; it still has its shape, still the same size it was when I put it in, the material may actually be even softer and the printing still looks incredible. (With washing and drying)


The retail price for the ‘Bloody Ash’ design is $25.95, which is a standard price for a t-shirt nowadays. If that is too steep, it is currently on sale for $12.95. Whether you’re paying full price or you snag it on sale, it is pretty fairly priced.


Serial Killer Shop is based out of California, so keep that in mind when placing your order. It only took 4 days from the time of order to receive the shirt (I live in Ohio), so with all steps included in packaging and shipping an item, it was pretty fast.

Final Verdict

I would recommend this product. The site is legit, their items are great quality and the staff is friendly and easy to get in contact with.

You can find Serial Killer Shop on Facebook and Twitter and for full product listing, visit



Bringing the Site Back: Why It’s Been MIA

It’s approaching a year since a post was last made to Little Blog of Horror, but that is about to change. I have decided to resurrect the site and bring more regular content back. I have been getting questions and inquires about the site and why it has been inactive and when or if I plan to bring it back, so here are the answers to the questions I get asked most frequently.

Why has the site been inactive?

Most of you know that I am a content creator at Pilot which has become my central focus as it has become my “career”. We also change as people which I have done a lot of, and I have made the decision to go back to school this coming fall. When things change in our lives, sometimes we need to take a step back and prioritize things, and that’s what I’ve been doing.

Are you ever going to bring back new content?

Yes. After a lot of consideration, I came to the conclusion that this is where I started. My own site, promoting my work and the work of others independently. It is nice to write on a large scale and have a team that gets your content out there for you, but nothing beats being able to say that something you did was successful and you did it on your own. If it wasn’t for this site, I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to work with the incredible companies and individuals that I have like Movie Pilot, FEARNET, Living Dead Magazine, Crypt TV and the amazing film making individuals I have.

What kind of content will be posted?

I am going to post content in the same areas that I used to, but I do have a few ideas for some new areas.

How often will new content be posted?

I am going to try for at least once a week. Since I’ve been away, a lot of stuff has backed up in my inbox, so there is no shortage of topics to cover.

Those are the most common questions, if I missed any, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.


Halloween 2016 Special FX Makeup

So you want to take your Halloween costume to the next level this year, but you don’t know where to begin. You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to make an excellent costume. There are plenty of techniques and products which are easy to use no matter your skill level.

Let’s take a look at some products every aspiring makeup artist should keep in their kits:

Body Paint

Body painting videos have become incredibly popular on Youtube in the past couple of years. The best body and face painters can create spooky looks complete with the illusion of volume and dimension, and it is all done with nothing but paint. For inspiration, just look through Youtube for some great tutorials. They offer some fantastic tips and tricks for creating optical illusions with paints.

Body paints come in cakes, which are activated with water and have a bit more staying power than cream paints. Cream paints come in tubes and offer thick coverage with fewer coats. If you want your paint to last more than a couple of hours, it is a good idea to also invest in some no color powder to set the paint. This will keep your body paint from smudging or rubbing off as quickly.

I recommend investing in a good quality body paint such as Wolfe Hydrocolor or Kryolan Aquacolor. These are professional brands which offer a wide variety of colors and they offer the best coverage.


Spirit Gum and Prosaide are two of the most used products in any special FX makeup artist’s kit. These adhesives are useful for applying prosthetics … and just about anything else.

Werewolves are a good example here. Buy some crepe hair from a costume or hobby shop. Crepe hair is normally used to make doll wigs, and comes in a wide variety of colors. Use a little spirit gum around the edges of the face, and allow it the surface to become tacky. Separate your hair into thin flat sections, and then cut stray hairs on one end with a pair of sharp scissors. Starting at the back and working toward the front, lay each section of hair in the tacky spirit gum. Make sure you are laying the crepe hair so it matches the natural direction of your real hair.

This process works with just about any type of hair, fur, or even small objects like rhinestones. To add texture to a wood-elf or nature spirit costume, use spirit gum to attach craft moss or fake leaves directly to the skin.

Be careful of facial hair, body hair or eyebrows. Spirit gum and prosaide will bond with hair, and can make taking off your costume quite painful. The easiest solution to this problem is to shave the area where adhesives will be applied. Some hair, such as eyebrows can be protected with mortician’s wax and school glue.


For some more advanced looks, add a little volume with latex, gelatin or wax.

Liquid latex is most commonly used, and can be picked up at any makeup or art supply store. It can be applied directly to the skin with a brush or sponge, or combined with cotton balls and tissue paper to build up volume quickly. Stipple the edges of your creation with latex on a makeup sponge to help blend out your edges for a seamless look. Use eyelash glue around sensitive areas such as the eyes, since it contains latex without the strong smell of ammonia.

This technique is commonly used for making one-off prosthetics, and was widely used in film before prosthetic molds were invented. For a good example of this, check out James Whale’s 1931 Frankenstein. This iconic monster look was made from scratch every day with nothing but cotton balls and latex.


An alternative option for anyone with a latex allergy is gelatin. Gelatin prosthetics can be applied directly onto the skin in liquid form, much like how you would use liquid latex. Or, it can also be poured into a mold for making larger prosthetics.

Here is the basic recipe for homemade gelatin prosthetics:
· 1-Part plain powder gelatin
· 1-Part liquid glycerin
· 1-Part water
· (optional) A couple drops of liquid makeup foundation or acrylic paint for color

Combine ingredients in a microwave safe bowl and heat in a microwave for about 20 seconds. Allow mixture to cool slightly before applying to avoid burns.

Another major bonus to using gelatin is that any extra product made is reusable. If your gelatin sets before you can use the whole batch, just put it in the microwave for another 20 seconds and keep going. You can also make a large batch in a sealable container to go and keep it in your makeup kit for later.


The last option for making homemade prosthetics is to pick up a container of mortician’s wax. This wax can be found at most makeup stores, and comes in a variety of skins tones. As the name would suggest, morticians use this product on corpses to make them presentable for funerals.

Mortician’s wax can be applied directly to the skin with a palette knife and sculpted to the desired shape. This wax is excellent for creating one-off prosthetics with high levels of detail. However, unlike gelatin or latex, wax does not stretch or bend with the skin. Mortician’s wax is not good for areas which require a lot of movement, such as joins or the brow area.

Use one or all of these tools to create the perfect look for your Halloween costume this year. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the best technique for the look you want to create. But most of all, have fun!

The Most Popular Scary Games in 2016

Halloween might be over, but not scary games. The whole year is the perfect time to play horror games. To play the games that pumps your adrenaline to its highest peak is so exciting. If you ever play a betting game, something like M88, you must have undergone it, when your adrenaline jumped to its highest while you’re waiting for the result. It is the same experience here, even higher.

Most Scary Games in 2016

Some scary games are even scary enough to hold the title of the most popular scary games. In this year, 2016, there are only few games that can hold this title.



DOOM is a game developed by id Software. The game was first published on May 13 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One users. The game presents FPS experience with many big guns and demons to slay. In this game, players will be able to use push forward combat system, sprint, and double jump.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Horror is the perfect way you should remember about this game. Not only because of the scary content, but also because the best way to play the game is by using VR. You’ll enter a world where all your darkest nightmare becomes real. A chilling rollercoaster ride will be waiting for you inside the game, along with all the excitements and scares.

Allison Road

Just from watching the game trailer, many believe that Allison Road deserves the title as the most terrifying game in 2016. There is no game scarier than this. The game itself was developed by Kojima Productions. The solid storyline and excellent graphic also makes playing this game presents an experience, not so many can forget. It’s like animating your nightmare, in front of you.


PAMELA is a unique horror game where players must survive in an open world, a fallen utopia to be precise. The player will enter the game as a protagonist character who got awaken after a long cryogenic sleep. It used to be a perfect time to learn about new world, but in this game, there is better way to describe your world but a ruined one, after being taken by Afflicted.

Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is a unique that that combines found footage film genre with survival horror game. This is a very long tradition that comes from the Outlast game series. If you carefully watch the game trailer, you will find something interesting about this game. There are some religious themes available to explored in this game. It is something you can’t find on every horror games. Outlast 2 is available for Windows PC, Xbox One, and PS4 players.

Video Game Review: The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

The Walking Dead is no stranger to the world of video games. From Telltale’s groundbreaking The Walking Dead: Season One to Activision’s less-than-stellar Survival Instinct, the series’ appeal has spread through genres like a zombie plague through Atlanta. It was only a matter of time until the series took a bite out of the free-to-play mobile genre, but luckily developer Scopely has managed to keep the series’ dark appeal intact for what might be the deepest Walking Dead game yet – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.


For those who don’t know, The Walking Dead began as a humble comic book series, before bursting onto the scene with a smash hit television show and a series of video game spinoffs. The TV show and the comics diverge in points, but feature many of the same core characters and key plot areas. Those characters make occasional appearances in Road to Survival – including a noteworthy appearance by Lee and Clementine from Telltale’s adventure games – but the core storyline is original, and focuses on placing you in the violent throes of a world slowly disintegrating from infection.

The focus on a mature, violent story separates Road to Survival from the crowd of free-to-play games on mobile. There’s a deep storyline, which players can exert direct control over through multiple choice prompts. You might be asked whether to spare a survivor or let them die, for example, and your choice will color the rest of the story.


At its core, Road to Survival is a role-playing adventure game, so as you progress you’ll find yourself collecting more survivors for your party. Each survivor has unique skills, strengths and weaknesses to take into account when you battle. Fights play out against both human and zombie (called walkers, in the parlance of The Walking Dead) enemies. You make your choices in a turn-based fashion, but the intensely strategic nature of the fights means that there’s never a lack of tension during battle. Each character’s unique power adds a dash of aggression to the combat, keeping you on your toes.

Of course, all of the survivors you’re collecting need space. As you expand your party, you’ll also need to expand your base of operations. You’ll build homes to store your survivors, expand your Town Hall to grow your town, and more. The strategic, low-tempo base building is the perfect counterpoint to the intense combat and heavy decision making in the story.


It’s a great mix, and all things considered I had a fantastic time with Road to Survival. The blend of storytelling and intense combat makes it a surefire hit for fans of The Walking Dead and role-playing games alike.


Theatrical Scamp Band – Fable Cry – “Dead or Alive (For Now)” Video: Hauntingly Beautiful

In the world of horror and all things spooky, the sounds we hear are just as important as the sights we see. Theatrical scamp band Fable Cry understands how to turn the creepy thoughts in out heads into beautiful pieces of musical art. 

11218458_856040324444777_6714262023823326203_nTheir newest album- We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are – is reminiscent of composer Danny Elfman’s score for the Time Burton masterpiece, A Nightmare Before Christmas with a dash of Alice Cooper genius. Fable Cry has released a video for the album’s single – “Dead or Alive (For Now)” – and it is fantastic. If you are looking for something dark and beautiful with just the right amount of creep, this video is just what you need. 

Without further ado, here is the visually stunning, ear pleasing video for “Dead or Alive (For Now)“:

Like what you hear? You can purchase the above song and the rest of We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are at

To see more spooky videos from Fable Cry, be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel. Keep up with the band by visiting, liking their Facebook page and by following them at @FableCry on twitter. 







Diary of a Horror Nerd Video Project

Hello Horror Nerds! I want to include all of you in a new video project that I am going to be working on. Horror fans face a lot of stigma and I want to show the world how awesome horror fans really are. If you are interested in being a part of Project Horror Nerd, keep reading.

What is Project Horror Nerd?

Project Horror Nerd will be made up of video clips (episodes) made by fans from around the world answering 4 simple questions. 

  1. What got you into horror?
  2. Why do you love horror?
  3. How has horror impacted your life?
  4. What do you think the world needs to know about horror fans?

It doesn’t matter if you have been a horror fan since birth or are new to the world of gore, we want you to be a part of it. 

There is no time limit for the videos, if you are unsure about how to do your video, you can check out episodes that others have made HERE.

How do I get involved?

It’s quite simple, just make a video clip that includes an introduction to yourself (name, where you live and any other info you’d like to give about yourself) followed by your answers to the above question.

If you are uncomfortable with making a video clip, you can also submit a photo of yourself along with a sound clip of your intro and answers. We really want to include as many of you awesome horror nerds as possible. You don’t need a fancy camera set up, you can simply use your phone; you can have someone record you or you can record yourself (video selfie), whatever you are comfortable with. 


Where do I submit my clip?

Once you have completed your clip, simply email it to with “Project Horror Nerd” in the subject line.

We look forward to seeing all of your clips and letting the world know how awesome horror fans really are.