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The Most Haunted House in Adams County: The Wickerham Inn

wickerham2We all know the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by author Washington Irving about a vengeful headless apparition, but there are stories of other headless apparitions that appear in pretty much every state. Tales of headless ghosts seeking revenge or just simply looking for their missing heads litter the country. The legend of The Wickerham Inn is Ohio’s less violent version of Sleepy Hollow.

Opened by Peter Wickerham in Adams County, Ohio in the late 1790’s, The Wickerham Inn became almost an overnight success. The inn played host to many stagecoach drivers looking for a place to lay their heads after a long day’s work. Not long after opening, one stagecoach driver that may have had a bit too much to drink, sat around bragging about the large sum of money that he was carrying. Some unsavory types overheard the stagecoach driver bragging.

The next morning, the stagecoach driver did not checkout as scheduled, so an inn employee went up to check on him. What the employee found can only be matched by a Wes Craven splatter film. The employee found the room soaked in blood, and on the carpet lay a bloody outline of a headless body, but the body was OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnowhere to be found. Fearing bad publicity for his inn, Perter Wickerman ordered new trimmings for the room and had inn employees clean the blood from the floor. No matter how hard they tried, the bloody outline would not fade. Employees burnt the majority of the room’s contents.

This event would be swept under the rug for decades until a very heavy renovation in the 1920’s. During these renovations, a more modern heating system was being installed in the basement of the inn. In order to make room for the new heating system, the basement’s stone floor had to be removed. While workers were removing the floor, the faded remains of a man were discovered. The skeleton was completely intact, but it was missing one vital piece, the head. The entire basement floor was removed, and the head was never recovered. In hopes of putting the spirit of the man to rest, the workers gave the remains a proper burial. This did no good, reports came flooding in of a headless man peering out the upstairs window. Did the men doing the renovations cause the haunting by unearthing the remains of the stagecoach driver? No one knows.

wickerham4Today, The Wickerham Inn is Adams County’s oldest brick home, and quite possibly it’s most haunted. The inn is located halfway between Peebles and Locust Grove along Rt. 41 near West Union along the historic Zanes Trace road. The home is now privately owned. Neighbors still report seeing the shadowy figure of a headless man peering out of the windows. No violent attacks have been reported, so maybe this headless man is just looking for one thing, his head.

Urban Legend: The Goatman of Prince George’s County Maryland

Maryland GoatmanA large creature half-man half-goat sounds like a something straight from the cover of an H.P. Lovecraft piece, but for residence of Prince George’s County in Maryland, this is what is stalking them at night. Said to stand 8 feet tall and wielding an ax, this creature was dubbed the Goatman.

As with every other urban legend, there are several theories that have been expressed as to who or what it could be. One theory suggests that the Goatman is a goat farmer that went crazy after a group of teenagers massacred his flock, and now he is out for revenge. Another suggests that there was an old hermit that lived in the woods off of Fletchertown Road and he carried a pickax and chased and harassed anyone that came near his land. The most popular theory floating around seems to be that of a scientist who was performing a series of experiments on goats at the Beltsville Agriculture Center went mad and fled into the woods. All pretty creative and well thought out, but how could this be a living person when the sightings started in the 1950’s and are still being reported?

The first documented account of the Goatman was in 1957 when a couple returning home spotted a large half-man half-animal standing in their driveway. The first violent encounter came in the 1960’s when a young couple went “parking” off of Flechertown Road. The couple was being harassed by something in the woods and the guy got out to investigate and never returned. The next day, they found his severed head hanging in a tree above where the car was parked, and his body was never found. In the 1970’s, another brutal attack was reported by a family who’s dog went missing. While searching for the dog, the father stumbled across the head of the dog laying on the ground not far from the house, and again, the body was never found. The most recent documented sighting was in March of 2014. A man driving home saw what he described as “a man with large horns” run across the road and into the woods.

Goatman sightings have been reported not only in Maryland, but also in Kentucky just outside of Louisville and as far south as Texas. Some think it is the Devil himself.

The legend of the Goatman has spawned two films. In 2011, Deadly Detour: The Goat Man Murders and in 2013, Legend of the Goatman.

If you’re in the area and feeling brave, head down to the hub of Goatman activity, Fletchertown Road and Lottsford Road. These two locations have had the largest number of encounters and are still producing reports from frightened teens that claim to have been harassed by someone or something in the woods. Residence claim it is not uncommon to find at least one body there a week. Many believe it is just crime overflow from nearby Washington D.C.. Whether there is a crazy man dressed like a goat running around with an ax, a well preserved mad scientist, D.C. crime, the Devil, or the Goatman, there is something scaring teens and adults alike. Are you brave enough to find out?

Deadly Detour trailer

Legend of the Goatman trailer



Castle Bran aka Dracula’s Castle Up For Sale


Featured on shows like Scariest Places on Earth, Ghost Hunters and more recently Ghost Adventures, Bran Castle in Transylvania is now up for sale.

Built in 1212 and considered the second scariest castle, just behind Ireland’s Leap Castle, Bran Castle boasts one of the darkest pasts of any structure on earth. Tucked into the Romanian countryside, Bran Castle has been home to some very unique personalities from Saxons to Teutonic knights and most famously, Vlad Tepes or Vlad the Impaler.

Bran-Castle-Romania-1964Vlad Tepes gained ownership of Bran Castle in a very deceitful way. He and his men raided the castle and took control of it from his allies, the Transylvanian Saxons who aided him in his war efforts. In 1459, Tepes took his historical reputation of impaling to a new extreme by having several Saxon settlers impaled and displayed at the castle walls as a warning to his approaching enemies. This is sure to leave a dark cloud over this beautiful castle.

Now more famously known as Dracula’s Castle, the castle has been restored and according to reports, under the ownership of descendants of Britain’s Queen Victoria. Bran Castle was offered to the Romanian government for $85 million. More information about the castle’s history and how you could own this slice of history can be found at

Dracula’s Castle episode of Scariest Places on Earth

Boston, Ohio: Urban Legend Overload or Real Life Helltown?


551px-Map_of_Ohio_highlighting_Summit_County.svgEvery town has a history, and some are loaded with dark history and hordes of urban legends. The small town of Boston Township, formally Boston, Ohio, is one town shrouded in dark legends. Boston Township is located in Summit County near Cuyahoga Falls National Park.

Boston, Ohio was founded in 1806 and flourished until 1974. Gerald Ford signed a bill that would change this town forever. The bill allowed the National Park Service to create a National ht-houseinwoodsPark in Summit County. On December 27, the National Park Service began purchasing homes and businesses in the town with the intentions of demolishing them for the new park. Most were demolished, but some of the buildings still stand abandoned and boarded up.

Rumors began to swirl as to why the government was allowing the NPS to create a park in Boston. The biggest rumor was that of a government conspiracy to cover up a horrible chemical spill in the town. This story gained a bit of authenticity in 1985 after the discovery of toxic waste. This discovery was made after a hiker fell extremely ill after coming in contact with a substance coming out of a rusty drum at the abandoned Krejci Dump.

This brings us to the massive amounts of urban legends that surround this real life “Helltown”. Legends of Satanic worship all the way to mutants have been pouring out of Boston for decades.

htc-treeBoston Cemetery:

There are some very bizarre claims out of this cemetery. The apparition of a male and grave robbers have been reported. The craziest story to come out of Boston Cemetery is that of a moving tree. The tree appears to move around the cemetery and has been photographed in several different locations in the cemetery.


Acts of Satanic worship have been reported for years. It is rumored that a Satanicht-churchfull cult took over the abandoned church and performed grizzly rituals including animal sacrifice. Upon inspection of the church, officials and tourists have found inverted crosses carved into boards inside of the church lending credibility to the claims. The boards have since been removed from the church. There are also rumors of hooded figures blocking the road in an attempt to keep cars from passing through the town. Recently, rumors of Devil worship have been replaced by rumors surrounding the KKK and their practices.

Escaped Mental Patient:

One of the more terrifying legends in Boston is that of an escaped mental patient. It is said that this escaped lunatic is still stalking the woods at night looking for new victims.


Since the 1940’s the legend of the “Peninsula Python” has run wild. The “Peninsula Python” is exactly what it sounds like, a gigantic snake living in the woods. The size of the snake has been blamed on chemical leaks from a near by butane plant. There have been stories of other mutated animals come out of Boston, but none as feared as the giant snake.

Are these legends just small town myth or are these really events that have taken place to dub this once quiet little town “Helltown”? The town is only partially abandoned, so if you are in the area and would like to see Helltown, please be respectful to those that are still living there.

Fun Fact:

In 2008 an indie horror film titled ‘June 9’ by T. Michael Conway was releases. The movie was filmed mostly in Boston and Cuyahoga Falls and is based on the legends surrounding Helltown, Ohio.

‘June 9’ Trailer