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The Other Side: The most unique zombie flick to hit the screen. (Movie Review)

other2With the popularity of The Walking Dead, zombie shows and films have been growing in popularity faster than zombies multiply. The only problem with that, they are all trying to be The Walking Dead and they are all very similar in content. The Other Side thankfully has changed this mundane pattern. Based off of a short film by the same name, this is the first feature length film from Orchard Place Productions.

Written and co-directed by Chris Niespodzianski, The Other Side stars Chad Conley (Mason), Danielle Lozeau (Werewolf Rising), Chuck Hendershot(It Came from Yesterday), Jack Davis (Bray Road), Robert Liscio (Confessional) and Christine Starkey. Most of the actors and extras in this film as well as the crew are from the Pittsburgh, PA area where the film was shot,and what better place to shoot a zombie flick than the zombie capital of the world? All of the music featured in the film is also from local Pittsburgh bands and artists, and it all sounds awesome.

I am over the zombie scenarios being set in the city. I am so happy to see that there is finally a new zombie film that takes place in the middle of nowhere. All locations featured in the film can be found around Pittsburgh and Claysville, Pennsylvania. The entire film took place in the woods and countryside. 

The Other Side is a film that Romero would be proud of. The slow buildup is reminiscent of Night of the Living Dead. All of the events leading up to the real action were believable and exactly what I would expect to see happen right before the zombie apocalypse. The script was well written and the cast was phenomenal. 

The film boldly boasts practical effects, and they are fantastic. The zombies are not at all over done, the makeup is basic, much like those in a Romero film. They also run as apposed to a lumbering walking pace. I love this concept, zombies have always been more terrifying to me when they look and move more like those that are still alive. 

The audio and video quality is amazing. A lot of indie films tend to be grainy and the audio can be a bit scratchy, but not in this case. 

What makes The Other Side so unique is the absolutely insane plot twist at the end. During the film, you will feel as though you are watching a normal zombie film. The whole film is fantastic, but the last five minutes will absolutely blow your mind. The Other Side is everything a zombie film should be and much more.

I highly recommend this film to any fan of zombie films that are over the Hollywood zombie scene and looking for something that will actually make you think. I would love to see a sequel.

You can purchase a copy of The Other Side at TeamOrchard.com. You Can also see the film if you are planning to attend this year’s HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati (for screening times, check with HorrorHoundWeekend.com). Be sure to like The Other Side Facebook Page for stills, announcements and just to show the cast and crew some love.


It’s just another routine day in Elkwood, PA… or is it? People are missing, and lives will be changed forever once the haunting truth is revealed.



BigtimeTeez Review: You’re My Friend And All But If Zombies Chase Us, I’m Totally Tripping You T-Shirt


Zombie Chase-400x400The zombie apocalypse is about survival of the fittest, and some people see friends as an obstacle. BigtimeTeez has a way for you to tell your friends your zombie apocalypse plans without actually saying anything. Just wear the “You’re My Friend And All But If Zombies Chase Us, I’m Totally Tripping You” t-shirt.

This funny t-shirt design is medium in size covering the whole chest. The screen printing is flawless. There is no peeling or cracking even after washing and drying. The contrast of the bright green design on the dark t-shirt is very eye catching, and the bright green reminds me of a zombie virus.

Just like all of the other funny t-shirts from BigtimeTeez, the “You’re My Friend And DSCF9468All But If Zombies Chase Us, I’m Totally Tripping You” t-shirt is preshrunk. There is no need to worry about throwing this shirt in the dryer. The fit is perfect and true to size. The t-shirt does not lose its shape or stretch while being worn. The fabric is strong, but also comfortable and perfect for any weather situation.

Starting at only $14.95, this is not only an attention grabbing t-shirt, but it’s also a pretty good deal. If that is still too high for you, use discount code miss15 at checkout for 15% off your order. BigitmeTeez also offers free shipping on US orders of %50 or more (see website for more details).

For more exclusive details, new design alerts and daily chances to win funny t-shirts, be sure to like BigtimeTeez on Facebook (fans get 15% off) and follow them on twitter and Instagram (@bigtimeteez).

BigtimeTeez Review: “I Love Zombies” T-Shirt


I-Love-Zombies-400x400Zombies are everywhere nowadays. They can be found on the big screen and your TV screen, and no matter how grotesque they look or how many people they eat, we still love them. BigtimeTeez has made it easier to show your zombie love with their “I Love Zombies” t-shirt.

This funny t-shirt is a clever take on the touristy “I ❤ (insert destination of your choosing)” t-shirts. I love that the heart is not your typical hearts and flowers style heart, but a human heart. The font used for the design is fantastic and lends a more horror style to the t-shirt. The contrast of the red on a black t-shirt (also available in other t-shirt colors) is perfect. The screen printing is flawless with no sign of peeling or cracking. The design does not bunch or stick to itself after being washed and dried (yes this has happened to me with other t-shirts from the mall).

Like all of the other funny t-shirts offered at BigtimeTeez.com, this one is super DSCF9526comfortable and can be worn in just about any type of weather (also available as a hoodie or tank top). The material is breathable and not at all too heavy. The fit is perfect and is very true to the size chart.

With the economy the way it is, price is a very important part of any purchase. The “I Love Zombies” t-shirt starts at only $14.95. If that is still a bit too high for you, use discount code miss15 to get 15% off your entire funny t-shirt purchase. BigtimeTeez also offers free shipping on US orders of $50 or more (other discount codes can not be combined with this offer).

All in all I would recommend the “I Love Zombies” t-shirt. The design, fit and price are all fantastic. If you want quality, funny t-shirts at a great price, BigtimeTeez.com is the perfect site for you.

Be sure to like BigtimeTeez on Facebook and follow them on twitter and Instagram (@bigtimeteez) for more exclusive offers, new design alerts and daily chances to win some of their best funny t-shirts.

Horror-Shop.com: One Stop Shop For Your Zombie Needs


With the success of shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ and films such as ‘World War Z’, zombies have become the new love around the world. Whether you are getting ready to shoot your own zombie feature or just getting a jump start on your Halloween costume, you can find all of your zombie costume and zombie make-up needs at Horror-Shop.com.

In order for any zombie look to be successful, the make-up must be believable. The basis for any great zombie make-up are the wounds and bits of hanging flesh. The easiest way to accomplish these looks on a budget is liquid latex. Zombies are no longer living and you’ll need to cover the liquid latex, so the right color palettes are absolutely necessary. Horror-Shop.com offers a fantastic stock of the most believable zombie make-up. One of my favorite palettes is the MAKEUP STACK EARTH-COLOURED by Famous Don Post Studios. The colors are more believable and would be perfect in achieving a zombie look like you would see on ‘The Walking Dead’. .

If you do not have the patients for a full zombie make-up, then you can opt for a mask or appliance that
untoter_zombie_schaumlatexapplikation-schaumlatex_applikation-schaumlatex_gesichtsapplikation-spezial_make_up-19603 already has the work done for you. The Undead Zombie Foam Latex Appliance is perfect for any zombie costume.

Another key to a successful zombie look are the clothes. Horror-Shop.com offers a large selection of zombie costumes for men, women and childrewalking_dead_zombie_girl_kostuem-the_walking_dead_kinderkostuem_zombie_maedchen_kinderkostuem_kinderkostuem_the_walking_dead-19753n. For the ladies out there that love ‘The Walking Dead’, the “Walking Dead Zombie Girl costume” inspired by the girl walker on the highway in season one is available for a great
price. Zombie versions of the Disney Princesses have become quite popular as well.
Zombie Snow White is available as well. A great zombie costume for the guys is the “Zombie Sheriff Deluxe Costume”.

No matter what your zombie make-up or zombie costume needs may be, you can find it all at Horror-Shop.com.

To keep up to date on new products and deals, be sure to like Horror-Shop.com on Facebook and follow them on twitter.

Movie Review: ‘Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer’


Bizjack Flemco Productions

Written by: Richard Taylor, Zack Beins and Tim Johnson

Directed by: Richard Taylor and Zack Beins

Starring: Mark Shonsey, Zachary Byron Helm, Lindy Starr, Lloyd Kaufman, Babette Bombshell and Shawn C. Phillips

Typically when a film has “zombie killer” in the title, one would assume that there are zombies in the film, correct? Well in this case, you’d be wrong. ‘Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer’ contained no actual zombies, and pulled off having “zombie killer” in the title without actually having zombies magnificently.

‘Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer’ is one of the best horror comedies I have seen in a very long time. The concept of the film is sheer genius and the film as a whole is very well written. Horror comedies tend to get very cheesy and lose the comedy elements if the writer is not careful, but ‘Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer’ had me laughing from beginning to end. There was just the right amount of cornball B Movie style. The way I can best describe this film is ‘King Pin’ meets ‘Night of the Living Dead’ meets ‘Stoned Age’.

What is a well written film without an awesome theme song? The theme for this film was a catchy punk style song and it fit the film perfectly.

The special effects that were used were a little over the top, but hey, this is a horror comedy. For me, this adds to the humor of the film. I loved them.

I absolutely loved ‘Atom the amazing Zombie Killer’ and highly recommend it to anyone that loves a well written, gory laugh fest.

To buy some pretty awesome merch to show your support for Bizjack Flemco Productions and ‘Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer’, CLICK HERE.

Be sure to like the ‘Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer’ Facebook page for more updates.

BigtimeTeez Review: “YOLO, Unless You’re A Zombie” T-Shirt


Price: Starting at $14.95

Available Styles: kid’s t-shirt, men’s t-shirt, v-neck t-shirt and long sleeve, Women’s form fit t-shirt and form fit v-neck t-shirt, adult tank top, adult pullover hoodie and adult zipper hoodie.

Sizes: Kid’s (Sm-XL), Women’s (Sm-2XL), Men’s (Sm-5XL)

Color: Variety

Buy Yolo, Unless You’re A Zombie T-Shirt 

With the popularity of The Walking Dead, the zombie craze has been sweeping the nation, and who can forget the “YOLO” fad? Well when you think about zombies, “YOLO” doesn’t really seem very accurate. BigtimeTeez has combined the two with their funny t-shirt, “YOLO, Unless You’re A Zombie”.

The design of this funny t-shirt is fairly large.  It covers the entire chest area and a bit below.  The zombie used in the design Yolo-400x400isquite comical.  The almost confused look on his face just adds to the “YOLO, Unless You’re A Zombie” idea. This is one of my favorite zombie t-shirts offered by BigtimeTeez. The screen printing is flawless. No signs of cracking or peeling around the edges.

DSCF9288Much like the other funny t-shirts offered by BigtimeTeez, the material of the YOLO, Unless You’re A Zombie t-shirt is extremely comfortable and very breathable. It is perfect for any season. This t-shirt is also preshrunk. Many t-shirts, especially ones with large areas of screen printing, tend to bunch and lose their shape while they are being worn, but this one does not.

As mentioned above, this funny t-shirt is offered for a very reasonable price. If $14.95 is still too high for you, btt-free-shipping-side-banneruse discount code miss15 at checkout for 15% off. BigtimeTeez also offers free shipping on US orders of $50 or more.

I highly recommend this t-shirt to any fan of The Walking Dead or zombie films that appreciate a quality funny t-shirt.

Be sure to like BigtimeTeez on Facebook (Facebook fans get 15% off)  and follow them on twitter for more exclusive offers, new design alerts, the $9.99 (sometimes $5.99) t-shirt of the day and daily chances to win t-shirts.


Book Review: ‘Die Trying’ by Nicholas Ryan

I have previously reviewed Ryan’s novel ‘Ground Zero: A Zombie Apocalypse’, and I was absolutely blown away with the depth of his writing.  When the opportunity arose to review yet another zombie novel masterpiece, I could not pass it up.

81XWy1JvdTL._SL1500_Title: ‘Die Trying’

Author: Nicholas Ryan


Trapped amidst the horror of the zombie apocalypse, three men hear the sound of a helicopter overhead and know it represents their last desperate hope to survive the terror and reach safety. But survival comes at a cost – and the undead hordes that ravage the world are not the only lurking evil the men must face. But for Mitch Logan, his brother, Jed, and their friend, Clinton Harrigan, there is no choice. They must fight to survive – or Die Trying

One of the most impressive elements of any bit of writing from Nicholas Ryan is his ability to paint the most vivid of scenes, and his natural gift to draw the reader into his apocalyptic tales.  I absolutely loved ‘Ground Zero: A Zombie Apocalypse’, but I must say that ‘Die Trying’ is even more intense.

‘Die Trying’ had all of the elements that a genre novel needs to be successful, graphic details, inner demons and zombies.  With genre novels, if you are not careful, they can fall flat very quickly, but Ryan kept the action high from start to finish.  The story arch of the novel was flawless and the character development was the best I have read in a novel in a long time.  Your heart will be in your throat through the entire novel.

Areas that include dialogue are key, and many authors struggle here, but Ryan is a natural with these sections.  The dialogue is so well written, it is like over hearing a conversation or watching a great film by Romero.

The ending was very suspenseful and a little open.  I hope this means that Ryan will be giving readers another zombie apocalypse tale worthy of a film adaptation.  As a matter of fact, I would love to see any one of Nicholas Ryan’s books become a film.

I could not think of a single complaint to make about ‘Die Trying’.  Everything was covered and I was not at all left disappointed.  I highly recommend this novel to any fan of the zombie, horror genre.

Nicholas Ryan is by far the most impressive author in this genre today.  His name has become synonymous with zombie apocalypse stories, and I hope he will continue to bring readers more of his apocalyptic genius.  I only see him going up from here.
Buy ‘Die Trying’

To keep up to date on Nicholas Ryan and his latest work, like his Facebook page.


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Book Review: “Ground Zero: A Zombie Apocalypse

Author Nicholas Ryan Is Back With ‘Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse’

81XWy1JvdTL._SL1500_Nicholas Ryan, author of ‘Ground Zero: A Zombie Apocalypse’, is back with an all new apocalyptic tale titled ‘Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse’.

Story line:

Trapped amidst the horror of the zombie apocalypse, three men hear the sound of a helicopter overhead and know it represents their last desperate hope to survive the terror and reach safety.
But survival comes at a cost – and the undead hordes that ravage the world are not the only lurking evil the men must face.
But for Mitch Logan, his brother, Jed, and their friend, Clinton Harrigan, there is no choice.
They must fight to survive – or Die Trying.
A novel of over 66,000 words.
‘Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse’ is currently available on Amazon for Kindle.

Buy Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse: US

Buy Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse: UK

Buy Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse: CA

Buy Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse: AU

Be sure to like Nicholas Ryan on Facebook for more updates.

I will be reviewing ‘Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse’ in the next couple of weeks.


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Video Game Review: Dead Island Riptide (Xbox 360)

dead-island-riptide-x360-asTagline: “Only The Dead Survive”


Rated M

Released April 23, 2013 (US)

Production Companies: Deep Silver & Techland

The Dead Island heroes escaped in a helicopter to the safety of a military ship, but when a furious storm hits, the virus suddenly spreads leaving hope drowning in the rising tides.




Zombie themed video games have always been big time sellers.  I have played a few of them myself including the Walking Dead games, the Left 4 Dead series and the first Dead Island game.  I recently picked up the second installment of the Dead Island series, Dead Island Riptide.

The graphics in Dead Island Riptide are much better than the ones in the first game.  Much like Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide is mainly a melee weapon style game.  You are started off with some flimsy knives, but guns do become available fairly early in the game.  Although guns are available, ammo is very limited and not that easy to find once you run out.

Much like Dead Island, you are plopped on an island over run by zombies and you go out on your own.  I like that you’re on your own, but I don’t at the same time.  Characters played by the computer can slow you down and get in your way, but there are so many zombies, a little help would be nice.  You can join other players that are close to you if you are playing on Live (this is with Xbox 360, I’m not sure about other consoles).

Not only is the island over run with zombies, but they are usually in large groups and very fast moving.  There are also different types of zombies. Infected, walkers, thugs, butchers, floaters, suiciders, grenadiers, drowners, and wrestlers.  Each type of zombie has different abilities, strength levels and so on.  For a complete list of zombie types and describtions, click here. There are  It can get kind of difficult to accomplish the mission you are on and to stay alive with mostly melee weapons.  I do enjoy the overall challenging level of the game.

The kills of the zombies and the attacks on survivors are pretty gory.  I can see why this game is rated M.  Not to sound like a psycho, but I enjoyed the level of gore.  What is a horror/zombie themed game without an impressive amount of gore?

Overall, I like Dead Island Riptide.  The average critic rating is 6.4 out of 10.  I give this game an 8 out of 10 for amazing graphics, story line and the challenging level of difficulty.  I recommend this game to anyone that enjoyed the first game in the series, the Left 4 Dead series or The Walking Dead games.  If there is to be another installment to the Dead Island series, I will definitely check it out.

If you don’t already have this game and you’d like to pick it up or learn more about it and you don’t feel like going out, you can pick it up from GameStop.com or Amazon.com for all gaming consoles.  Both sites are about the same in price and very reasonable.


Zombie George Washington: The Zombie President and His Zombie Army March to Retake DC

91mC5PYw7VL._SL1500_All of my readers out there need to take a look at the book “Zombie George Washington: The Zombie President and His Zombie Army March to Retake DC” by GB Banks.  Not only does the book sound incredible, but the author himself has a pretty incredible story.

About GB Banks:

GB Banks is a sufferer of Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as “Brittle Bone Disease”, and has been wheelchair- and home-bound and cared for by his parents for all of his 48-years. But through the power of his imagination, he has been able to escape to far-off lands and go on magical adventures, and now he hopes to use that very same ability to better his life, to give back to his parents for everything they have done for him throughout his life, and to free himself of the fear of being left alone and placed into a nursing home when they are gone. He has published several works in small publications over the last few years, but his dream is to become a full-time, financially successful author so that he can finally live a more independent life and be able to travel to see the numerous places that he has only been able to explore in his fantasies.

His latest book is entitled “Zombie George Washington: The Zombie President and His Zombie Army March to Retake DC”, an epic zombie fantasy adventure.


About the book:

He was the first President of the United States
Now he may also be the last…

When the resurrected general George Washington discovers the corruption now ruling the US government, he vows to do something about it. So President Washington wages war on the nation’s capitol…with an army of zombie soldiers at his back.


Please pass this along and help get this story the recognition it deserves!

The read more about and/or purchase the ebook, CLICK HERE