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BigtimeTeez Review: Zombie Eat Flesh T-Shirt


Zombie-Eat-Flesh-450x450Who is not familiar with the ever so popular Subway slogan “Subway.. Eat Fresh“? It has been a pretty big part of that franchise for years now. BigtimeTeez has the perfect parody t-shirt inspired by that slogan that pretty much everyone knows, the Zombie Eat Flesh t-shirt.

If you’re into parody or funny t-shirts, this is the shirt for you. The design is medium in size, covering the chest. It is simple, but enough to get a second look. The only down side to this clever design, I was a bit tempted to go into Subway, work and see how long it took someone to notice that I didn’t work there (disclaimer: you probably shouldn’t do that). The screen printing on the Zombie Eat Flesh t-shirt is flawless. There are no signs of cracking or DSCF0355peeling. There is also no sign of the dreaded printing error.

The t-shirt itself is very comfortable. The material is soft and breathable. This funny t-shirt is also preshrunk. I have not had any issues with the shirt shrinking or losing shape after washing and drying. The shirt is also very good quality. I have received t-shirts form sites that have shown up with holes in the armpit or down the side. This is not the case with funny t-shirts from BigtimeTeez. The stitching is solid and has held up thorough wear and washing.

This funny t-shirt starts at a very reasonable $14.95. With the economy in the toilet, if this is still too high for you, use discount code miss15 at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase.

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