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‘The Living’ a zombie mini-series from Cineline Productions


I was contacted recently by Aaron Champion, director and producer at Cineline Productions about their new zombie mini-series, ‘The Living’.  I have seen the first installment of the mini-series and I believe it shows a lot of promise.

TheLiving_06The concept for ‘The Living’ is original and suspenseful.  The opening episode took place mostly on an airplane and if you ask me, a zombie on an airplane is a pretty big problem and the biggest fear of many zombie apocalypse believers.  An airplane is a great place to have someone turn.  It is enclosed and invokes a lot of fear and panic.

Visual effects and their authenticity can really ensure the success of a great zombie project.  The effects in ‘The Living’ are incredible.  When the zombie on the plane claims his victim, everything down to the beating heart of the victim were spot on and visually stunning (in a grotesque, morbid kind of way).   TheLiving_03

Like most indie projects, ‘The Living’ needs some help funding the rest of the project via a Kickstarter campaign.  There are 23 days to go to help reach the $11,000 goal.

To watch the first episode on YouTube, CLICK HERE

Kickstarter Campaign

Be sure to visit the Official site for ‘The Living’, like the film on Facebook and follow the twitter for more updates.

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