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‘Choose Their Kill’: A New YouTube Series That Puts You In Control


Have you ever watched a horror movie and thought to yourself, “that kill would have been so much cooler if he had….”? Me too! Thanks to Aaron Mento (Standards of Living) and horror genius, Eli Roth, not only can you watch the kills, but you can interactively choose how the killer will take out their victim, you can even choose to be nice and let them go.¬†


Choose Their Kill is awesome not only for letting you interact with what you are viewing, but each episode is only a couple of minutes long, so if you’re short on time, you can still get your slasher fix. Every episode is directed by Aaron Mento who shot the feature length film, Standards of Living entirely on an iPad.


If you are into horror that is heavily inspired by the 80’s slasher and cartridge video games and want to be more involved in how the story ends, Choose Their Kill is perfect for you. I can personally¬†guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Each episode is entertaining and creative, not to mention 100% original. There really isn’t anything to dislike about it. The best way I can describe it is Mortal Kombat meets slasher film with a dash of interactive goodness. It’s the closest you will come to playing a video game without actually playing one.


There is a new episode every Thursday on the CryptTV YouTube channel. To stay up to date on all that is Choose Their Kill, follow Aaron Mento (@AaronMento), Eli Roth (@eliroth) and the Choose Their Kill (@ChooseTheirKill) on twitter.

Episode 1: Miko the Silencer

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YouTube Channel & Q&A Videos


I finally broke down and made a YouTube channel for Little Blog of Horror for those lazy days when I don’t feel like typing and to post videos from events & what not.

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I will also do an occasional Q&A video. You can leave questions in the comments below, email them to me at littleblogofhorror@yahoo.com or send them to me via twitter @xmelissathomasx

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Hope you guys enjoy!