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Interview with ‘Rampage’ 1 & 2 Writer, Uwe Boll

Jeffrey MayerFans love him and critics are not his biggest supporters, but there is no denying the talent of Uwe Boll. Most will recognize his name as the writer of the fan favorite films Rampage and Rampage: Capital Punishment. Mr. Boll is also the producer of the upcoming horror film Blood Valley: Seed’s Revenge starring Nick Principe (Laid To Rest 1 &2) and Caroline Williams (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Hatchet III). Love him or hate him, he is not going away.


Little Blog of Horror: At the age of 10 you decided that you wanted to be in the film industry. What was the first thing you did to put yourself closer to your goal of being involved with film?

Uwe Boll: I tried to work as a PA on TV shows and I wrote a lot of scripts. I also, read a lot of books about filmmakers and watched a lot of movies.

LBOH: Many would call you controversial. Do you feel that it helps set you apart from other filmmakers?

Boll: I don’t really care.

LBOH: Critics are often times harsh in their comments about your films and give them low ratings. Does this discourage you in any way or do you use it as fuel for your next film?

Boll: It depends. I think the critics had a point with HOUSE OF THE DEAD or ALONE IN THE DARK, but if you give DARFUR, STOIC, POSTAL, RAMPAGE or ASSAULT ON WALLSTREET low ratings then you are out of your mind.

LBOH: You have been given the nickname “The Raging Boll” by peers and critics. Are you offended by it or do you take it as somewhat of a compliment?

Boll: I love RAGING BULL so it’s an honor to be RAGING BOLL.

LBOH: You finance your own films. Do you feel that gives you more creative freedom since you do not have to seek the approval of another person or company for finances?

Boll: Of course. But the pressure is also higher and the work is harder.

LBOH: Rampage and Rampage: Capital Punishment are excellent films. What was your inspiration for them?

Boll: The world is fucked up and we dig our own graves. It is a shame how we will leave the planet for the next generation. So I wanted to create a anti-hero. A psycho who is right in his point of views – Bill is somebody who hurts us but we feel connected to him.

LBOH: Something fans would call a “trademark” of yours is that you frequently shoot your films in Vancouver. What about that location keeps you coming back?

Boll: I live there and I like the labor tax system, the locations and the crews.

LBOH: You are the producer of the film Blood Valley: Seed’s Revenge. What can fans expect from this film? Do you think they will like it more than its predecessor, Seed?

Boll: This time it’s more slasher and less philosophical. Very brutal and more sex than the first part.

LBOH: Of all of the films you have been a part of, which would you say is your personal favorite?

Boll: I love RAMPAGE 1 and 2 because I’m also a cynical type. But I’m emotional to ASSAULT ON WALLSTREET and DARFUR. It’s hard to pick. Of course I also love POSTAL.

LBOH: Do you have any projects coming up that you would like to give a special mention?

Boll: RAMPAGE 3 – to finish it all up.


Be sure to pick up Rampage: Capital Punishment, and keep an eye out for Blood Valley: Seed’s Revenge.