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Interview with Eric Pigors of Toxictoons

toxictoonsHaving gone to conventions, I have seen a lot of unique artwork, but Eric Pigors of Toxictoons has some of the most unique artwork and masks I have ever seen.  Many of his designs have a rockabilly-horror/pinup style to them that I absolutely love.  I have recently been granted the opportunity to interview this creative mastermind.

LBoH: How did you start creating such unique art?

EP: It was the 1970s and I was a kid being influenced by so much cool artwork, and dial m for murdermonster stuff! I was into Mad magazine. Plop Comics, Odd Rods & Wacky PACs sticker and animated cartoons! so I started copying the art I liked to learn how  to draw . When I was in my early 20s and I wanted to work in animation,and  I  couldn’t afford to buy animation cels from my favorite films because they were so expensive,so I thought I should try to make my own style cels. And I remembered all the art I liked as a kid ,and the Munsters, Addams Family and Halloween time and my Toxictoons style stated poring out of me like a gushing wound!

LBoH: Your masks are incredible, what steps do you take to create/design such great masks?

monster mash 11 x 14EP: Thanks,well I am very lucky that the sculptor Justin Mabry contacted me about 4 years ago and asked if he could make a mask based on my Gruesome Frankenstein drawing.He was going to do a limited run of 13 masks to sell of him and split the profits.But a collector friend of his ,Chris Zephro spoke to Justin about starting a Mask company.So they started TRICK OR TREAT STUDIOS,the perfect name for a Halloween Mask company!

And Justin asked me if I would want to have my  Gruesome mask be in the line,I said sure.Then each year we have one or 2 new masks sculpted based on my Toxictoons characters. So far we have done Gruesome, Rot, Fang, Gluten Freek, Cyanide, Brain eater, Werewolf, Tongue Tied and ZEEK the face mask

Zeek face mask is the perfect mask to wear to partys because you can drink beer easily in it,hahahah.Because it just goes from your forehead to your teeth area.And he is only $20.

Last year my ROT character got knocked off by a dollar store and made into a hanging zombie toy without permission,and now this year some company knocked off my GLUTEN FREEK mask and are selling masks of it .Some scummy jerks out there!

toxictoons masks copy

midnight death ride - lighter red eyesLBoH: Most artists are inspired by a certain character, movie or person, who or what inspires you most?

EP: Frankenstein,sexy vamps,circus sideshow freaks,horror hosts, Halloween season ,and monsters!

LBoH: What types of new products/artwork are you currently working on or plan to be working on?

EP: Well I have my 2013 Halloween merch for sale now  thru October,after Halloween I will do a shirt or two every month.Or new artbooks, and new masks.

I want to do an animated Halloween special with my characters,kind of like THE GREAT PUMPKIN CHARLIE BROWN was for me when I grew up,but creepy and more spooky like the stuff I do.

I designed the kids in,” ED EDD AND EDDYS HALLOWEEN BOO HAW HAW”  Special that reruns at Halloween.That was a lot of fun.taitned apple 4

LBoH: How did you start your company Toxictoons?

EP: Well I was working at WALT DISNEY STUDIOS for 15 years on the films Lion King, Aladin, Beauty and the Beat, the Little Mermaid etc.. and in 2002 they got rid of us all who drew for computer animators.So I took my savings and invested it in myself and started doing Toxictoons full time.

LBoH: I must say, another thing that makes your site unique is that you have a “Secrest Society of Fiends Club”, how did you come up with that?

EP: Well the idea came about when James and Kirk of Metallica called my home to ask if I would be interested in doing a shirt for them.It was quite a surprise when I came home and my wife said ,”I think some guys from Metallica just called here for you?”

They where really great,and where wearing my shirts a lot during the ST ANGER tour.But Kirk OUIJA BOARD FOR halloween 2013 WITCH yellowmentioned something about the Illuminates and how my art reminded him of it. and their secret society. I didn’t know what those were.But it just popped in my head to do a club like the one in the film A CHRISTMAS STORY where RALPHIE joins LIL ORPHAN ANNIES Secret club.

So I started thinking of things to put in a pack you would get when you joined my SECRET SOCIETY OF FIENDS Club. And I am a proud member of ED “BIG DADDY” ROTHS RAT FINK CLUB and that also inspired the idea to!


monsterpieces app monsterLBoH: You also have your own app, the MONSTERPIECES APP, how did you come up with it and what went into its development?

EP: A friend of mine, ERIC DANIELS whose wife I worked with at WALT DISNEY STUDIOS mentioned ERIC wanted to create an App with my artwork.So he showed me his idea and I grabbed a many parts off my characters to use in it.Then I emailed him and said look at my MONSTER PIECE I created ,and so we used that name!

It’s a lot of fun and you can get it here:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/monsterpieces/id447487954?mt=8  and be your own Monster maker.

LBoH: Have you ever taken Toxictoons to a horror convention as a vendor and do you plan to do so inwitch 12 x 18 the future?

EP: Yeah I started doing FANGORIAS WEEKEND OF HORRORS back in 1999 or 2000? I do the ones out here in California ,like I am doing Son of Monsterpalooza in a month.

I love doing those shows,I met BILL “CHOP TOP” MOSELY doing a Fangoria show together .He was sitting behind me being put into his CHOP TOP make up,and we hit it off and I ended up doing a bunch of cd art for his band he did with Buckethead on guitar called,”CORNBUGS”

I also met some of the Murderdolls,Wednesday 13,  and the 69 EYES at these shows and have done shirts for their bands as well.MURDERDOLLS SHIRTMENS SHIRT SIZE

LBoH: What do you see in the future for yourself and Toxictoons?

EP: More shirts! I have done over 150 shirts over the past 13 years doing Toxictoons,new art,new merch ,and hopefully lots of new fans!

come check out the website you guys at www.toxictoons.com

To keep up with Eric Pigors and his incredible artwork, be sure to add him as a friend on Facebook and like the Toxictoons page.  Make sure you are also following Toxictoons on twitter.

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