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Halloween DIY: Creepy Tombstones Under $15

Halloween props and costumes can get pretty pricey, so I have decided o take my love of DIY and Pintrest and put together a new section for you, Halloween/Horror DIY. I will continue to do these past the Halloween season.

The first Halloween DIY project I would like to share with you are “creepy tombstones”. Similar props you would purchase in store can run upwards of over $20, but through Pintrest scouring, I have found a tutorial from Dave Lowe Design that will cost you under $15! The beauty behind this project, besides saving money, you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to make these.

dloweJROtfinish1What you will need:

  • Overnight shipping boxes (FREE at the post office or FedEx store)
  • Name plate (made on your computer at home, $2 or less at Officemax)
  • Foamcore ($3.99 for a large sheet at any craft store)
  • Scotch tape ($1-$2)
  • Paint of your choice
  • Faux Stone spray ($5 at craft store)

As long as the mistakes are to a minimum, you will get more than one tombstone out of these materials (except for the box, but they are free).

For more pictures and a full tutorial, visit Dave Lowe Designs by clicking HERE.

If you are on Pintrest, and would like to follow me, I can be found HERE.

Happy Haunting!