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‘Things You Think About in a Bar’- A Book of Tim Burton’s Napkin Art

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Tim Burton, the man behind such films as A Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice and Sleepy Hollow has released a book through Steeles Publishing of his napkin doodles. Things You Think About in a Bar is made up of 140 pages of dark, genius artwork. It is a mini companion to the award winning book The Art of Tim Burton. I was sent a copy of the book to feature and review; here are my honest thoughts on the book. 

The overall appearance of the book is phenomenal. It is small and sleek giving it the perfect look for an art book. The cover is a black cloth material that has been stamped with a shiny, silver foil. The binding of the book is great, the pages do not tug too much while you are flipping through and it is not overly delicate. The addition of a silky, purple attached book mark adds a touch elegance and a bit more Burton flare. 

The pages inside are durable and matte. The matte look of the pages adds to the beauty of the artwork on them, there is no gloss to enhance or take away from them. 

The artwork is phenomenal. It is pretty cool to get a glimpse at what such a creative mind thinks about on the road including pieces from already beloved Burton films to potential future classics. Take a look at a few pictures below to get an idea of just how great this book is (they do not to it justice, you have to see the physical book to get just how great it is).

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If you are a fan of Tim Burton, this book would be the perfect addition to your collection or if you know a Burton fan, Things You Think About in a Bar would make the perfect gift. If you would like to purchase this incredible book, it is available for $19.99 (which is a steal for an art book of any kind) at SteelesPublishing.com.