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Review of Terry M. West’s A Psycho’s Medley

PSYCHOSMEDLEY copy (4)I am honored to have been contacted by Mr. Terry M. West to review his new compilation of short stories, A Psycho’s Medley.  Terry M. West is an acclaimed horror author, filmmaker and actor.  He is best known as the director of Flesh for the Beast.

A Psycho’s Medley is a 109 page compilation of horror short stories written by Terry M. West and published by Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc.  on July 21, 2013.


Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc. presents a blood soaked collection featuring some of the most disturbing horror fiction that Terry M. West has ever written!  These stories revolve around human monster known as the psychopath.  West closely examines the twisted souls and crimson fantasies of these killers.  Take this journey through terror and you may never feel safe again!  This collection includes the never before seen story A PSYCHO’S MEDLEY, THE NIGHT OUT (a finalist for an International Horror Guild Award for a short story), the brand new story MORSEL, TRAITEUR (the story that would become the novel, DREG), WAITING FOR THE THUNDER, and the newly expanded novelette, HAIR AND BLOOD MACHINE (which made the 1999 preliminary ballot for a Stoker Award for long fiction).

We all know that most novel style books or stories open with an introduction from the author.  Terry M. West did an incredible job with hisimages (3) introduction.  It was very creative and incite-full.

My favorite short story from A Psycho’s Medley would have to be, A Psycho’s Medley.  This short story was written from the perspective of a newspaper story and the diary of a murderer.  This was my favorite because it seemed so real.  I felt like I was really reading a story in the newspaper of a man gone mad.  The diary entry parts from the perspective of the murderer were chilling and beyond disturbing.  There is no lack of imagination or creativity in this short or any of the others.

The entire collection of short stories that make up A Psycho’s Medley are all creative and are sure to send a chill down your spine.  I’m not sure what is more disturbing, how real the stories seem or how well Terry M. West knows the mind of a psychopath.

A Psycho’s Medley is captivating and Terry M. West knows how to draw the reader in.  I will definitely be reading this again.  I highly recommend this collection to anyone that enjoys an all to real scary story.

This amazing read is available for the kindle on Amazon for only $1.99 (free for Amazon Prime customers)!  Follow this link to purchase A Psycho’s Medley: Purchase A Psycho’s Medley