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The Goblin Project 2014

10451172_10152550057683453_6309487993554802701_nMany of you probably remember the Stephen King film Maximum Overdrive. The film and one iconic symbol of he film have quite the cult following, the goblin head from the font of the menacing Happy Toyz truck.

As those that have seen the film may remember, the goblin head was blown up at the end, but Tim Shockey purchased the goblin head and spent 2 years restoring it to it’s iconic movie appearance. Tim debuted the goblin head at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati in March of 2013, and this was the goblin’s first appearance since 1986! Fans gave Tim and the goblin head a very warm welcome and Tim has been invited to many more conventions and events to display the goblin head and many of the other movie props he owns.

Anyone who has been to a convention knows that it is a pricey affair whether you are a vendor, guest or fan. Tim has displayed the goblin head at many conventions all over the US and has even displayed it at conventions in Canada. Any of you who may have seen Tim and the goblin head at a convention know that it is a very large piece and requires a large trailer to haul it around, and it takes a dependable vehicle to tow such a heavy load. Tim was invited to ScareFest in Lexington last year, but reluctantly had to pull out because he had vehicle problems. Tim is now asking for your help via gofundme to aide him in purchasing a more reliable vehicle.

Tim is a great guy and someone I am very happy to be able to call a friend, and he is very passionate about The Goblin Project and Maximum Overdrive. So as fans of the film and the goblin head, let’s help Tim raise the money so he can continue to display the goblin head and bond with other fans. Much like other crowd funding sites, there are rewards for those that donate. You can help Tim by clicking HERE.

To keep up to date on Tim and The Goblin Head, like the Green Goblin Head Facebook page, follow the Goblin Project twitter page and visit HollywoodPropCollector.com.

Movie Review: ‘Carrie’ (2013)

carrie2013posterIt is no secret that I am not a fan of remakes, there have only been a few put out that I can honestly say that I like.  I heard about the new “re-imagining” of the classic ‘Carrie‘ a while back and decided to give it a fair shot.

As far as remakes go, ‘Carrie‘ 2013 is at the top of my must-see list.  I was pleasantly surprised by this film.  The casting was my biggest concern, but I don’t think they could have chosen anyone better to play Carrie or her mother.   Chloë Grace Moretz was fantastic as Carrie, she was creepy and very intense.  Everything that she did as Carrie was organic and looked completely natural for her.  For being such a young actress, her performance was incredible.  The part of Carrie requires a lot of acting with the face and the eyes and Chloë absolutely nailed it.  Julianne Moore played Carrie’s mother, Margaret White, and may have been creepier than the mother in the original film.

Carrie’s telekinetic powers and what she did with them before she went nuts and killed everyone, were much more elaborate than the original.  She wasn’t as afraid of them.

The closet was still used as Carrie’s punishment when her mom went nuts.

The script to this film was much closer to the book than the original.  Spoiler alert, there is no nudity in this film like there was in the original.  There is one sex scene, but it’s not like the over the top scenes you see in a lot of today’s horror films.  The famous “plug it up” chant was still used in the locker room.  There was a big difference with the way Carrie was bullied.  In the 70’s when the original was made, there were no cell phones or YouTube, but the new ‘Carrie‘ brings us to modern times and adds to Carrie’s torment via cyber bullying.  It was nice to see such an iconic film brought to the present.

The most memorable part of the original ‘Carrie‘ was of course the bucket of pig’s blood and the massacre at the prom.  In the re-imagining, these scenes were much more intense and graphic.  The ways that Carrie kills her classmates was by far more creative and bloody.  In the original, after the prom scene, Carrie went home to her mother, but in this one, she goes after Chris, the girl that treated her the worst and her boyfriend.  While doing so, she does quite a bit of damage around town.  The scene when her mother stabs her and then she kills her mother was a lot more dramatic than in the original.

I really don’t feel comfortable calling this film a remake because it really wasn’t.  The films are actually quite different and the term re-imagining fits much better.  So, if you, like me, are not a fan of remakes, look at this Carrie as a new adaptation of the Stephen King novel instead of a remake.

I highly recommend ‘Carrie‘ to anyone that loved the original and especially fans of the novel.  So, if you need a date night idea for Sweetest Day tomorrow, go see ‘Carrie‘.

The critics severely low balled this film giving it only a 6.6, but I say they are out of their minds and I am giving it an 8 out of 10.


‘Maximum Overdrive’ Goblin Head Resurrected: Interview with Tim Shockey

540722_414385618679535_1253176858_nOne of the most iconic images from the 1986 Stephen King classic, ‘Maximum Overdrive,’ is no doubt the Happy Toyz truck and the bright green goblin head that adorned the front of it.  It is a real shame that they blew the truck and the Goblin Head up, but one man has made many fans’ dreams come true by reconstructing the head and bringing it to conventions for the fans to see.  His name is Tim Shockey.  Below is an interview with Mr. Shockey about his journey restoring the famed Green Goblin Head.

1003808_10151648004440808_878758196_nLBoH: How and when did you find the Goblin Head?

Tim Shockey: In 1987 the truck was taken to Silent Rick’s junkyard in Wilmington, NC. A man saw the truck go past his house on its way to the junkyard. He knew the owner of Silent Rick’s and ask him for the head and they gave it to him. He cut it off of the truck and took it home. A couple of months later he was going to have to move to an apartment and wouldn’t have room to keep it so he ran an ad in the local newspaper.
All of my family lives in that area and one of my brothers called me up and said I might want this to put in my video store. I called the man up and we worked out a deal and I left that night to go get it. We had it in the video store till we sold the business. After that it went to my back yard where it lay for many years.

LBoH: Not having previously seen Maximum Overdrive, what made you decide to purchase the head?

Tim Shockey: I owned a large video store at that time and thought it would be great to have it for fans to see. It was great advertising!

LBoH: What condition was the Goblin Head in when you purchased it?625499_351135338337897_1651645939_n

Tim: The head was in horrible condition. The whole jaw was missing along with the tongue and tops of the ears. Eyes were gone and the whole thing was burnt.

LBoH: Can you explain a little bit about the restoration process?

Tim Shockey: I own a sign company and use our software with DVD stills to bring the head life size on the screen. I then hand traced the jaw line and front side of the chin on screen. I had the plotter print out these pieces life-size and then cut them out of a corrugated plastic called coroplast. I then taped these pieces together and constructed a 3-D jaw which I screwed into the original piece of the head. Many measurements were taken from the screen and checked on the head to make sure everything was in place correctly. I then started laying several layers of fiberglass on the plastic. After it was thick enough I came in from the back side and removed the coroplast leaving on the fiberglass in place. Then I just continued adding fiberglass to thicken it up.

LBoH: At which convention did you debut your work on the Goblin Head?

1000196_413175485467215_884959880_nTim Shockey: We finished painting the Green Goblin head on March 16, 2013 and the following Friday we took it to HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio. This was the first convention for me and the Green Goblin head! We had a blast!!

LBoH: What are some of your more memorable reactions from fans?

Tim Shockey: Wow there is so many great reactions for the fans!  We’ve had people come up and show us a tattoo of the Green Goblin head, most people want to shake my hand and thank me for restoring a great piece of movie memorabilia. One fan drove for 3 hours to a convention just to see the head. They talked for a little, got their picture taken with it and then headed home!!

LBoH: Would you ever like to see the Goblin Head mounted on a truck similar to the ‘Happy Toyz’ truck from the film?

Tim Shockey: Not really and for several reasons. I can’t stand the thought of it being on a truck and rocks, bugs, etc. from the road hit 575891_381397088645055_1341078310_nit and mess it up. Also, there are so many places I take it to that it wouldn’t be able to fit inside if it were mounted on a truck. And it keeps my expenses down to transport it in the trailer then to have it on a truck.

LBoH: Aside from the Goblin Head, what other movie memorabilia do you have in your collection?

Tim Shockey: I actually have over 600 authentic prop and wardrobe items in my collection. I have Adam Sandler’s “HERO” football from The Longest Yard. I have a “screen used” mask from Scream 4 that Wes Craven signed and gave to a woman that worked with him on the set. I have a sweater sleeve that was used in making the trailer for Nightmare on Elm Street 5. In the past few weeks I got it signed by Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, and Amanda Wyss! I also have a 17’ alligator that Jim Carrey pulled into the water by its tail in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls!

logoLBoH: What type of memorabilia can fans purchase from you, whether it be set used props or Goblin Head memorabilia?

Tim Shockey: We have 100’s of items on our website from many different movies. We also have bottles of “Goblin Dust” which is dust from where we sanded on the Green Goblin head while restoring it. We also have some ½” x ½” pieces are painted red, and a few black. After painting the head we noticed that the top back of the head was cut crooked so we cut it straight which gave us a strip that we cut into pieces. All bottle of Goblin Dust and pieces come with a C.O.A. of Authenticity. We also are selling our 2013 tour t-shirts. These are really awesome! On the front they say “The Goblin Project” and has a picture of the Green Goblin head and on the back side it is like a concert tour shirt. It lists all of the shows we are doing this year along with the cities and dates. Really cool shirts! All of this can be purchased at our site www.hollywoodpropcollector.com

LBoH: With countless horror/scifi conventions out there, at which conventions will you and Goblin Head be making an appearance?

Tim Shockey: This year we have 2 more shows left. Spooky Empire in Orlando, FL October 25 – 27 and Coast City Comic Con in S. Portland, Maine November 9 & 10. We are still working on next years list. So far we Have a show in Pensacola, FL in February, A show in Niagara Falls, Canada in June, and possibly a show in the UK. We are contacting all the shows we can in hopes of having 3-4 shows a month in 2014!

LBoH: What are your future plans for the Goblin Head and the other memorabilia you own?

Tim Shockey: Some day we hope to open a museum to put all of our memorabilia in and hope to keep adding to it. We really enjoy sharing261695_381048912013206_2041448260_n it with fans everywhere!

The next time you see Tim Shockey at a convention, be sure to shake his hand and thank him for restoring such an incredible piece of film history.

To keep up with the Goblin Head and where you can see Tim and his fantastic work, like the Green Goblin Head Facebook page and visit the The Goblin Project website.  To view and purchase more movie memorabilia, visit the Hollywood Prop Collector website.  You can also follow Tim on twitter @tshockey, @HPCPropmaster and of course @GreenGoblinHead (all of these links are on the right sidebar of the page or you can click on the links here).

*All photos credit to the Green Goblin Head Facebook page and Tim Shockey*

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