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Movie Review: The Conjuring

the-conjuring-posterFrom the director of Saw and Insidious, James Wan, comes the film The Conjuring based on the cases of paranormal icons Ed and Lorraine Warren.

I have not really cared for any of the recent possession/paranormal films because I felt most of them were trying to compete with The Exorcist and have failed miserably.  The Conjuring however, comes pretty close to it.  Everything about this film was fantastic and contained everything a paranormal film should.

There were surprises around every turn and did not leave me at all disappointed.  The only thing I wished they would have kept the same from the original case was the doll, Annabelle.  In the original case, Annabelle was a Raggedy Ann doll, but in The Conjuring, they made her/it a creepy, old porcelain doll.  While the change they made added a bigger creep factor, I would have liked the authenticity of the doll from the original case.

There was even a cameo from the paranormal icon herself, Lorraine Warren, during one of the lecture scenes.  It is a brief glimpse, but she is there.

Vera Farmiga portrayed Lorraine Warren beautifully.  She was sincere and gave one of the most emotional performances I have seen in a film from any genre in a very long time.

Any film that contains possessions needs a lot of makeup and special effect.  The Conjuring nailed it.  The makeup done on the possessed individual was immaculate.  The effects that were used during the exorcism scenes were fantastic.

I would highly recommend The Conjuring to anyone looking for a film that will provide some great scares and that will shock and amaze you. I am giving this film 5 stars.