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BigtimeTeez Review: Halloween Edition: Pumpkin Face Halloween Costume T-Shirt

BigtimeTeez Header LogoHalloween-headlinePumpkin-Face-400x400I’m sure everyone remembers the old school pumpkin costumes that just have a huge pumpkin face on the front of them.  BigtimeTeez offers an awesome funny t-shirt that pays homage to those days of the plastic/vinyl costumes.   Who says you can outgrow owning an awesome pumpkin face t-shirt?  Because you don’t!  This Halloween edition review for BigtimeTeez is the Pumpkin Face Halloween Costume t-shirt.

The design of the Pumpkin Face Halloween Costume t-shirt is pretty self explanatory.  It is a t-shirt with a big pumpkin face on the front of it. The design of the jack-o-lantern face is very large, covering pretty much the whole front of the t-shirt.  The screen printing is flawless with no cracks or peeling of the design, even after washing and drying.  The design also lays with the curves of the body instead of just laying over them and becoming unflattering.

The material of the t-shirt is soft and breathable.  It is also pre-shrunk.  I have worn, DSCF8033washed and dried this t-shirt a few times and it has not shrunk or lost its shape.  The Pumpkin Face Halloween Costume t-shirt is available in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes.  It also comes in a variety of color options.  I have it in the ladies form-fit in orange.  I love the fit of it.  Not a tiny person?  No worries, BigtimeTeez’s awesome funny t-shirts are available from small all the way to 5 XL.  With the cooler months drawing close, you can also pick this t-shirt up as an adult’s long-sleeve shirt, zip-up and pullover hoodies (men’s standard sizes).

BTT Free Shipping Side BannerLike all of the other funny t-shirts from BigtimeTeez, the cost is quite low.  The Pumpkin Face Halloween Costume t-shirt starts at only $16.99, depending on size and style options.  If that is still too much, use code miss15 at checkout for 15% off your entire order (no minimum purchase required, can not be combined with any other offer). BigtimeTeez also offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more (US orders only, can not be combined with other offers).

Be sure to like BigitmeTeez on Facebook (Facebook fans get 15% off) and follow them on twitter for more exclusive deals, new design alerts, the $9.99 t-shirt of the day, and daily giveaways.



FEARtober 31 Days of Treats: Day 7: Pumpkin Stencil: The Crypt Keeper

feartober_bannerfn_feartober_stencil-02Today’s treat for FEARtober 31 Days of Treats is another pumpkin stencil, the lovable ghoul, The Crypt Keeper.  What is Halloween without some awesome jack-o-lanterns?  This stencil will impress even Sam.  Just remember not to blow the candle out too soon or Sam may pay you a visit.

To get this awesome stencil, CLICK HERE and click on the 7th calendar square.

New treats everyday!

Enjoy your FEARtober!

FEARtober: Downloadable Pumpkin Stencils From FEARnet


FEARnet has launched FEARtober: 31 Days of Treats.  Halloween would not be complete without some kickass pumpkins, just ask Sam.  Today’s treat for you guys are some pretty awesome pumpkin stencils.  The stencils include the FEARnet splatter logo, Sam’s mask from Trick-r-Treat, Sam’s face, and the Crypt Keeper.

To download these awesome stencils follow the link below and click on the calendar square and the stencils will begin to download.

FEARtober day 2 treat: Pumpkin Stencils

Enjoy this treat from FEARnet.  There are more to come.  Stay tuned, I will post the treat of the day for the entire FEARtober event.