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Human Connection: ‘The Fourth Door’ go90 Relaunch

*Disclaimer: I have been hired by New Form Digital to raise awareness for The Fourth Door on go90*

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As individuals we are concerned with everything from our looks to the perceptions that others make of use. We have basic fears, but once we make a connection or a bond with another human being, our fears and protective instincts escalate to a point that we did not know was even possible.  

Be it you fall in love, become a parent or just share a strong connection with a friend, your own safety means nothing if that person is in trouble; you would do anything to protect them from any threat posed against them. In The Fourth Door, Lain feels such a strong bond with adult Collin that she falls in love with him almost instantly, and once thrown into limbo, she encounters young Collin and that bond that she shared with him carries over. Lain is willing to throw her own safety out the window to ensure that no harm comes to Collin.

We become whole once we can set aside our own wants and fears for another person. Our lives become more fulfilled and we feel more important when we know that someone else needs us the way that we need them. 

Want to know more about The Fourth Door? Simply download the FREE go90 app (available on both Android and iOs). Once you download the app, simply search The Fourth Door and all 12 episodes are available for you to watch on your own time 100% FREE.

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Graveyard Dogs: A tale of romance, mystery and death

Graveyard Dogs is a new up and coming movie that I  think deserves some attention.  All the information about the film is from the official site and the official Facebook page.


Title: Graveyard Dogs

Plot: “In the depths of the pre-Civil War South, the blossoming romance between a slave and the son of her owner is threatened by the mystery of mangled corpses of runaway slaves that are collecting in the woods.”

Producer: Christos Hines

Trailer Release: June 14, 2013 (for those who sign up at the official site)

Simply click the links to visit the sites.

Website: GraveyardDogsMovie.com

Facebook: Graveyard Dogs Movie

Twitter: Graveyard Dogs

Christos Hines Twitter: @HinesMedia1

I don’t think this will be the last article that I will be writing about Graveyard Dogs.  The plot is gripping and well thought out.  I personally can not wait to see more of this film.  It sounds like a sure must see to me.  It has something that can appeal to fans of just about every movie genre.  There is romance, mystery, thrills, murder and history.  Be sure to check out the links above to keep up with all of the latest news and updates for Graveyard Dogs.