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World’s Most Haunted Island For Sale


A ghost hunters dream and one of the scariest places on earth will be hitting the auction block next month, Poveglia, a small island in the Venetian Lagoon. This island may look pretty in photographs, but Poveglia’s past is far from picturesque.

poveglia-island2In the 19th century, Poveglia served as a check point for ships heading to Venice. Seems normal right? Well, in 1793 a couple of ships arrived that were carrying plague victims made a stop and the island was sealed off from the rest of the world. Once the island was closed off, victims of the plague and other diseases were shipped to Poveglia to pretty much die. In 1922 the island was converted into a center for the mentally ill. This did not help brighten the islands clouded past. In fact, rumor has it that there were cruel experiments conducted on patients and a doctor that was driven mad by the ghosts of plague victims that he threw himself off of the bell tower.

Many may remember Poveglia from the show Ghost Adventures. They were the first paranormal team to investigate the island. Aaron Goodwin heard some strange noises when he stood where the doctor reportedly took his own life. That was not the scariest thing to happen to GAC on the island. Zak Bagans was attacked and appeared to have been possessed by something. He violently acted out and said that he just waned to hurt Nick and Aaron.

Povelgia has sat abandoned for the past 50 years and is still owned by the Poveglia-island2-550x371Italian government. They are ready to release the island on a 99-year lease. There has yet to be any pricing information released.

So, if you don’t mind a few very angry, unsettled spirits wandering around, and you’ve always wanted to live the film Poltergeist, then this is the piece of land for you.