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Interview with Night Walker Cinema

As previously mentioned in my last piece on Night Walker Cinema, here is a short interview that they were so awesome to participate in.  I can say that I am looking forward to working on a few more pieces with these guys in the future.


What movie initially got you interested in horror?

 “Wow…good question. I’d have to say that really early on I loved Michael Myers, Halloween and Halloween II”

A lot of people today have been spoiled by CGI.  What keeps NWC wanting to stay true to classic horror and not use CGI? 

 “I know a lot work goes into CGI and those artists are talented but it’s just not real. You can’t interact with it, feel it, wear it or be scared in real time with it. Practical FX are the only way to go in our opinion. It’s not a crime to use CGI to slightly enhance something but it should always be unnoticed.”

 What is the hardest part of staying true to classic horror?

“I’m not sure. We write what we want to see. I think sometimes you have studio people who don’t understand or even watch our genre telling people how to make films. That’s a bad recipe.”

From a producer’s stand point, which producers (horror or not) have been the most influential?

 “Well we are only producers because we pay for all of our films (except TDG which we are crowd funding).”

What kind of advice do you have for other indie producers? 

 “Well we like to focus on the writing and the directing. If we worked with another producer we would want them to trust that we know what we are doing. Too many producers want to see things their way but they don’t write so they nitpick other people’s art…no bueno.”

 What can we expect to see from Night Walker Cinema in the future?

“Hopefully we can get The Dinner Guest into as many festivals as possible and hopefully get distribution! After that, we have many films in the pipeline from more shorts to features!”

Night Walker Cinema: Independent Horror at it’s Finest

Over the course of the last few months, I have had the pleasure of really learning about an amazing independent horror production company called Night Walker Cinema.  It is hard to find an independent production company that truly has a passion for horror, but Night Walker Cinema definitely has that.


A little background on NWC:  NWC is based out of San Diego, California and was founded by Joseph Dean Martinez and James Neff.  They are working to revive the good name of the Horror genre.  They do not want to rely on CGI like many of the horror movies spit out, remade and mass produced by Hollywood.  Night Walker Cinema’s main focus is to bring original ideas to the horror lovers of the world.  They are currently working on their first feature film called The Dinner Guest.

The Dinner Guest : Night Walker Cinema does not want to spoil the plot for anyone, but they have put together a promotional teaser trailer.  Eric Fox of SyFy’s FACE/OFF has signed on as the Special Effects artist.  NWC still needs a bit of help to fund this amazing project.  They are hoping to raise at least $6000 to help with production and other expenses associated with the project.  By donating you do get some perks such as a cameo all the way to producer credits.  There are only seven days left to help them out, but it is definitely a worthy cause.  Click the link below to help restore the good name of horror and to check out the promotional teaser trailer.

Help NWC

You can also keep up with Night Walker Cinema and their up coming projects on any of their social networking sites.  Click the links to add or follow.

Website: nightwalkercinema.com

Facebook: Night Walker Cinema

Twitter: @NightWalkerCnma

Instagram: @nightwalkercinema

Stay tuned for an interview and more from Night Walker Cinema!