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Interview with the Necro Girls Crew


We all love a good horror magazine, but some of them are lacking that extra bit of bloody hotties. That’s where Necro Girls shines above the rest.  I have recently gotten the opportunity to interview the insanely awesome Necro Crew.

laura hill beat on the bratLBoH: How did Necro Girls come about?

NG: Well, a Necro Mommy and a Necro Daddy had feelings for each other. When a IMG_1116Necro Mommy and a Necro Daddy have really special feelings for each other, they like to do what is called ‘have intercourse’. Well, Necro Mommy was really drunk one night, and wanted to have intercourse while not wearing any protection. Necro Daddy was also drunk, and forgot to do what some people refer to as ‘pull out’. Nine months later, they had twin girls, and named them Necro Girls. Wow, that sounds unbelievably lame. Seriously, though. It started as a joke. A comment was made about how a certain grouplacrishia blood beauty of internet models, who shall remain nameless because they are a very litigious group, were kind of skanky. We had joked IMG_1116about starting our own modeling thing, but have no nudity and nothing overly sexual, and call it Necro Girls. That joke kind of turned into further conversations, and we decided to go for it. A big reason was because we had no outlet for the work we were doing. It seemed to us that everywhere we were looking, there was an abundance of nudity, or an abundance of sex, or an overwhelming abundance of really shitty pictures. A lot of times, there were combinations of all of those. That’s fine for those who do it, but we weren’t really interested in it. So, we created our own outlet.

karley marie bathsalts ladyLBoH: How do you choose your writers and models?

NG: There are three of us that started the magazine; Adam, Gina, and Jeremy; it’s pretty much just as that handles all the writing, layout, photography, and whatnot. Two months is spent doing the photography, taking submissions (half the magazine is submissions, the other half is what we shoot exclusively), doing interviews, writing an IMG_0727advice column, and getting the proper releases. All of that is put into a big pile of JPEG’s, TIFF’s, and Word documents, then handed over for layout. The month that it takes for layout to be done, work has already begun on the next issue, so we just kind of keep that cycle going. We all play a part, and try to help out each other when we can. Being just the three of us, we tend to keep pretty busy! As far as models, we either have certain models in mind, or they’ve responded to a casting call that we have placed, or they have messaged us expressing an interest in working with us. We are fortunate in the fact that we have a lot of people that want to work with us, so we’re IMG_9921never at a shortage for models. We can’t work with everyone, but we do our best to work with those whom we thing would be a good fit.

LBoH: How often do you put out an issue?

IMG_6659NG: We put out issues quarterly. As of right now, we put them out in January, April, July, and October. We also have plans on doing on-off issues, like our Grimsuit issue (which was poking fun at things like some magazines swimsuit issues).

LBoH: Any plans to make Necro Girls Magazine available on newsstands?

NG: If a publishing house wanted to pick us up and put us on newsstands, absolutely! As of now, we justIMG_6219 do print on demand to keep our costs low, since we are all pretty much poor. We all work day jobs, have bills, some of us have kids; none of us are rich. We all struggle from week to week most months. We do this because we love it, and we believe in it. If we got to the point where we could afford to print runs of thousands of magazines off at a time, we would. Right now, we just plan on doing what we do, and hopefully we can make it to newsstands at some point. If we don’t, we’ll still be sitting here, eating burritos, drinking beer, and sweating the deadlines we set for ourselves.

LBoH: Can we expect to see the Necro Girls crew at any horror conventions this fall?

NG: We actually just did our first horror convention in July; Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a great learning experience, and we got to meet a lot of people. Kristoff with HorrorMerch.com was the one who hooked us up with a booth, so without him, we wouldn’t have been able to go. As far as IMG_3559future ones, we will probably wait until 2014 to get our own booth again at a convention.

LBoH: What will fans see in upcoming issues?

NG: The next issue we have coming out, scheduled for October, is our Halloween issue. In 2014 we will IMG_3433have a Sci-Fi themed issue, and will probably do another Grimsuit issue as well, only bigger and badder than our 2013 one. As far as anything else, we are not at liberty to say; we’re trying to keep certain things a surprise!

LBoH: Where do you hope to see Necro Girls in the future?

NG: Ideally, we would like to just keep growing and growing. We would love to be able to do more horror conventions, and would really like to see this become a larger publication with more readers and possibly a publishing deal.

IMG_1805LBoH: What advice do you have for all those out there wanting to start their own publication?

NG: Lots of beer. Lots of weed. Be different; think outside of the box. There are thousands and thousands of publications out there; how will yours be any different than anyone else’s? Stick to your principles. Never compromise yourself. And one of the most important? Quality over quantity!!! Make IMG_1679sure that your stuff is the best that you can do, and put it out. Be passionate about it, and truly believe in it. Oh, and don’t plan on making money from it any time soon!

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