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Bringing the Site Back: Why It’s Been MIA

It’s approaching a year since a post was last made to Little Blog of Horror, but that is about to change. I have decided to resurrect the site and bring more regular content back. I have been getting questions and inquires about the site and why it has been inactive and when or if I plan to bring it back, so here are the answers to the questions I get asked most frequently.

Why has the site been inactive?

Most of you know that I am a content creator at creators.co/Movie Pilot which has become my central focus as it has become my “career”. We also change as people which I have done a lot of, and I have made the decision to go back to school this coming fall. When things change in our lives, sometimes we need to take a step back and prioritize things, and that’s what I’ve been doing.

Are you ever going to bring back new content?

Yes. After a lot of consideration, I came to the conclusion that this is where I started. My own site, promoting my work and the work of others independently. It is nice to write on a large scale and have a team that gets your content out there for you, but nothing beats being able to say that something you did was successful and you did it on your own. If it wasn’t for this site, I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to work with the incredible companies and individuals that I have like Movie Pilot, FEARNET, Living Dead Magazine, Crypt TV and the amazing film making individuals I have.

What kind of content will be posted?

I am going to post content in the same areas that I used to, but I do have a few ideas for some new areas.

How often will new content be posted?

I am going to try for at least once a week. Since I’ve been away, a lot of stuff has backed up in my inbox, so there is no shortage of topics to cover.

Those are the most common questions, if I missed any, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.


YouTube Channel & Q&A Videos


I finally broke down and made a YouTube channel for Little Blog of Horror for those lazy days when I don’t feel like typing and to post videos from events & what not.

The channel is linked on the right side of the page, over there ————————–>

or you could click here

I will also do an occasional Q&A video. You can leave questions in the comments below, email them to me at littleblogofhorror@yahoo.com or send them to me via twitter @xmelissathomasx

If you have a video you’d like promoted, email it to me and I will post it on the channel

Hope you guys enjoy!