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BigtimeTeez Unveils New Horror Design with the Mount Scaremore T-Shirt

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Are you looking for a unique, funny horror t-shirt? BigtimeTeez.com has debuted their new design, the Mount Scaremore t-shirt

Mount-Scaremore-450x450The Mount Scaremore t-shirt is a witty play on Mount Rushmore featuring faces inspired by some of horror’s most iconic slashers. The design is medium in size, covering the chest of the t-shirt stopping just before the armpit. The image is printed in grey which gives it an authentic stone-like appearance. BigtimeTeez is known for their quality screen printing, I have never received a t-shirt from them with anything less than stellar quality screen printing. This design is perfect for the fast approaching convention season.

This funny horror t-shirt is available in men’s (small-5XL), women’s (small-2XL) and kid’s (small-XL) t-shirt sizes. The t-shirts are 100% preshrunk. Not only is it available in a wide variety of sizes, but it is also available in a wide array of colors (black, brown, navy, purple, maroon and forest).  Looking forBigtimeTeez Mount Scaremore something other than a t-shirt? BigtimeTeez has you covered. The Mount Scaremore design is also available on an adult long sleeve t-shirt, adult tank top and adult hoodies (pullover & zipper).

The Mount Scaremore t-shirt starts at only $9.99. Not too shabby for such an awesome t-shirt. Right now, if you spend $50 or more, you will receive free domestic shipping. Still not saving enough, code MISSFIVE (all caps) gets you 5% off your entire order at checkout.

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BigtimeTeez Review: This Is What I Think About Your Stupid Stick Figure Family T-Shirt

BigtimeTeez Header LogoStick-Figure-400x400We have all seen them, starring at us from the back window of that minivan in front of us.  That’s right, that adorable stick figure family smiling and waving at us from the bottom corner of the window.  I personally find these creepy little sticker people obnoxious.Stick-Figure-400x400 (1)

BigtimeTeez has come out with the This Is  What I Think About Your Stupid Stick Figure Family t-shirt to help those of us that are not so into the “stick figure families” express how we feel.  This funny t-shirt shows a character inspired by the iconic Leatherface chasing down an unsuspecting stick figure family with his trusty chainsaw with the phrase “THIS IS WHAT I THINK ABOUT YOUR STUPID STICK FIGURE FAMILY‘ underneath the picture.  The design covers the entire chest and runs almost armpit to armpit. The screen printing is the usual BigtimeTeez quality.  No cracking or peeling edges.

The material of the BigtimeTeez This Is What I Think About Your Stupid Stick Figure Family t-shirt is soft and very comfortable.  It is also preshrunk.  The size of this funny t-shirt is true to the size on the chart provided at BigtimeTeez.com.  Many t-shirt companies say that DSCF7988their shirts are preshrunk and when you throw them in the dryer, they still shrink, but BigtimeTeez’ BTT Free Shipping Side Bannert-shirts are the same size when you pull them out of the dryer as they are when you throw them in.  The t-shirts are also durable.  A lot of times when you wash a shirt a certain number of times, little holes start to appear in the seams, but this is not the case here.

The BigtimeTeez This Is What I Think About Your Stupid Stick Figure Family t-shirt is available in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes.  BigtimeTeez has also added more style options for you to choose from.  They offer adult tank tops (men’s standard sizes), V-necks (men’s and women’s sizes), adult long-sleeve shirts (men’s standard sizes), and with fall arriving, pullover and zip-up hoodies.

This funny t-shirt starts at only $16.99 (depending on size and style options).  Compared to the price of a similar t-shirt at the mall, even with shipping included this is still a fair price.  If that is not a low enough price, use code miss15 at checkout for 15% off your entire order (no minimum purchase, US and UK orders, not valid with other offers).  BigtimeTeez also offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more (US orders only, can not be combined with other offers).  If I haven’t answered the question I get asked a lot, yes BigtimeTeez does ship to the UK.

Be sure to like BigtimeTeez on Facebook (Facebook fans get 15% off) and follow them on twitter for more exclusive deals, the $9.99 t-shirt of the day, new design alerts and daily giveaways.