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Recap/Review: ‘Sleepy Hollow’: Season 1 Episode 5: “John Doe” (with link to watch the episode)

sleepy-hollow-cast-foxSleepy Hollow‘ is already on its fifth episode!  Last night’s installment was titled “John Doe“.  Ichabod and the rest of Sleepy Hollow were joined in the present day by a mysterious little boy named Thomas with a very big problem.


John Doe” opens with Thomas, a little boy from the 1500’s.  Thomas is playing in the woods and comes across a little girl that invites him to play with her.  Thomas accepts her invitation and begins to chase her.  As he gets closer to catching her, the girl vanishes and Thomas finds himself in present day Sleepy Hollow.

Ichabod and Lt. Mills are in the cabin from last week’s episode.  Ichabod is moving in to the cabin and out of the hotel he has been in.  While there, Lt. Mills gets the call about the little boy that has appeared out of nowhere over her radio.  They respond and meet the other officers on the scene.   The boy is unconscious but alive.  Upon examination, Ichabod and Lt. Mills discover something odd about the boy.  He is pale and his veins are turning black.  The boy is rushed to the hospital and placed in quarantine.

In the hospital, the boy is monitored via cameras and a television.  Ichabod approaches the monitor to speak to the boy.  While speaking to him, Ichabod discovers that the boy speaks “middle English”, a very old language from the middle ages and that his name is Thomas.  Thomas tells Ichabod that he is from Roanoke, the first US colony that seems to have just disappeared on day.  Ichabod is convinced that Roanoke has moved from North Carolina to Sleepy Hollow.

Ichabod and Lt. Mills head out in search of the lost colony in the woods of Sleepy Hollow.  The search is a success. They reach a pond with a secret, hidden crossing to a small seemingly abandoned island.  One they cross the pond, they are transported back in time to a village in the 1500’s, the village that Thomas is from.  Ichabod and Lt. Mills make a startling discover in Roanoke, all of the villagers are infected with the same virus as Thomas.  None of the villagers seem to be affected by it like Thomas.  This is because Thomas left the island.  On the island, they are trapped in time and the disease is unable to have a negative effect on them.

Upon interrogation of the villagers, Ichabod learns that the plague like disease was brought to them as a curse from the second Horseman of the apocalypse, Pestilence, also know as Conquest.  If the plague gets out of hand in Sleepy Hollow, Pestilence will then join Death.

Ichabod believes that the cure to the plague brought upon them is connected to Roanoke.  To keep the plague from spreading, they must return Thomas to his home on the island.  When they return to the hospital, Ichabod notices that his veins are turning black, he is infected.  Ichabod says he feels fine and then collapses.  After his collapse, Ichabod joins Katrina in a dream-like sequence.  She tells Ichabod that he must be dead because the dimension she is trapped in is a form of purgatory.   Only lost souls caught in the middle of Heaven, Hell and Earth by Moloch can enter the dimension she is trapped in.

Lt. Mills confronts the Captain, played by Orlando Jones, about helping her get Ichabod and Thomas back to the island.  He refuses to help her.  Ichabod returns from the other side and Lt. Mills goes in search of some divine intervention.  She goes to a church and upon leaving, she puts her hand into the holy water then she begins to think that the cure is in the water on the island.

Lt. Mills finally gets the Captain to agree to help her and he makes up an excuse to have Ichabod and Thomas moved.  Lt. Mills leads them through the woods and on their journey, they are followed by Pestilence who is trying to stop them from reaching their destination.  Back on the island, Ichabod, being chased by Pestilence, takes Thomas in his arms and jumps into a spring.  As Pestilence draws closer, Ichabod and Thomas emerge from the water, cured of the plague and Pestilence disappears and appears to have been defeated.  All of the citizens of Sleepy Hollow that were infected are also cured.

Lt. Mills tells tells Ichabod that he belongs in present day Sleepy Hollow.  They begin talking about the first Horseman, Death, and how to prepare if and when he comes back.  At the end, the white horse appears and the Horseman emerges from the water where he fell in and makes his way back to Sleepy Hollow.  Something tells me that we will be seeing him in next week’s episode.


I think we have gone a bit too long without the Horseman.  It was nice to see them begin to introduce another Horseman of the apocalypse, but the first Horseman, Death, I feel should have more of a presence since he is supposed to be part of the evil orchestrating this whole thing.

John Doe” was a fairly interesting episode, but not my favorite.  I was pretty happy to see Death rise from the water as long as that wasn’t just a tease.  I would love to see him make a return to Sleepy Hollow and make some heads roll.

I am going to continue to watch ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ with hopes that the Headless Horseman will begin to have a much larger roll and more appearances in the upcoming episodes.


To watch ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ “John Doe“, CLICK HERE (link is safe and from FOX)