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Movie Review: The Conjuring

the-conjuring-posterFrom the director of Saw and Insidious, James Wan, comes the film The Conjuring based on the cases of paranormal icons Ed and Lorraine Warren.

I have not really cared for any of the recent possession/paranormal films because I felt most of them were trying to compete with The Exorcist and have failed miserably.  The Conjuring however, comes pretty close to it.  Everything about this film was fantastic and contained everything a paranormal film should.

There were surprises around every turn and did not leave me at all disappointed.  The only thing I wished they would have kept the same from the original case was the doll, Annabelle.  In the original case, Annabelle was a Raggedy Ann doll, but in The Conjuring, they made her/it a creepy, old porcelain doll.  While the change they made added a bigger creep factor, I would have liked the authenticity of the doll from the original case.

There was even a cameo from the paranormal icon herself, Lorraine Warren, during one of the lecture scenes.  It is a brief glimpse, but she is there.

Vera Farmiga portrayed Lorraine Warren beautifully.  She was sincere and gave one of the most emotional performances I have seen in a film from any genre in a very long time.

Any film that contains possessions needs a lot of makeup and special effect.  The Conjuring nailed it.  The makeup done on the possessed individual was immaculate.  The effects that were used during the exorcism scenes were fantastic.

I would highly recommend The Conjuring to anyone looking for a film that will provide some great scares and that will shock and amaze you. I am giving this film 5 stars.

A Message From FEARnet


On the heels of the James Wan-directed THE CONJURING topping the box office this weekend, FEARnet is broadcasting his 2011 hit INSIDIOUS…




FEARnet’s Broadcast Premiere of INSIDIOUS Coincides with

FilmDistrict’s Theatrical U.S. Release of INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2 on Friday, September 13insidious-2-poster-teaser


(SANTA MONICA, CA – JULY 22, 2013) – FEARnet has acquired the broadcast premiere rights to FilmDistrict’s hit supernatural chiller INSIDIOUS, becoming the first basic cable TV network to air the blockbuster film. INSIDIOUS will make its FEARnet debut on Sunday, September 8, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, and can be viewed on VOD starting Wednesday, September 11 allowing viewers to be re-acquainted with the Lambert family and their demons before FilmDistrict’s theatrical release of the film’s sequel INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2 on Friday, September 13.

INSIDIOUS – directed by James Wan and written by Leigh Whannell, the famed horror team behind SAW – stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne as Josh and Renai Lambert, parents whose son has fallen into a coma, following a mysterious incident in the attic. Things get much worse for the family, as their son’s illness leads to a terrifying encounter with malevolent ghouls, and a journey into the realm of the dead known as “The Further.” The film was released theatrically in the U.S. by FilmDistrict on April 1, 2011, and has grossed $97 million worldwide.  With the picture’s reported $1.5 million budget, it has led to the film being called the most profitable film of 2011.

“As a Network, we are big fans of James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s work, so we’re very excited to add INSIDIOUS to the FEARnet lineup,” said Sarah Shannon, FEARnet’s Vice President of Programming and Network Operations. “It’s a true testament to the filmmakers that they can take a PG13 movie, and build this amazingly creepy aura that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.”

Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Lin Shaye, and Ty Simpkins will reprise their roles in FilmDistrict’s INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2 which James Wan, who directed INSIDIOUS, directed from a script written by Leigh Whannell who also wrote the first film.

To access photos of the film, visit FEARnet’s Flickr page at http://bit.ly/14z35LU.



About FEARnet

FEARnet is a multi-platform programming service delivering original and acquired horror, thriller and suspense content as a cable TV movie network, a video-on-demand outlet and web portal.  FEARnet, a partnership among Sony Pictures Television, Lionsgate Entertainment and Comcast Corporation, features a robust lineup of popular titles from major film studios and independents, encompassing 300 plus movie titles a year, including 14 world television and 22 theatrical broadcast premieres. The Network is distributed to U.S. cable subscribers across the country on various systems and is often ranked as the number-one free HD VOD movie service available in more than 27 million homes. The website, FEARnet.com, ranks as one of the most popular sites in the genre category among total uniques and duration per visit. Follow FEARnet on Facebook and Twitter (@FEARnet). For more information about the company, visit www.FEARnet.com. To access photos visit FEARnetPR on flickr.


About FilmDistrict
FilmDistrict is a leading independent distribution, acquisition, co-production and feature film financing entity designed to bring commercially viable films to targeted audiences across the U.S.  The company’s notable releases including EVIL DEADOLYMPUS HAS FALLENINSIDIOUSLOOPERSOUL SURFERDRIVE and SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED.  Upcoming FilmDistrict releases include INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2, the sequel to the hit film INSIDIOUSwhich captivated horror movie fans worldwide, on September 13, 2013; OLDBOY, the Spike Lee directed remake of the highly-acclaimed South Korean suspense film, on October 25, 2013; ARE WE OFFICIALLY DATING? starring Zac Efron on January 31, 2014; Paul W.S. Anderson’s POMPEII on February 21, 2014; WALK OF SHAME starring Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden and Gillian Jacobs on March 14, 2014; and SELFLESS starring Ryan Reynolds on September 26, 2014.