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Horror’s Hallowed Grounds: Revisited

hallowedI did an article about Sean Clark’s Horror’s Hallowed Grounds a couple of months ago, and I have decided to revisit it.  As a fan of horror, I am of course interested in seeing where my favorite horror films were filmed, and thanks to Sean Clark, we can all do that now.

For those of you that have not heard about or seen an episode of Horror’s Hallowed Grounds, here is a bit about it.

Did you ever wish that you could have actually been on the set of one of your favorite horror films? To have been right there where it all went down? Well in some cases you can, and that is what Horror’s Hallowed Grounds is all about. I will pick a classic horror or cult film and do a full retrospective on the film while visiting all of actual filming locations as they appear today. I will also take some of the film’s stars or filmmakers along to talk about what it was like to make these classic films. This has been a personal hobby of mine for over a decade, and I have traveled all over the world in search of actual filming locations from my favorite films. Now I’m ready to share them with you on Horror’s Hallowed Grounds.Written by Sean Clark

Sean has visited filming sites of some of horror’s most iconic film such as Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween III, 1974’s The Texas Chainsaw hall2blu_shot5lMassacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street and more recently, The Fog and The Howling for the Scream Factory BluRay release of the two films.

MV5BMjAwOTUyNjk4M15BMl5BanBnXkFyZXN1bWU@._V1._SX600_SY450_Sean may be able to walk us through these “hallowed grounds” by himself, but he has had a few guests help him along.  Horror greats such as P.J. Soles and Heather Langenkamp just to name a couple.

You can catch Sean Clark and Horror’s Hallowed Grounds on 2006’s Halloween: 25 Years ofhqdefault Terror and the Scream Factory BluRay releases The Fog and The Howling.

If you want to support Sean and Horror’s Hallowed Grounds, you can purchase a HHG t-shirt from HorrorHound.com.  You can also catch Sean in the new issue of HorrorHound Magazine with an article on the 314007_10151112817783455_693445506_nlocations of the classic The Howling.

Sean is a very social guy and a very genuine person.  You can like his Facebook fan page and follow him on twitter to keep up to date on Horror’s Hallowed Grounds and Mr. Clark.  Make sure to thank Sean at the next convention you see him at for all the amazing things that he does.

Keep an eye out for Sean’s movie The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond on September 10th, 2013!972254_328895427243490_1986188510_n


Horror’s Hallowed Grounds: Going where every horror fan dreams of going

I know I’m kind of late to the party, but I am loving Sean Clark’s project Horror’s Hallowed Grounds.  I first seen it on the Halloween 25 Years of Terror DVD and I thought it was one of the best ideas ever.


A little background:  Horror’s Hallowed Grounds is written and hosted by the awesome Sean Clark.  He has visited the sites of some of the most iconic horror films such as Halloween,  A Nightmare on Elm Street (A Return to Elm Street), and Tobe Hooper’s 1974 classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre just to name a few.

Sean is the perfect host to give anyone an inside look of the places that hardcore horror fans have dreamed of going.  His knowledge of the locations and movies that he is walking you through is unreal, and he is a complete natural.  Sean’s love of horror really shows through in his excitement at each location.

Sometimes he is not alone in hosting these walk-throughs.  He has been joined by horror alum like PJ Soles, Amanda Wyss  and Heather Langenkamp and other very familiar names.

Horror’s Hallowed Grounds has been featured in HorrorHound Magazine as well as many other online horror blogs.

Keep up to date with Sean and Horror’s Hallowed grounds via any of the social media sites you are on.  Click on the links below to do so.


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