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Clowning Around with Terror Threads (T-Shirt Review)


We horror fans take our t-shirts very seriously; we want unique, gore and well, awesome. Stores in the mall bog us down with the popular, “trendy” pieces that don’t really fit out horror loving taste. So what is a person to do when looking for that perfect horror t-shirt? Simple, check out Terror ThreadsThe spooky folks at Terror Threads were kind enough to send us a couple of t-shirts to review, and the first one up for review is their Clowning Around t-shirt

Artwork for t-shirt by Toto6

We may love our gore, but we still love a soft, comfortable t-shirt (we’re not monsters), and Terror Threads provides just that. Their t-shirts are made of soft combed ring-spun cotton. They are form-fitting without being over clingy and unflattering. The material of the shirt only gets softer and more comfortable over time each time you wash it.

Screenshot_2016-03-10-10-25-35-1The design is unlike any other because it is an original piece designed just for Terror Threads. The artist behind this incredible piece is Toto6. The artwork covers the majority of the front of the shirt. For only having a couple of colors, there are a lot of incredible details (the clown’s face, the wood and stitching on the puppet). The screen printing is done beautifully. It is not overly crisp, it moves with the shirt, and ladies, the design will adhere to your chest without distorting. This particular design is available on a unisex t-shirt in sizes x-small – 3XL. 

Purchasing one won’t leave your wallet empty. The Clowning Around t-shirt starts at just $22. Code LBOH10 will get you 10% off your purchase. To sweeten the cauldron, if you spend $65 or more, shipping is FREE. Pick up this awesome t-shirt HERE.

All in all, this is a must have for your horror t-shirt collection. Terror Threads is sure to become a name that all horror fans know.

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Terror Threads has put out a limited edition design “Lucky McKilly” design inspired by one of my favorite, campy films. Pick yours up before they are gone!


For design alerts and exclusive details, be sure to like the Terror Threads Facebook Page, follow @Terror_Threads on twitter and @terrorthreads on Instagram.

BigtimeTeez Review: Crystal Lake Slashers T-Shirt

Convention season is upon us and Halloween is just around the corner, but you have yet to find the perfect t-shirt to wear. Well, might I make a suggestion? The Crystal Lake Slashers T-Shirt from BigtimeTeez.com would be perfect for your next con or Halloween party.


12047042_10206392743290748_5469614792019986452_nLike the other funny t-shirts at BigtimeTeez.com, the material of the shirt is soft and breathable. They are true to fit, the women’s form fit are quite formfitting, so if you are a little self conscious, go a size higher. The men’s shirts fit fantastically, no need to size up or down. This t-shirt also holds its shape while it’s being worn, no shape-losing stretch occurs. It is preshrunk, and unlike other companies that promise preshrunk but don’t deliver, this one truly is. It also has kept its shape after washing and drying. There has also been no fading as a result of wash or wear. 

The design of the Crystal Lake Slashers t-shirt is both cleaver and awesome. It reminds me11221767_10206392743730759_3268829633671173431_n a bit of the horror hockey jerseys just in a comfy t-shirt form. The design is large, covering the majority of the front of the t-shirt. The screen printing is definitely high quality. There are no signs of cracking or peeling there are also no flaws in the print of the design itself.

My husband wore this t-shirt to ScareFest a couple of weekends ago, and he was asked several time where he got it. It drew a lot of attention for sure, including the attention of Ari Lehman, young Jason from the original Friday the 13th film.

Ari Lehman
Jason with Ari Lehman at ScareFest 8

 What will an awesome funny t-shirt like this cost you? Only $10! That’s right, for a limited time, BigtimeTeez.com is offering ALL of their t-shirts for $10. To sweeten the deal even further, if you spend $50 or more, you get free shipping.

For more exclusive deals, new design alerts and daily chances to win funny t-shirts, like BigtimeTeez on Facebook and follow @bigtimeteez on twitter and Instagram.

New Merch NOW Available! NO Pre-order!


We have been trying to get merch off of the ground for a little while now, and through trial and error, we FINALLY have some available. We tried the Tee Spring route and that failed and we tried a pre-order, and that failed, we have decided to go with spreadshirt.com and open a store. Everything listed is currently available with much much more to come. 

As of right now, most of the merch is geared towards the ladies with the return of the “Horror Isn’t Just For The Guys” design as well as some new stuff like Fifty Shades of Grey slasher parodies and Mrs. (insert slasher’s name here) designs. There is currently one design up for the guys, the “I Support Indie Horror” t-shirt, but we are working on more including the “Sons of Voorhees” designs. We even have a little something for the little fans. We have a lot more on the way.

Currently available, we have women’s tank tops, t-shirts, scoop-neck t-shirt and wide neck sweatshirts. For the guys, there are only standard t-shirts available. We also offer phone cases and coffee mugs. Coming will be active wear and underwear for both men and women, travel mugs, beer mugs, flip flops, umbrellas, messenger bags, reusable shopping bags, duffle bags and much more. 

We DO NOT set the prices, prices are preset by spread shirt. They offer coupon codes every now and again, and when they become available, they will be posted on the Little Blog of Horror Facebook page. 

Check out our store at LittleBlogOfHorror.SpreadShirt.com!

BigtimeTeez Review: This Is What I Think About Your Stupid Stick Figure Family T-Shirt

BigtimeTeez Header LogoStick-Figure-400x400We have all seen them, starring at us from the back window of that minivan in front of us.  That’s right, that adorable stick figure family smiling and waving at us from the bottom corner of the window.  I personally find these creepy little sticker people obnoxious.Stick-Figure-400x400 (1)

BigtimeTeez has come out with the This Is  What I Think About Your Stupid Stick Figure Family t-shirt to help those of us that are not so into the “stick figure families” express how we feel.  This funny t-shirt shows a character inspired by the iconic Leatherface chasing down an unsuspecting stick figure family with his trusty chainsaw with the phrase “THIS IS WHAT I THINK ABOUT YOUR STUPID STICK FIGURE FAMILY‘ underneath the picture.  The design covers the entire chest and runs almost armpit to armpit. The screen printing is the usual BigtimeTeez quality.  No cracking or peeling edges.

The material of the BigtimeTeez This Is What I Think About Your Stupid Stick Figure Family t-shirt is soft and very comfortable.  It is also preshrunk.  The size of this funny t-shirt is true to the size on the chart provided at BigtimeTeez.com.  Many t-shirt companies say that DSCF7988their shirts are preshrunk and when you throw them in the dryer, they still shrink, but BigtimeTeez’ BTT Free Shipping Side Bannert-shirts are the same size when you pull them out of the dryer as they are when you throw them in.  The t-shirts are also durable.  A lot of times when you wash a shirt a certain number of times, little holes start to appear in the seams, but this is not the case here.

The BigtimeTeez This Is What I Think About Your Stupid Stick Figure Family t-shirt is available in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes.  BigtimeTeez has also added more style options for you to choose from.  They offer adult tank tops (men’s standard sizes), V-necks (men’s and women’s sizes), adult long-sleeve shirts (men’s standard sizes), and with fall arriving, pullover and zip-up hoodies.

This funny t-shirt starts at only $16.99 (depending on size and style options).  Compared to the price of a similar t-shirt at the mall, even with shipping included this is still a fair price.  If that is not a low enough price, use code miss15 at checkout for 15% off your entire order (no minimum purchase, US and UK orders, not valid with other offers).  BigtimeTeez also offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more (US orders only, can not be combined with other offers).  If I haven’t answered the question I get asked a lot, yes BigtimeTeez does ship to the UK.

Be sure to like BigtimeTeez on Facebook (Facebook fans get 15% off) and follow them on twitter for more exclusive deals, the $9.99 t-shirt of the day, new design alerts and daily giveaways.


TerrorThreads.com: Up and Coming Horror T-shirt Store


I have been talking to my friends at BigtimeTeez.com, and I have been informed that they have a site that offers officially licensed horror t-shirts.  This site is called TerrorThreads.com.

Rick of BigtimeTeez told me about this site just this morning and he told me that it has been a dream of his to run a horror shop.  I would like to help make that dream come true.

TerrorThreads.com offers shirts from so many classic horror movies.  Some of my favorite have to be the Halloween shirts they offer. Night-He-Came-Home-ThumbThe Halloween designs they have display some of the most iconic imagery from the classic film.  The pumpkin with the knife and Michael peering over the railing of the stairs.

They also offer horror t-shirts from the 1974 cult classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Killer Klowns, Day of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Godzilla and more.Leatherface_and_Grandpa

Some of my other personal favorites are the shirts they offer from the amazing movie Army of Darkness.  My favorite may have to be the one with the image of a young Bruce Campbell holding his gun with the ever popular saying “This is my boom stick” .


These awesome horror t-shirts offered from TerrorThreads.com are in men’s standard sizes and start at $21.99 (depending on size options).  One of the coolest things about ordering from TerrorThreads.com is that with each order you get a pack of Fright Flicks cards free!300

Check out TerrorThreads.com and like them on Facebook to help a fellow horror fan out while getting some really awesome horror t-shirts!