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Horror-Shop.com: One Stop Shop For Your Zombie Needs


With the success of shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ and films such as ‘World War Z’, zombies have become the new love around the world. Whether you are getting ready to shoot your own zombie feature or just getting a jump start on your Halloween costume, you can find all of your zombie costume and zombie make-up needs at Horror-Shop.com.

In order for any zombie look to be successful, the make-up must be believable. The basis for any great zombie make-up are the wounds and bits of hanging flesh. The easiest way to accomplish these looks on a budget is liquid latex. Zombies are no longer living and you’ll need to cover the liquid latex, so the right color palettes are absolutely necessary. Horror-Shop.com offers a fantastic stock of the most believable zombie make-up. One of my favorite palettes is the MAKEUP STACK EARTH-COLOURED by Famous Don Post Studios. The colors are more believable and would be perfect in achieving a zombie look like you would see on ‘The Walking Dead’. .

If you do not have the patients for a full zombie make-up, then you can opt for a mask or appliance that
untoter_zombie_schaumlatexapplikation-schaumlatex_applikation-schaumlatex_gesichtsapplikation-spezial_make_up-19603 already has the work done for you. The Undead Zombie Foam Latex Appliance is perfect for any zombie costume.

Another key to a successful zombie look are the clothes. Horror-Shop.com offers a large selection of zombie costumes for men, women and childrewalking_dead_zombie_girl_kostuem-the_walking_dead_kinderkostuem_zombie_maedchen_kinderkostuem_kinderkostuem_the_walking_dead-19753n. For the ladies out there that love ‘The Walking Dead’, the “Walking Dead Zombie Girl costume” inspired by the girl walker on the highway in season one is available for a great
price. Zombie versions of the Disney Princesses have become quite popular as well.
Zombie Snow White is available as well. A great zombie costume for the guys is the “Zombie Sheriff Deluxe Costume”.

No matter what your zombie make-up or zombie costume needs may be, you can find it all at Horror-Shop.com.

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Horror-Shop.com: Best In Horror Kostüme


1237096_10153272887250385_703719343_nHalloween is still a long ways away, but for some of us, everyday is Halloween.  Horror Shop is a 365 day a year costume and party store out of Germany.  All of your needs from Halloween, Carnival all the way to fancy dress party are covered.  Horror Shop caters to the UK, Germany and US.

Horror Shop offers costumes, makeup, accessories, action figures and much more including Halloween fireworks.  All of this is offered at very fair prices.  Costumes are offered in an array of size options.  A favorite among many for Halloween are the large Halloween animatronic props.  Horror Shop offers a wide selection of animatronic props that will certainly scare all of the trick-or-treaters, liven up your party or add a level of gore and fright to your home all year round.

Not only can you find everything you may need for Halloween, but you can also find a fantastic selection of joke items, Gothic fashion and colored contact lenses.

Horror-Shop.com accepts paypal, Visa and Master Card.

When buying from an online store, everyone worries about reliability.  Horror Shop has an excellent business rating as well as great customer reviews and ratings.  You also have a right to return via DHL return services.  Horror Shop also guarantees the safety of credit card and paypal information.

You can find Horror Shop and keep up with their newest products on Facebook, twitter and Youtube (more social networking sites available on site).

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