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BigtimeTeez Review: Crystal Lake Slashers T-Shirt

Convention season is upon us and Halloween is just around the corner, but you have yet to find the perfect t-shirt to wear. Well, might I make a suggestion? The Crystal Lake Slashers T-Shirt from BigtimeTeez.com would be perfect for your next con or Halloween party.


12047042_10206392743290748_5469614792019986452_nLike the other funny t-shirts at BigtimeTeez.com, the material of the shirt is soft and breathable. They are true to fit, the women’s form fit are quite formfitting, so if you are a little self conscious, go a size higher. The men’s shirts fit fantastically, no need to size up or down. This t-shirt also holds its shape while it’s being worn, no shape-losing stretch occurs. It is preshrunk, and unlike other companies that promise preshrunk but don’t deliver, this one truly is. It also has kept its shape after washing and drying. There has also been no fading as a result of wash or wear. 

The design of the Crystal Lake Slashers t-shirt is both cleaver and awesome. It reminds me11221767_10206392743730759_3268829633671173431_n a bit of the horror hockey jerseys just in a comfy t-shirt form. The design is large, covering the majority of the front of the t-shirt. The screen printing is definitely high quality. There are no signs of cracking or peeling there are also no flaws in the print of the design itself.

My husband wore this t-shirt to ScareFest a couple of weekends ago, and he was asked several time where he got it. It drew a lot of attention for sure, including the attention of Ari Lehman, young Jason from the original Friday the 13th film.

Ari Lehman
Jason with Ari Lehman at ScareFest 8

 What will an awesome funny t-shirt like this cost you? Only $10! That’s right, for a limited time, BigtimeTeez.com is offering ALL of their t-shirts for $10. To sweeten the deal even further, if you spend $50 or more, you get free shipping.

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