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Theatrical Scamp Band – Fable Cry – “Dead or Alive (For Now)” Video: Hauntingly Beautiful

In the world of horror and all things spooky, the sounds we hear are just as important as the sights we see. Theatrical scamp band Fable Cry understands how to turn the creepy thoughts in out heads into beautiful pieces of musical art. 

11218458_856040324444777_6714262023823326203_nTheir newest album- We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are – is reminiscent of composer Danny Elfman’s score for the Time Burton masterpiece, A Nightmare Before Christmas with a dash of Alice Cooper genius. Fable Cry has released a video for the album’s single – “Dead or Alive (For Now)” – and it is fantastic. If you are looking for something dark and beautiful with just the right amount of creep, this video is just what you need. 

Without further ado, here is the visually stunning, ear pleasing video for “Dead or Alive (For Now)“:

Like what you hear? You can purchase the above song and the rest of We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are at fablecry.bandcamp.com.

To see more spooky videos from Fable Cry, be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel. Keep up with the band by visiting fablecry.com, liking their Facebook page and by following them at @FableCry on twitter.