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Help bleedingcritic Bring a New Breed of Horror to the World

e3e7dab338e7fcba8d4e48084952f2ecI have had the extraordinary honor to collaborate with the incredibly talented bleedingcritic on a couple of articles.  I am proud to say that I look to bleedingcritic as a mentor to my writings.   As previously mentioned in an article, bleedingcritic brings forth a brand new, original breed of horror that the horror world has so desperately needed.  He has been kind enough to share his genius horror mind with all of us, now it is our turn to help give back to him.

Most of you are aware of the site “indiegogo“.  bleedingcritic has launched his very own campaign to take the world of horror by storm with his unique, no nonsense brand of horror.  Here’s how bleedingcritic describes his campaign:

I need to get the attention of the worlds horror genre to get everyone addicted to my work which means I need to advertise, And that where I need your help.

bleedingwelcome. I’m bleedingcritic.

I supply pure class A horror medication. Horrormedication is a narrated series I’ve created, written and currently present.

Horror media is plagued by tired & cliché opinions.However, I’m different. No one knows my identity. I also provide intelligent spoiler free horror film reviews here bleedingfilms.com

I’ve designed mugs, hoodies and T-shirts which are currently available via bleedingfilms.com.

I need to get the attention of the worlds horror genre to get addicted to my work and to buy my quality merchandise, which means I need to start a marketing campaign, and that’s where I need your help.

I’ve contacted Empire Magazine, Total Film, Fangoria etc, etc and the cost to get in every major publication is over 24K. But that’s not necessary. A carefully placed, full page advert campaign, repeated will cost 13K (£13,000).

bleedingcritic™                                                                                                 @bleedingfilms

bleedingcritic has raised £50 towards his goal via the ‘flexible funding’ options.  There are 47 days left to help him reach his goal.  Like all other indiegogo campaigns, bleedingcritic offers some horrifically great perks for each donation amount. Click here to follow his campaign. We all know times are tough for most, so if you can not donate, please help spread the word of this campaign.  Every little bit helps out weather it is money or word of mouth, so do not think that any help will not be appreciated.

In addition to donating and or spreading the word, follow bleedingcritic on twitter, subscribe to his YouTube channel and visit his official site for spoiler-free reviews and your dose of horror medication.

Below is a video from bleedingcritic explaining his campaign:


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Review of Terry M. West’s A Psycho’s Medley

PSYCHOSMEDLEY copy (4)I am honored to have been contacted by Mr. Terry M. West to review his new compilation of short stories, A Psycho’s Medley.  Terry M. West is an acclaimed horror author, filmmaker and actor.  He is best known as the director of Flesh for the Beast.

A Psycho’s Medley is a 109 page compilation of horror short stories written by Terry M. West and published by Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc.  on July 21, 2013.


Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc. presents a blood soaked collection featuring some of the most disturbing horror fiction that Terry M. West has ever written!  These stories revolve around human monster known as the psychopath.  West closely examines the twisted souls and crimson fantasies of these killers.  Take this journey through terror and you may never feel safe again!  This collection includes the never before seen story A PSYCHO’S MEDLEY, THE NIGHT OUT (a finalist for an International Horror Guild Award for a short story), the brand new story MORSEL, TRAITEUR (the story that would become the novel, DREG), WAITING FOR THE THUNDER, and the newly expanded novelette, HAIR AND BLOOD MACHINE (which made the 1999 preliminary ballot for a Stoker Award for long fiction).

We all know that most novel style books or stories open with an introduction from the author.  Terry M. West did an incredible job with hisimages (3) introduction.  It was very creative and incite-full.

My favorite short story from A Psycho’s Medley would have to be, A Psycho’s Medley.  This short story was written from the perspective of a newspaper story and the diary of a murderer.  This was my favorite because it seemed so real.  I felt like I was really reading a story in the newspaper of a man gone mad.  The diary entry parts from the perspective of the murderer were chilling and beyond disturbing.  There is no lack of imagination or creativity in this short or any of the others.

The entire collection of short stories that make up A Psycho’s Medley are all creative and are sure to send a chill down your spine.  I’m not sure what is more disturbing, how real the stories seem or how well Terry M. West knows the mind of a psychopath.

A Psycho’s Medley is captivating and Terry M. West knows how to draw the reader in.  I will definitely be reading this again.  I highly recommend this collection to anyone that enjoys an all to real scary story.

This amazing read is available for the kindle on Amazon for only $1.99 (free for Amazon Prime customers)!  Follow this link to purchase A Psycho’s Medley: Purchase A Psycho’s Medley

140 Fiction: Dark, Original, and Uncut

There is a new breed of horror fiction popping up on twitter and it’s called 140 Fiction.  140 Fiction is just as it sounds, horror fiction in 140 characters.  Each 140 character story comes together to form a longer story, at least it does in most cases.  I have recently read some original 140 Fiction by @cultmetalflix.  His stories are very original and very dark.  I will warn you, there is a lot if adult content and sexuality in his stories.

I am all about the originality of these stories, and I have been granted permission to share some of it with you.  Again, reader discretion is advised.

This story is a “10 parter.”  I will post the pieces of the story in order along with a link under each part where you can find each original post on twitter.

In 15 years of marriage His wife pleased him in every way,but one.He Traveled alone once a year,4 business,His pleasure.

Again his “Supplier” delivered everything precisely as promised.The lithe form draped in white sheet upon the cold emotionless slab of metal
(Original Post)

Quivering with childlike excitement He lifted the weightless sheet.Slightly blue, pale and chill 2 the touch.Fresh, not a movement for days.
(Original Post)

His belt make the slightest sound as pants hit the sterile floor.Erect He pulls his prize toward him.Squeek as lifeless flesh and metal rub.
(Original Post)

Sheet fully removed the object of morbid fetish is revealed.Unable 2 contain Himself hands explore the Forbidden.Penetration exquisite.
(Original Post)

Tenderness turns 2 brutality as the moment of climax nears.Kneading livid flesh He surveys His treasure,lifting the stiff neck..movement..
(Original Post)

Hips grinding,loins burning 4 release.A question arises soon 2 b dismissed.Proposterous!..Faster..Closer..Eyes flicker open..
(Original Post)

Panic electrifies as lower extremities tighten a vise like grip.Writhing,twisting cursing,violence unleashed upon the once inanimate..
(Original Post)

Slipping,losing position.Intense pain as knees collide with unyeilding steel.A smile breaks dead flesh.Guillotine like grip bars His escape.
(Original Post)

Hemorrhaging profusely the room spins.Severed,He crumbles in a tangled sweaty, naked chaotic heap.Life ebbs away.The cold smile remains.”

(Original Post)

In my opinion, this guy has great potential and is definitely original and talented.  Give him a follow on twitter for more 140 Fiction.


bleedingcritic: No BS, Just Straight Horror

bleedingcritic: No BS, Just Straight Horror


I have had the honor of connecting with a horror family like no other, bleedingcritic. Everything from their spoiler-free reviews to the horrifying face of  bleedingcritic says true 100% horror. In the vast sea of everyone writing reviews and trying to break through into the world of horror writing, bleedingcritic in my opinion has done just that.

bleedingcritic has a fast growing base of followers on twitter. On twitter, their followers are far more than “fans” they are #bleedingfamily. Bleeding Family can further show their support and unity by purchasing quality mugs and t-shirts from the bleeding store.

bleedingcritic is not into the spoil the movie and ruin your day style reviews. It’s all about the spoil-free review that focuses on the psychological and creative aspects and honest observations. Reviews are not the only writings that can be found via bleedingcritic, but a horrifying short story series that was created and written by bleedingcritic called “Horror Medication.”  bleedingcritic is becoming a name so synonymous with the horror genre that William Friedkin has contacted him to write a review of his new book.

The face of bleedingcritic may be one of the most hauntingly, horrifying symbols of the horror community.  Under bleedingcritic’s instruction his face was created by Oscar and Bafta award winners, Coulier Creatures FX.  It is complete genius. It plays on something of innocence from childhood and morphs it into something you really hope is not living in your closet or under your bed. I know every time I see that face, I know exactly who it is.

You can keep up to date on all of the bleeding news by checking out any of the links below.

Official Site: bleedingfilms.com

Twitter: @bleedingfilms

 bleedingcritic’s face creators: Coulier Creatures FX