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Love in the Time of Monsters: A New Horror Comedy Starring Kane Hodder and Doug Jones

loveThe past couple of years have brought us zombie films and Bigfoot films, but what happens when they are combined? Love in the Time of Monsters, written by Mike Skvarla, directed by Matt Jackson and starring Kane Hodder (Hatchet), Doug Jones (Hellboy) and Michael McShane (Dr. Who).

What is Love in the Time of Monsters?

Two sisters lost their father in a horrific accident at a roadside attraction when they were children. Now, 15 years later, they venture to “Uncle Slavko’s All-American Family Lodge” to surprise their fiancée, who works as a costumed Sasquatch performer on the local “See the Bigfoot!” tour. Due to a freak accident, he and his coworkers fall victim to a super-cocktail of toxic waste that transforms them into primal, psychotic killers! Now, the sisters have to choose whether to kill him or help find a way to save his life. However, as the toxic ooze begins to build to critical mass in the swamp – and also contaminate the local forest wildlife – the only option left seems to be: kill or be killed! It’s a fight for survival for rednecks, bimbos, Latino lotharios and Croatian capitalists. Love in the Time of Monsters is a suspenseful, hilarious horror film that weaves its outrageous tale of love and zombie bigfeet through the dark woods of Northern California. While the film is violent and scary at times, its major themes are sacrifice, courage and forgiveness.

From what I have seen of the trailer, this is sure to be one of the best horror comedies to grace the screen since the original Scary Movie

Sometimes the best way to learn about a film is to hear what those involved with it have to say. Here are a few words from director Matt Jackson:

“I love movies. But as much as I love well-regarded, Oscar winning films, the ones I really love are those full-hearted, action-packed movies from my youth. With healthy doses of comedy mixed between heaps of horror and drama, Love In The Time Of Monsters is a love letter to those movies I grew up with. But it’s not just a nostalgia fest; although I took cues from the past, I wanted to show the audience something it’s never quite seen before, and something that will stand out on it’s own in the crowded cinema scene. It’s been a hell of a journey -one spanning half a decade (!)- and I very much hope you enjoy watching Love In The Time Of Monsters as much as I enjoyed making it.”
–Matt Jackson, Director

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Movie Review: ‘Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer’


Bizjack Flemco Productions

Written by: Richard Taylor, Zack Beins and Tim Johnson

Directed by: Richard Taylor and Zack Beins

Starring: Mark Shonsey, Zachary Byron Helm, Lindy Starr, Lloyd Kaufman, Babette Bombshell and Shawn C. Phillips

Typically when a film has “zombie killer” in the title, one would assume that there are zombies in the film, correct? Well in this case, you’d be wrong. ‘Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer’ contained no actual zombies, and pulled off having “zombie killer” in the title without actually having zombies magnificently.

‘Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer’ is one of the best horror comedies I have seen in a very long time. The concept of the film is sheer genius and the film as a whole is very well written. Horror comedies tend to get very cheesy and lose the comedy elements if the writer is not careful, but ‘Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer’ had me laughing from beginning to end. There was just the right amount of cornball B Movie style. The way I can best describe this film is ‘King Pin’ meets ‘Night of the Living Dead’ meets ‘Stoned Age’.

What is a well written film without an awesome theme song? The theme for this film was a catchy punk style song and it fit the film perfectly.

The special effects that were used were a little over the top, but hey, this is a horror comedy. For me, this adds to the humor of the film. I loved them.

I absolutely loved ‘Atom the amazing Zombie Killer’ and highly recommend it to anyone that loves a well written, gory laugh fest.

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Short Film Review: “Little Reaper” by Peter Dukes

Little ReaperI love short films and getting the opportunity to review them.  I was contacted by Peter Dukes of Dream Seekers Productions about reviewing his newest short film, “Little Reaper”.


Written, directed and produced by Peter Dukes. A short horror comedy about the grim reaper’s difficult teenage daughter, and how she must take over her dad’s duties for one day.  Chaos ensues.

Horror comedies are the hardest type of film to pull off especially as a short film, but “Little Reaper” was done magnificently with just the right amount of camp.  This short film is only a little over 10 minutes long, but it may be one of the best shorts I have ever viewed.  Many people try to pack way too much into a short and end up making it run too muddy, but “Little Reaper” has just enough to make it pretty much perfect, nothing is missing, but nothing feels as though it was forced in.

This short is shot in black and white, which I absolutely love.  It gives an artsy, vintage feel to a modern story. “Little Reaper” is creative and original.  It is a horror comedy without over doing the camp.  It is funny, but the humor is subtle instead of in your face, which I happen to like.  I also enjoyed that every teenage/high school cliche and stereotype was made fun of.  The thing I enjoyed most was the surprised twist at the end.

All in all, I enjoyed “Little Reaper” and recommend it to all of you.  This film was a terrific short and if I had to choose any of the shorts that I have seen recently to be made into a feature length film, “Little Reaper” would be the one I would choose.

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