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A Board Game For Horror Fans: Mixtape Massacre


Horror toys are all the rage with collectors, but everyone knows what happens when you open the package. Finally there is a horror collectible that can be opened and played with, say hello to the brand new horror board game Mixtape Massacre. Like many new products, your help is needed to fund this incredible, new, one of a kind board game. Bright Light Media has started a campaign on Kickstarter to fund Mixtape Massacre

What is Mixtape Massacre?

Welcome to Mixtape Massacre, a tabletop board game where up to 6 players choose from 1 of 8 horror archetypes and compete in a fictional 1986 killing spree to be remembered. Make your way through the small town of Tall Oaks, dispatching victims, collecting kills, and engaging in iconic brawls with other players, proving once and for all, who is the baddest of the brood!

With tons of references and jokes to all of your favorite 1980’s music, films, and pop-culture icons – Mixtape Massacre will have you laughing while you’re slashing!

What’s in the box?


  • 8 Diecut standup Character pieces
  • 8 Character profile cards
  • 6 Diecut Butcher knife player stations
  • 36 Life pegs (go into knives)
  • 60 Double sided tokens (scene marker / souvenir)
  • 40 Unique “Killer Scene, Dude” cards
  • 30 “Bonus Track” cards
  • One 20 x 20 inch game board
  • One 4 Page full color instruction manual (instructions and rules)


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Everyone familiar with Kickstarter and how it works knows that there are perks involved. The Mixtape Massacre campaign offers some pretty awesome incentives to contribute to the cause.

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There are also perks for smaller donations.

The goal to put Mixtape Massacre on the tables of horror fans everywhere is $20,000. The campaign is currently over 50% of the way there with $12,911. There are currently only 17 days left to contribute. 

Like what you see or want to learn more? Follow the links below.

If the campaign reaches its goal, the expected delivery of the game is October 2015. Let’s help bring horror to the table tops.