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Boston, Ohio: Urban Legend Overload or Real Life Helltown?


551px-Map_of_Ohio_highlighting_Summit_County.svgEvery town has a history, and some are loaded with dark history and hordes of urban legends. The small town of Boston Township, formally Boston, Ohio, is one town shrouded in dark legends. Boston Township is located in Summit County near Cuyahoga Falls National Park.

Boston, Ohio was founded in 1806 and flourished until 1974. Gerald Ford signed a bill that would change this town forever. The bill allowed the National Park Service to create a National ht-houseinwoodsPark in Summit County. On December 27, the National Park Service began purchasing homes and businesses in the town with the intentions of demolishing them for the new park. Most were demolished, but some of the buildings still stand abandoned and boarded up.

Rumors began to swirl as to why the government was allowing the NPS to create a park in Boston. The biggest rumor was that of a government conspiracy to cover up a horrible chemical spill in the town. This story gained a bit of authenticity in 1985 after the discovery of toxic waste. This discovery was made after a hiker fell extremely ill after coming in contact with a substance coming out of a rusty drum at the abandoned Krejci Dump.

This brings us to the massive amounts of urban legends that surround this real life “Helltown”. Legends of Satanic worship all the way to mutants have been pouring out of Boston for decades.

htc-treeBoston Cemetery:

There are some very bizarre claims out of this cemetery. The apparition of a male and grave robbers have been reported. The craziest story to come out of Boston Cemetery is that of a moving tree. The tree appears to move around the cemetery and has been photographed in several different locations in the cemetery.


Acts of Satanic worship have been reported for years. It is rumored that a Satanicht-churchfull cult took over the abandoned church and performed grizzly rituals including animal sacrifice. Upon inspection of the church, officials and tourists have found inverted crosses carved into boards inside of the church lending credibility to the claims. The boards have since been removed from the church. There are also rumors of hooded figures blocking the road in an attempt to keep cars from passing through the town. Recently, rumors of Devil worship have been replaced by rumors surrounding the KKK and their practices.

Escaped Mental Patient:

One of the more terrifying legends in Boston is that of an escaped mental patient. It is said that this escaped lunatic is still stalking the woods at night looking for new victims.


Since the 1940’s the legend of the “Peninsula Python” has run wild. The “Peninsula Python” is exactly what it sounds like, a gigantic snake living in the woods. The size of the snake has been blamed on chemical leaks from a near by butane plant. There have been stories of other mutated animals come out of Boston, but none as feared as the giant snake.

Are these legends just small town myth or are these really events that have taken place to dub this once quiet little town “Helltown”? The town is only partially abandoned, so if you are in the area and would like to see Helltown, please be respectful to those that are still living there.

Fun Fact:

In 2008 an indie horror film titled ‘June 9’ by T. Michael Conway was releases. The movie was filmed mostly in Boston and Cuyahoga Falls and is based on the legends surrounding Helltown, Ohio.

‘June 9’ Trailer