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Indiegogo Campaign Launched For Upcoming Indie Horror Film ‘Red Eye’

TEASER POSTER 1Hollywood may have the money to make over-the-top horror films that entertain the masses, but they lack the passion it takes to make a horror film that really grabs the audience; this is where independent horror comes into play. The dynamic duo of Tristan Clay (Karma) and Destinie Orndoff have combined their love of horror to write the upcoming film Red Eye

Red Eye will be directed by Tristan Clay and is set to star Destinie Orndoff (this will be her first film), Jessica Cameron (Save Yourself), Heather Dorff (Truth or Dare), Michael Taylor Pritt (Fun Time) and Scott King.

As equally impressive as the cast listing is the story line of the film. Red Eye follows a group of friends trekking through the woods of Black Creek, West Virginia in search of a local legend- Red Eye. It may sound like the makings of a found-footage film, but director Tristan Clay ensures that it will NOT be. 

Like many indie horror projects, the crew of Red Eye need your help to put the film and Destinie’s bloodcurdling scream on the screen. Deranged Minds Entertainment has launched and Indiegogo campaign to help fund the production of the film and everything that goes into it (wardrobe, cast, crew etc.). The campaign has only been live for a few short hours and has already brought in $180 of their $10,500 goal. 

Like all other crowdfunding campaigns, you will receive a perk for your contribution to the film. The perks for the Red Eye campaign range from a social media thank you to a t-shirts, copy of the soundtrack (featuring all of the final screams of the victims), a signed copy of the DVD all the way to an IMDB producer credit (which will also appear in the credits of the film). Donation amounts range from $5 to $1,500. Deranged Minds Entertainment has a time frame of 1 month to reach their goal ($10,500).

Everyone knows that times are tough, if you cannot contribute financially, be sure to pass the campaign information around. Every little bit counts (including shares and likes). Below are the links to the Red Eye Indiegogo as well as where you can find the film on social media, but before you start clicking or you need a bit more persuasion, check out the Scream teaser trailer featuring Destinie and her bone chilling scream. 









Jessica Cameron’s Truth or Dare Gets New Poster and New Red Band Trailer

Truth Or Dare artworkThere has been a lot of buzz about director/scream queen Jessica Cameron’s new film Truth or Dare. The film is finishing up it’s tour of festivals and has received high praise from critic, and has banked several awards. Following the film’s success at these festivals, Truth or Dare has received a new poster (courtesy of Fred Theil and Zulchakim Ak) and red band trailer (courtesy of Smagalski Video Service).

Truth or Dare was written by Jessica Cameron and Jonathan Higgins. It stars Jessica Cameron (To Jennifer), Ryan Kiser (House of Manson), Heather Dorff (Incorporeal), Shelby Stehlin (The Steam Experiment) and Devanny Pinn (The Penny Dreadful Picture Show).


Six college kids find internet stardom when they make “Truth or Dare” videos with a violent twist. It is all fun and games until their number one fan decides he wants to play by his own rules.

When asked about the new trailer, Jessica had this to say:

“I love a good horror trailer. I feel like trailers give too much away these days and the mystery is spoiled. I want things to go back as they used to be when you saw a preview of a film and went I NEED TO SEE THIS! I think Smagalski Video Service did a great job with this new gory trailer.”

Although it has shown at many festivals across the US, Mexico and over seas, there is no set DVD release date as of yet.


To keep up to date on Truth or Dare, be sure to visit the TruthorDareTheMovie.com, like the Truth or Dare Facebook page, follow the film’s twitter page and subscribe to the YouTube channel.