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The Most Haunted House in Adams County: The Wickerham Inn

wickerham2We all know the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by author Washington Irving about a vengeful headless apparition, but there are stories of other headless apparitions that appear in pretty much every state. Tales of headless ghosts seeking revenge or just simply looking for their missing heads litter the country. The legend of The Wickerham Inn is Ohio’s less violent version of Sleepy Hollow.

Opened by Peter Wickerham in Adams County, Ohio in the late 1790’s, The Wickerham Inn became almost an overnight success. The inn played host to many stagecoach drivers looking for a place to lay their heads after a long day’s work. Not long after opening, one stagecoach driver that may have had a bit too much to drink, sat around bragging about the large sum of money that he was carrying. Some unsavory types overheard the stagecoach driver bragging.

The next morning, the stagecoach driver did not checkout as scheduled, so an inn employee went up to check on him. What the employee found can only be matched by a Wes Craven splatter film. The employee found the room soaked in blood, and on the carpet lay a bloody outline of a headless body, but the body was OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnowhere to be found. Fearing bad publicity for his inn, Perter Wickerman ordered new trimmings for the room and had inn employees clean the blood from the floor. No matter how hard they tried, the bloody outline would not fade. Employees burnt the majority of the room’s contents.

This event would be swept under the rug for decades until a very heavy renovation in the 1920’s. During these renovations, a more modern heating system was being installed in the basement of the inn. In order to make room for the new heating system, the basement’s stone floor had to be removed. While workers were removing the floor, the faded remains of a man were discovered. The skeleton was completely intact, but it was missing one vital piece, the head. The entire basement floor was removed, and the head was never recovered. In hopes of putting the spirit of the man to rest, the workers gave the remains a proper burial. This did no good, reports came flooding in of a headless man peering out the upstairs window. Did the men doing the renovations cause the haunting by unearthing the remains of the stagecoach driver? No one knows.

wickerham4Today, The Wickerham Inn is Adams County’s oldest brick home, and quite possibly it’s most haunted. The inn is located halfway between Peebles and Locust Grove along Rt. 41 near West Union along the historic Zanes Trace road. The home is now privately owned. Neighbors still report seeing the shadowy figure of a headless man peering out of the windows. No violent attacks have been reported, so maybe this headless man is just looking for one thing, his head.

Recap/Review: ‘Sleepy Hollow’: Season 1 Episode 5: “John Doe” (with link to watch the episode)

sleepy-hollow-cast-foxSleepy Hollow‘ is already on its fifth episode!  Last night’s installment was titled “John Doe“.  Ichabod and the rest of Sleepy Hollow were joined in the present day by a mysterious little boy named Thomas with a very big problem.


John Doe” opens with Thomas, a little boy from the 1500’s.  Thomas is playing in the woods and comes across a little girl that invites him to play with her.  Thomas accepts her invitation and begins to chase her.  As he gets closer to catching her, the girl vanishes and Thomas finds himself in present day Sleepy Hollow.

Ichabod and Lt. Mills are in the cabin from last week’s episode.  Ichabod is moving in to the cabin and out of the hotel he has been in.  While there, Lt. Mills gets the call about the little boy that has appeared out of nowhere over her radio.  They respond and meet the other officers on the scene.   The boy is unconscious but alive.  Upon examination, Ichabod and Lt. Mills discover something odd about the boy.  He is pale and his veins are turning black.  The boy is rushed to the hospital and placed in quarantine.

In the hospital, the boy is monitored via cameras and a television.  Ichabod approaches the monitor to speak to the boy.  While speaking to him, Ichabod discovers that the boy speaks “middle English”, a very old language from the middle ages and that his name is Thomas.  Thomas tells Ichabod that he is from Roanoke, the first US colony that seems to have just disappeared on day.  Ichabod is convinced that Roanoke has moved from North Carolina to Sleepy Hollow.

Ichabod and Lt. Mills head out in search of the lost colony in the woods of Sleepy Hollow.  The search is a success. They reach a pond with a secret, hidden crossing to a small seemingly abandoned island.  One they cross the pond, they are transported back in time to a village in the 1500’s, the village that Thomas is from.  Ichabod and Lt. Mills make a startling discover in Roanoke, all of the villagers are infected with the same virus as Thomas.  None of the villagers seem to be affected by it like Thomas.  This is because Thomas left the island.  On the island, they are trapped in time and the disease is unable to have a negative effect on them.

Upon interrogation of the villagers, Ichabod learns that the plague like disease was brought to them as a curse from the second Horseman of the apocalypse, Pestilence, also know as Conquest.  If the plague gets out of hand in Sleepy Hollow, Pestilence will then join Death.

Ichabod believes that the cure to the plague brought upon them is connected to Roanoke.  To keep the plague from spreading, they must return Thomas to his home on the island.  When they return to the hospital, Ichabod notices that his veins are turning black, he is infected.  Ichabod says he feels fine and then collapses.  After his collapse, Ichabod joins Katrina in a dream-like sequence.  She tells Ichabod that he must be dead because the dimension she is trapped in is a form of purgatory.   Only lost souls caught in the middle of Heaven, Hell and Earth by Moloch can enter the dimension she is trapped in.

Lt. Mills confronts the Captain, played by Orlando Jones, about helping her get Ichabod and Thomas back to the island.  He refuses to help her.  Ichabod returns from the other side and Lt. Mills goes in search of some divine intervention.  She goes to a church and upon leaving, she puts her hand into the holy water then she begins to think that the cure is in the water on the island.

Lt. Mills finally gets the Captain to agree to help her and he makes up an excuse to have Ichabod and Thomas moved.  Lt. Mills leads them through the woods and on their journey, they are followed by Pestilence who is trying to stop them from reaching their destination.  Back on the island, Ichabod, being chased by Pestilence, takes Thomas in his arms and jumps into a spring.  As Pestilence draws closer, Ichabod and Thomas emerge from the water, cured of the plague and Pestilence disappears and appears to have been defeated.  All of the citizens of Sleepy Hollow that were infected are also cured.

Lt. Mills tells tells Ichabod that he belongs in present day Sleepy Hollow.  They begin talking about the first Horseman, Death, and how to prepare if and when he comes back.  At the end, the white horse appears and the Horseman emerges from the water where he fell in and makes his way back to Sleepy Hollow.  Something tells me that we will be seeing him in next week’s episode.


I think we have gone a bit too long without the Horseman.  It was nice to see them begin to introduce another Horseman of the apocalypse, but the first Horseman, Death, I feel should have more of a presence since he is supposed to be part of the evil orchestrating this whole thing.

John Doe” was a fairly interesting episode, but not my favorite.  I was pretty happy to see Death rise from the water as long as that wasn’t just a tease.  I would love to see him make a return to Sleepy Hollow and make some heads roll.

I am going to continue to watch ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ with hopes that the Headless Horseman will begin to have a much larger roll and more appearances in the upcoming episodes.


To watch ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ “John Doe“, CLICK HERE (link is safe and from FOX)

Recap/Review: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 3: “For the Triumph of Evil” (with link to watch the episode)

Sleepy-Hollow-Title-624x424I must say that I am thoroughly loving Fox’sSleepy Hollow‘.  Only three episodes in, the series is really becoming intense.  Last night’s episode was called “For the Triumph of Evil” and boy was the episode titled perfectly.


Last night, some of the residents of Sleepy Hollow were having some pretty frightening, intense dreams.  In these dreams, they are haunted by a dream demon with hollow eyes and frankly put, looks like a missing member of the Misfits.  This dream demon is a vengeful sort that wishes to right the wrongs of the people he is haunting in dreamland.  When Lt. Mills and Ichabod Crane look into this  dream invader, not so lovingly nicknamed the Sandman, they find that he is linked to Lt. Mills and her past and is seeking vengeance for a past event that all those haunted were involved with that Lt. Mills knows all too much about.

With ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ taking a turn towards demons and the supernatural, the Horseman did not make an appearance in last night’s episode.  “For the Triumph of Evil” was mostly based around the events that took place when Lt. Mills and her sister were lost in the woods, it would seem that those events have a lot to do with the chaos that is unfolding in the lovely town of Sleepy Hollow.

The previous episodes have been packed with a lot of humor to help balance out the horrors of the show, but last night, there was not nearly as much humor.  There were still a few moments that were chuckle worthy, but there were far more dramatic moments filled with tragedy than funny ones.

Lt. Mills and Ichabod Crane strip down a bit and go into dreamland to battle “The Sandman“.  In that moment, Lt. Mills comes to terms with her past wrongs when she comes face to face with the dream demon.

I’m all for crazy couples in television, and I say this because in last night’s episode, there seemed to be a bit of flirtation going on between Ichabod and Miss Mills.  It is not insanely obvious, but if you pay attention, it is there. Speaking of crazy, Orlando Jones‘ character seems to be getting stranger and much more mysterious as the season progresses.

I don’t want to give away what it is, but at the end of the episode Lt. Mills goes to visit her sister, and when she arrives, something is up.


I know the show is called ‘Sleepy Hollow‘, and when I think of ‘Sleepy Hollow‘, I think of the Headless Horseman.  The Horseman has not had much screen time in the series so far, but I do not mind that.  The introductions to the paranormal and the supernatural the show is giving makes it that much more interesting in my opinion.  In the ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ films, there was witchcraft, but the introduction of demons and apocalyptic horsemen give much more depth to the show and frankly makes the story makes more sense to me.

I am going to continue to watch this show.  I think it is safe to say that I have been sucked into the drama and carnage of ‘Sleepy Hollow


If you missed last night’s episode, below is a link from Fox to watch the full episode (I know this works for US viewers, but I’m not sure about UK).

To watch “For the Triumph of Evil“, CLICK HERE 


Recap/Review: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 2 ‘Blood Moon’

rs_293x473-130711142629-634.sleepy.cm.71113_copyLast night was episode two of the new Fox hit ‘Sleepy Hollow‘.  I am going to give a brief recap, but I will try not to give too much away for those of you that have yet to see it.


Last night’s episode was called ‘Blood Moon‘.  The Horseman is not in this episode for very long, instead, the main focuses are the witchcraft and demons that are terrorizing Sleepy Hollow.  In this episode, you will see a demon, a couple of resurrections, a bit of witchcraft, a ghost, crazy dream sequences and a lot of fire.

Lt. Mills is slowly beginning to believe Ichabod’s story a bit more as he shows her some of Sleepy Hollow’s oldest secrets.  There is an internal threat, someone close to Lt. Mills, that is aiding the dark forces.  Katrina is still coming to Ichabod in dreams to tell him what’s coming and how to handle it.  Lt. Mills begins seeing a ghost and a few possessions of this ghost will help Lt. Mills and Ichabod discover more about the dark forces that threaten them and all of Sleepy Hollow.

There is a new character that is introduced, she’s a bit evil and I don’t believe we will be seeing her in any of the upcoming episodes. She was the main focus of last night’s episode.

Not to worry, there are still a lot of scenes of comedy cleverly woven into the madness of ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ as Ichabod is still trying to come to terms with how his beloved town has changed in the two centuries he has been “asleep”.


I loved last night’s episode.  I think it is great that the writers have decided not to put the main focus on just Ichabod and his battle with the Horseman.  With the addition of demons and witchcraft, it gives the show much more substance and greatly increases the wow factor of the show.  With the added substance, the show does not get boring at all as if, the show were just based around Ichabod and the Horseman battling.  The added twists and turns greatly elevate my interest in ‘Sleepy Hollow‘.

I will strongly caution that you pay very close attention.  Like with the first episode, there are a lot of plot twists and dream sequences that help to better explain what is going on and if you are not paying attention, you will be beyond lost.

Sleepy Hollow‘ is definitely showing promise and quickly becoming one of my favorite shows.  For those of you that have read the classic ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow‘ and or have watched the various films out that are based off of the story and think it is just going to be the same, I urge that you watch the show.  It is vastly different and, in my opinion, much more entertaining that most of the films out.

Sleepy Hollow‘ has all of the makings to be a hit television series.

For those of you that missed last night’s episode, below is a link to watch it (I know for sure it works for US viewers not sure about UK).  It is spam and virus free.  It is from Fox.

Click here to watch ‘Blood Moon’

You can also catch last week’s episode of ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ there as well.



Recap/Review of Sleepy Hollow The Pilot Episode

rs_293x473-130711142629-634.sleepy.cm.71113_copyThe horror-based television shows started with shows like ‘The Twilight Zone‘, ‘Dark Shadows‘, ‘Tales From The Crypt‘ and the ‘X-Files‘, but they really shot to must see status with the 2010 premier of the AMC hit ‘The Walking Dead‘.  Now with horror style television being so popular, many writers are cashing in on the growing popularity of the genre.  Premiering this fall along with a new season of The Walking Dead are Sleepy Hollow and Dracula.  Sleepy Hollow premiered Monday September 16th at 9pm EST on Fox.  I know I’m late with this, but I was too busy to watch it on the original air-date.   I’m sure most of you have seen it by now, so I will give a lot more away than usual.

First the recap.

Written by: Phillip Iscove, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci

Directed by: Les Wiseman

Starring: Tom Mison and Niciole Beharie

I was a little apprehensive about watching a television show based off the classic tale ‘The 1368623561_sleepy7Legend of Sleepy Hollow‘, but I’m glad I decided to give it a watch.  There are a lot of differences between the new television show and the literary masterpiece of ‘The Legend of Sleep Hollow‘.  I am going to start this review/recap from the beginning of the show.

Sleepy Hollow‘ opens with a battle scene that is set in the middle of the Revolutionary War.  In the middle of this bloody battle, we see sleepy-hollow-1Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman before he was, well, headless.  Ichobad and the Horseman engage in battle and Ichabod chops off his head. Fun Fact, not since the pilot episode of Game of Thrones has someone been beheaded in the first three minutes of a television show.   Flash forward to present day Sleepy Hollow, over 200 years have gone by, and all of a sudden Ichabod is awakened and finds himself in a cave.

He wasn’t the only one awakened, the Horeseman also made his return to Sleepy Hollow.650x450xsleepy-hollow-premiere-photo_650x450.jpg.pagespeed.ic.bCvt7X8EGm  The writers sure did not waste any time with the beheadings after the Horseman’s return.  He claims his first victim in the first couple of minutes after his return.  You do not get to see the first victim until police discover his headless body.  His second victim is someone that we have seen previously in horror, Jeff Fahey (Pet Sematary 2) met a gruesome end in a barn.   The Horseman also kills a priest.   If this was any indication of the amount of heads that will role, there will be a lot throughout the course of this show as there were 4 beheaded in the first half an hour of the show.

Not to worry, Sleepy Hollow also offers a bit of humor to go along with the madness.  Keep in mind, Ichabod was last alive in Sleepy Hollow during the Revolutionary War, and he is now in 2013 Sleepy Hollow, there is a lot to take in.  He also shares some comedic downloadand witty moments with a woman police officer.

There is a lot more Biblical referances in the television show.  We find out that the Headless Horseman was never a man, but one of the four Hourseman of the apacolypse, Death.  Ichabod also frequently references a bible that he was buried with.  There is also talk of witchcraft and demons at work.  We also get to see Ichabod’s lovely wife, whom we find out is a witch who’s coven was tasked to keep the Horseman and his head awaybdcc41211aa62a8f10f26d1a2d1727bf from one another.  She is now trapped in the woods by a demon that has summoned the Headless Horseman back to Sleepy Hollow.

I almost forgot to mention that Orlando Jones also makes an appearance as  a very shady detective.  He’s actually creepier than the Horseman.

The Horseman also gets a major weapon upgrade towards the end of the episode.  He’s not just playing with a broad ax anymore.

sleepy-hollow-premiere-FOXThat’s all for the recap.  If you are still curious about the show, watch it.  It could mean different things to different people.

Now for the review.  I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by this one.  I really can’t think of a single thing to gripe about.

The casting is fantastic, Tom Mison really sells the roll of Ichabod Crane.  I am not sure who plays the Horseman, but he is a really intimidating character.  His movements remind me a lot of Kane Hodder’s movements as Jason Voorhees in the late (and better parts in my opinion) installments of the Friday the 13th films.

The script and story line for ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ were exquisitely written and well thought out.  This may be one of the best written shows I have seen yet this year.

The effects and costume departments also deserve quite a bit of recognition for their roles in this series.  The effects were visibly stunning 101_sh05695and the costumes, especially the costumes for the Revolutionary War times, were fantastic.

I was also impressed with the actual level of blood and gore that was shown.  It’s not quite on the same level as The Walking Dead, but for being on such a mainstream channel, it was impressive.

I also enjoy the levels of magic and darkness that the writers have brought in.  It gives the story more meaning and really helps develop a better back story.

My favorite parts though have to be of Ichabod coming to terms with how everything has changed.  It is so entertaining and really well written.

Sleepy-Hollow-Title-624x424I will caution that you must pay attention or you will get seriously lost.  There are a lot of flashback sequences, subtle tweaks to the original ‘Legend of Sleepy Hollow‘ and a lot of back story that could be easily missed if you aren’t paying attention.

All in all, ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ is very suspenseful and is shaping up to be quite a great series.  I know I am keeping it on my watch list.

Catch ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ Monday nights on Fox at 9pm EST.