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Movie Review: Adam Green’s ‘Frozen’ (2010)

3BwruNo secret, I am a fan of Adam Green and his work, mainly the ‘Hatchet‘ films, but ‘Frozen‘ is a polar opposite to the ‘Hatchet‘ series.  ‘Frozen‘ was written and directed by Adam Green.  It stars Emma Bell (The Walking Dead) as Parker O’Neil, Shawn Ashmore (The X-Men series) as Joe Lynch and Kevin Zegers (2004 Dawn of the Dead) as Dan Walker.

Plot:Frozen Movie 2010 Cast

Three skiers are stranded on a chairlift and forced to make life-or-death choices that prove more perilous than staying put and freezing to death.

One thing that I love about all of Adam Green’s work has to be the cameos in all of his films and 2932of course his FEARnet show ‘Holliston‘.  ‘Frozen‘ had its fair share of awesome cameos.  The first two cameos are when our main characters take their first run, on the chairlift behind them are Adam Green and Joe Lynch, not to be confused with the character in the film, as a couple of fellow skiers.  The next cameo comes when they get off of the lift, Adam’s lovely wife Rileah Vanderbilt makes an appearance as Shannon, a girl that Joe takes interest in on the slopes.  While in the cafeteria after their first run, a Twisted Sister fan is also hanging out, the fan is none other that Dee Snider’s son Cody Blue Snider, although he is not credited.  The next cameo is also not credited, Dee Snider is the voice on the phone giving the last call for the lift.  The last cameo is none other than the icon Kane Hodder, who is also the stunt coordinator for the film, as Cody.  There is even a nod to ‘Holliston‘ in the film.  The mountain they are on is called Mount Holliston.

frozen1Frozen‘, unlike most of Adam’s films, is a little slow to start.  With a film like this though, I think a slow start is almost necessary.  It gives viewers time to get to know the characters and build a basis for sympathizing with them later in the film.  This in my opinion also helps build the suspense of the film.  Adam Green is known for his over the top gore and badass killers in swamps, but come to find out, he can write one hell of a psychological thriller.  I enjoy slashers and gore, but nothing is more terrifying than vlcsnap2012090813h13m59something that could really happen and the exploitation of real fears.  ‘Frozen‘ has fear of heights, severely broken bones, wolves attacking with no way to get away and fear of freezing to death all covered in just a little over an hour.

One thing that is very impressive about this film is that the actors were not sitting on the ground pretending to be trapped.  They were really in a chairlift high off the ground in real weather.

31gyedfw1kcj13jy6eWith ‘Frozen‘ being more of a psychological thriller, there were more emotional moments than graphic gore filled ones.  Don’t get me wrong, there were a few graphic moments, 14320-1024x681but nowhere near the level of the ‘Hatchet‘ films.  In a film like this, the connections between the characters and the emotions they give are far more important than the gore level.  Emma Bell was incredible with the level of emotion she gave.  All of the actors were very believable, but she was the most real of all of them.  Her level of fear and sadness made her the most easy to sympathize with.

Being trapped on a chairlift in freezing conditions, the people trapped would suffer frost bite and other weather related injury.  The makeup and effects were incredible in this film.

frozen2Contrary to popular belief, ‘Frozen‘ was far from boring.  Yes they were stuck on a chairlift for most of the film, but the anxiety of the film and the struggles the characters faced to get help and to free themselves kept it very interesting.  It was incredible from beginning to end. The ending was sad and relieving at the same time.

All of you Adam Green haters can hate on, but this film gave me a new level of respect for him as a writer and director.  I am glad I ignored the naysayers and gave ‘Frozen‘ a fair chance.  I personally loved the film.

I give ‘Frozen‘ an 8 out of 10.