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Chucky’s Coming To Fright Rags


America’s favorite serial killer, possessed doll Chucky is coming to Fright Rags. Items currently available for pre-order and will be shipping in late March.

Perhaps the most impressive offer available is the Limited Edition Chucky Box Set. The set includes the Chucky v1 and v2 t-shirts, exclusive box set t-shirt, exclusive 18×24 screen printed poster and a Chucky prismatic sticker. All of these killer goodies are packaged in a Good Guy replica box measuring 25″H x 10.5″W x 6.5″D. After you unpack your merch, you can add the box to your collection. It is one of the most impressive replica boxes I have ever seen. The Limited Edition Box is $130 and is limited to 225, so grab yours before it is gone. *Chucky Doll is NOT included*

Not interested in the most awesome box set available? There are some pretty incredible t-shirts available in men’s and women’s sizes. The average cost is $27. There is also a poster available for $30 that features Chucky, but when you turn off the lights, Chucky’s voodoo chant appears over the picture.

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Pre-order your killer Chucky gear >>>HERE<<<.

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Fright-Rags: Original Horror Designs

I have recently gotten the opportunity to do an interview with Fright-Rags.  Many of you are aware of their awesome, original horror designs, but this interview will help you better understand the awesome company that is Fright-Rags.

Photo Credit: Fright-Rags
Photo Credit: Fright-Rags


LBoH: How did the concept for Fright-Rags come about?

FR: Fright-Rags began as a way for me to let off some creative steam from my day job. I was working as an in-house graphic designer for a small laptop bag company and after about a year on the job, I was getting the itch to try some new things. I have always loved horror, and I was seeing a cottage industry of artists who were making cool things (i.e. hockey masks, etc) online and wanted to do something like that. So, I messed around with some ideas and after I came up with the “What Would Jason Do?” design, I thought it would look cool on a shirt. The rest is history.

LBoH: What was the first movie you made a shirt for?

FR: The first design was a parody of the “WWJD” and “Friday the 13th”. The What Would Jesus Do?” marketing was at an all time high (this was 2003) and I thought if I replaced the “J” with a hockey mask, it would read as “What Would Jason Do?”.


LBoH: Fright-Rags offers many awesome shirts.  What is your best seller?

FR: It changes from time to time, but currently our best seller is the KISS parody shirt “KILL Destroyers”.

LBoH: Can you explain your “Graveyard” shirts for those that do not know what they are?

FR: Keeping stock is a constant struggle as you never know what is going to sell. Reprinting designs without knowing what is in demand can result in inventory that doesn’t move, which hinds the ability to create new designs. So, we decided hat we would print all of our designs once, and when they sell out, they would go to our “graveyard”. There you can see all the designs that are ‘dead” and no longer available. If there is something you want, click on it and submit your email address. Each month we take six designs with the highest votes and bring them back. This way, we’re always bringing back design in the highest demand.

LBoH: What is the staff favorite of the Fright-Rags t-shirts?

FR: That’s a tough one… My personal favorite changes, but lately it has been Silver Shamrock. For Kristy, it’s Popcorn. And for Tim, it’s Cujo.


LBoH: In your opinion, what puts Fright-Rags at the top of the list for horror shirts?

FR: I could say that it is our original ideas, killer artwork, and high quality products, which I believe all help in differentiating us from others. However, none of that would be possible without the focus on our service. We could have the best products in the world, but if we didn’t back that up with exceptional service, we would not succeed. Striving to really connect with our customers is the most important thing to me.

LBoH: Can you explain a little of the process for making an awesome horror shirt?

FR: It’s a multi-step process that usually includes us going to our list of ideas and figuring out what we’d like to do. In many cases, we have ideas for licenses we’d lie to get, or just random ideas that would make  a cool shirt. Then we contact artists we feel would be the best at bringing those ideas to life and collaborate with them.


LBoH: What can we expect to see from Fright-Rags in the future?

FR: We’ve added quite a few licenses this year and are working on some for 2014 already. While I cannot speak about them too much, I can say that we will be offering many more high-end limited editions in the future. We are always looking for ways to go beyond what we’ve done in the past, and push ourselves beyond our limits time and time again, so we can create the most kick-ass collectibles for horror fans everywhere.

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All of you Hatchet fans out there, they have some really awesome Hatchet shirts including the Hatchet army t-shirt that Kane Hodder is frequently seen wearing.



*All photos used are property of Fright-Rags*