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Comic Book Review: Harley Quinn #3



DC Comics

Series: Harley Quinn 2013

Released: February 19, 2014

Issue: #3

Price: $2.99

Page Count: 32 Pages

Color/B&W: Color

Written by: Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti

Art by: Chad Hardin

Cover by: Amanda Conner and Dave Johnson

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In issue #2, Harley and Ivy saved some puppies and had a sleepover, and Ivy left a plant for Harley. Now in issue #3, it is Valentine’s Day and poor Harley Quinn is missing her puddin’. Harley can’t catch a break or find a date, but after landing a new job, she decides to eat some of the mysterious berries growing on the plant Ivy left for her. After eating the berries and dolling herself up to celebrate her new job, Harley is the center of everyone’s attention and has no problem finding a date.

This series is really turning out to be a good one. Harley always loved Joker a lot no matter how bad he treated her, so I love that DC decided to give her a Valentine’s Day issue.

The cover is the first thing anyone notices about any book, and Amanda Conner and Dave Johnson created a beautiful cover. The design screams Harley Quinn and the colors are simple, but they still pop.

The story was flawlessly written. This 32 page issue had more twists and excitement than a lot of novels that I have read.

One of my personal favorite things about comic books is the artwork. The artwork in this book was phenomenal. Each panel had greatly detailed, brilliantly colored pictures.

Harley Quinn #4 will be available March 19, 2014, and I for one cannot wait for the next issue.

Here is a little preview for #4: HARLEY_QUINN_4

Meet Harley’s new neighbors, and shudder at the horrifying realization that they are so twisted they make her seem like the normal one on the block!