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Daniel: A Short Film By Peter Dukes

10384531_693795024018946_4566028805009863311_nShort films are an art form in themselves, and a great short film is hard to achieve. Peter Dukes is a master at creating short films that will either make you laugh or scare the pants off of you, but one thing he does not do is create bad films. I have previously reviewed his short film Little Reaper about the daughter of Death. Little Reaper was a comical short, but not Peter Dukes and Dream Seekers Productions have put together a much darker short film, Daniel.

Daniel stars Dominic Pace, Varda Appleton, Peter Le Bas, J.P. Giuliotti and Jake Ryan Scott. There is not a lot of dialogue in this short, but there is a lot of “body acting” which was flawless. The dialogue that was present was well written and recited in a very dark, believable way. The beginning credit were eerie and really set the tone for the rest of the short. Daniel is only 3 minutes long, but packs as much of a punch as a 90 minute feature film. The feeling I got from the film was a bit of a You’re Next vibe at the beginning which was quickly changed to an Exorcist vibe in the last 30 seconds. There is even a moral to this very short story, but I do not want to spoil it. You’ll have to find 3 minutes and watch for yourself (which you can do below) to find out what it is.


DANIEL is a paranormal horror short about a boy hiding in a closet from a dangerous intruder, but is all what is seems?

Watch Daniel below:

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