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BigtimeTeez: More Than Funny T-Shirts, Mobile Phone Cases Now Available

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Where can you find both funny t-shirts and iPhone cases in the same place? BigtimeTeez.com. That’s right, the funny t-shirt megastore now offers a selection of iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5/5s cases. There are currently 8 designs available. The case that will take center stage in this review is the Keep Calm and Kill Zombies Mobile Phone Case.

**DISCLAIMER**: I am not a fan/user of iPhone, but I will still be reviewing this product on the grounds of material quality and design.

Kill-Zombies-450x450The design of this case is quite large. The words “Keep Calm and Kill Zombies” covers the entire backside of the case. The print is clear and looks fantastic against a white background. The finish on the overlay of the design is high gloss and this adds to the wonderful look of the deign. It is simple yet very eye catching. 

The quality of the case is insane. Many phone cases, especially ones from online retailers, tend to be very low quality and bend quite easily. This case however, is pretty strong. There is a little give to it, but will provide a great deal of protection for your phone. The inside of the case feels a bit like a rubber coated plastic. No phone case is Kill-Zombies-2-450x450bullet proof, but this one will serve the everyday protection needs of your phone.

Most cases through your provider, a kiosk at the mall and even most online retailers can run anywhere from $20 to well over $100, but not at BigtimeTeez.com. Their awesome iPhone cases are just $9.99. You just spent a pretty good chunk of change on your new phone, why pay an arm and a leg for a case that you’ll either get sick of or just need to replace? If $9.99 is still a bit high, use discount code MISSFIVE (all caps) at checkout for 5% off your entire purchase. Still not impressed? BigtimeTeez is also currently offering free shipping on all US orders of $50 or more. 

Custom-Phone-Case-Side-View-450x450Have a business and looking for a creative way to promote your business? Have an event coming up and want to give a keepsake that everyone will love? Are you an artist and want to showcase your art on a new platform? BigtimeTeez can help you there as well. Not only can you purchase their already awesome, premade designs, but you can also order your very own custom cases. Just like the others that are already offered, the custom cases are for the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5/5s at the moment. A single case starts at $24, but the more you order, the better the deal. If you are interested in a custom iPhone case, head over to BigtimeTeez.com for more info.

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