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Horror-Shop.com: Best In Horror Kostüme


1237096_10153272887250385_703719343_nHalloween is still a long ways away, but for some of us, everyday is Halloween.  Horror Shop is a 365 day a year costume and party store out of Germany.  All of your needs from Halloween, Carnival all the way to fancy dress party are covered.  Horror Shop caters to the UK, Germany and US.

Horror Shop offers costumes, makeup, accessories, action figures and much more including Halloween fireworks.  All of this is offered at very fair prices.  Costumes are offered in an array of size options.  A favorite among many for Halloween are the large Halloween animatronic props.  Horror Shop offers a wide selection of animatronic props that will certainly scare all of the trick-or-treaters, liven up your party or add a level of gore and fright to your home all year round.

Not only can you find everything you may need for Halloween, but you can also find a fantastic selection of joke items, Gothic fashion and colored contact lenses.

Horror-Shop.com accepts paypal, Visa and Master Card.

When buying from an online store, everyone worries about reliability.  Horror Shop has an excellent business rating as well as great customer reviews and ratings.  You also have a right to return via DHL return services.  Horror Shop also guarantees the safety of credit card and paypal information.

You can find Horror Shop and keep up with their newest products on Facebook, twitter and Youtube (more social networking sites available on site).

Home page: Horror-Shop.com

Facebook: facebook.com/HorrorShopCom

twitter: @HorrorShopCom

Youtube: HorrorShop

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BigtimeTeez Review: Halloween Edition: “Ask Me How Much I Love Brains – Zombie T-Shirt”

BigtimeTeez Header LogoHalloween-headlineAsk-Me-How-Much-I-Love-Brai-340x340This is the last of the BigtimeTeez Halloween reviews and I have saved the best for last.  Not only is the “Ask Me How Much I Love Brains – Zombie” t-shirt a funny t-shirt, but it doubles as a costume too.  Ladies, I will caution that you wear a cami or a tank top under this t-shirt if you are planning to have this shirt double as a costume.

The “Ask Me How Much I Love Brains – Zombie” t-shirt is sort of self explanatory DSCF8119when it comes to the design.  On the front, written across the chest in silver/gray is the phrase “Ask Me How Much I Love Brains“.  This is where the t-shirt seems normal, but if you lift the front of the shirt, at the bottom is a zombie face that goes over your face.  Hence the zombie portion of the title of this funny t-shirt.  Everyone that has seen me wear this t-shirt loves it. Even my 3-year-old nephew finds it funny.  The screen print of the designs are perfect.  No cracking or peeling around the edges, even where the lines are thinner.

One of my favorite things about the funny t-shirts from BigtimeTeez has to be the quality and comfort DSCF8127of the t-shirts themselves.  I mean one of the main reasons for wearing a t-shirt is comfort right?  This t-shirt, like the others that BigtimeTeez offers is preshrunk, and unlike other places that promise this, theirs really are.  I have washed and dried the “Ask Me How Much I Love Brains – Zombie” t-shirt several times and it has yet to shrink or lose its shape. This funny t-shirt is offered in men’, women’s and kid’s sizes.  For those of you that have warmer Halloween’s, this t-shirt is also available in an adult tank top (men’s standard sizes).  Because this funny t-shirt is one that you flip up, it is not available as a hoodie.  It is available in many t-shirt color options.  If you are not a small person, no need to worry, BigtimeTeez offers their t-shirts all the way up to size 5XL.  If you have been jaded in the past by an online t-shirt company because the shirt was not true to size, you don’t have to worry about that here.  Every t-shirt I have ever received from BigtimeTeez has been true to the size chart.

The “Ask Me How Much I Love Brains – Zombie” t-shirt starts at only $16.99 (depending on size and style options). Compared to other BTT Free Shipping Side Banneronline t-shirt companies and t-shirts similar to this you would find in the mall, and many times these are limited in size and color options, this is a very low price, even with shipping.  BigtimeTeez has always shipped fast and they do ship to the UK.  If this is not a low enough price for you, use code miss15 at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase (not valid with other offers, no minimum purchase required, US & UK orders). BigtimeTeez also offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more (US orders only, not valid with other offers).

Be sure to like BigtimeTeez on Facebook (Facebook fans get 15% off) and follow them on twitter for more exclusive deals, new design alerts, the $9.99 t-shirt of the day and daily giveaways.


BigtimeTeez Review: Halloween Edition: Pumpkin Face Halloween Costume T-Shirt

BigtimeTeez Header LogoHalloween-headlinePumpkin-Face-400x400I’m sure everyone remembers the old school pumpkin costumes that just have a huge pumpkin face on the front of them.  BigtimeTeez offers an awesome funny t-shirt that pays homage to those days of the plastic/vinyl costumes.   Who says you can outgrow owning an awesome pumpkin face t-shirt?  Because you don’t!  This Halloween edition review for BigtimeTeez is the Pumpkin Face Halloween Costume t-shirt.

The design of the Pumpkin Face Halloween Costume t-shirt is pretty self explanatory.  It is a t-shirt with a big pumpkin face on the front of it. The design of the jack-o-lantern face is very large, covering pretty much the whole front of the t-shirt.  The screen printing is flawless with no cracks or peeling of the design, even after washing and drying.  The design also lays with the curves of the body instead of just laying over them and becoming unflattering.

The material of the t-shirt is soft and breathable.  It is also pre-shrunk.  I have worn, DSCF8033washed and dried this t-shirt a few times and it has not shrunk or lost its shape.  The Pumpkin Face Halloween Costume t-shirt is available in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes.  It also comes in a variety of color options.  I have it in the ladies form-fit in orange.  I love the fit of it.  Not a tiny person?  No worries, BigtimeTeez’s awesome funny t-shirts are available from small all the way to 5 XL.  With the cooler months drawing close, you can also pick this t-shirt up as an adult’s long-sleeve shirt, zip-up and pullover hoodies (men’s standard sizes).

BTT Free Shipping Side BannerLike all of the other funny t-shirts from BigtimeTeez, the cost is quite low.  The Pumpkin Face Halloween Costume t-shirt starts at only $16.99, depending on size and style options.  If that is still too much, use code miss15 at checkout for 15% off your entire order (no minimum purchase required, can not be combined with any other offer). BigtimeTeez also offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more (US orders only, can not be combined with other offers).

Be sure to like BigitmeTeez on Facebook (Facebook fans get 15% off) and follow them on twitter for more exclusive deals, new design alerts, the $9.99 t-shirt of the day, and daily giveaways.



Halloween Is Coming and BigtimeTeez Is The Place To Shop

BigtimeTeez Header LogoHalloween-headlinewaving_skeletonHalloween is my favorite part of the year as I’m sure it is for many of you.  Right now a lot of us are scrambling around busy, crowded Halloween stores to find something to wear to the multitude of parties going on.  Why bats-halloween-clipartrun around a crowded store when you can get the perfect funny t-shirt from BigtimeTeez to wear to celebrate Halloween all month and to be the center of attention at the parties for a fraction of mall prices?

BigtimeTeez offers a wide selection of holiday t-shirts, but their Halloween shirts are by far my favorite.  No matter what you have in mind, they have it for you.  I know I would much rather wear a t-shirt to a party than a bulky, uncomfortable costume.   Halloween is a holiday where you can be funny and mildly inappropriate and get away with it.  BigtimeTeez has cute, funny and mildly inappropriate covered and then some.

DSCF8168When Tiny wore the “This is my Halloween Costume” in Rob Zombie’sHouse of 1000 Corpses‘, I instantly loved theDSCF8056 t-shirt, but mall prices jumped so high on the shirt because of the popularity of the movie, that I could have just bought a costume and called it a day.  Thanks to Bigtimeteez, They are selling it at an amazing price.  It starts at only $16.99 and with them, you get a wide variety of options to choose from for your t-shirt.

Ladies, many costumes that are made for us tend to be quite low-cut and bring even more attention to our chests from the guys.  If you’re like me and aren’t offended by that sort of thing, BigtimeTeez offers the “Stop Staring At My Pumpkins” t-shirt.  It’s funny and cute.

BigtimeTeez also has all of you zombie/walker lovers covered.  They offer costume style t-shirts like the awesome “Creepy Rib Cage and Guts” t-shirt.  I love the contrast of this Ask-Me-How-Much-I-Love-Brai-340x340t-shirt and overall look of this awesome t-shirt.  One of their coolest costume style t-shirts has to be the “Ask Me How Much I Love DSCF8161Brains – Zombie” t-shirt.  This funny Halloween t-shirt is a two in one t-shirt.  On the front of the t-shirt, it says “Ask Me How Much I Love Brains” and when you flip the front of the t-shirt up over your face, there is a zombie face.

Another cute, funny t-shirt option for adults and kids is the “Pumpkin Face Halloween Costume” t-shirt.  The shirt is just a giant pumpkin face and I love it.  It is one that is fun to wear all fall, or if you love Halloween as much as I do, all year round.

BigtimeTeez has also created a brand new design for the fall/Halloween DSCF8037season inspired by the AMC hit show ‘Breaking Bad‘, the “Heisenberg Gas Mask” t-shirt.  They offer a large selection of show inspired t-shirts that would also be great for Halloween.Gas-Mask-400x400

All of these amazing Halloween inspired t-shirts are available in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes.  The adult sizes are available in a wide variety of t-shirt cuts.  All adult and kid’s sizes are available in an array of colors in sizes small through 5 XL!

Halloweens up here in Ohio can get pretty chilly, and if they are where you live too, don’t worry, BigtimeTeez has you covered.  All of there awesome funny t-shirts for Halloween are also available in adult long-sleeve, pullover and zip-up hoodies (offered in men’s standard sizes.

All of these funny t-shirts are preshrunk.  The screen printing on all of BigtimeTeez’ incredible Rib Cage-400x400Halloween t-shirts is great quality.  No peeling or cracking in the designs even after washing and drying.

BigtimeTeez’ Halloween t-shirts start at only $16.99!  Even with shipping, it is still a lower cost than BTT Free Shipping Side Bannersimilar t-shirts you would find at the mall.  If that is not a low enough cost for you, use code miss15 at checkout for 15% off your entire order (no minimum purchase, US & UK customers, not valid with other offers).  BigtimeTeez also offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more (US orders only.  Can not be combined with other discount offers).

Be sure to like BigtimeTeez on Facebook (Facebook fans get 15% off) and follow them on twitter for more exclusive deals, new design alerts and daily Tuxedo-400x400giveaways.

Stay tuned for reviews on the funny Halloween t-shirts in the video below throughout October!