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Q&A: Where I Buy My Movies, Video Games, Comics and Collectibles


I am back to answer another question I am asked frequently on the various social media sites I am on. That question being…

Where do you buy your movies, comics, video games and collectibles?

I buy these items from a selection of different places, so below I will break down each of these businesses, and give you a brief review of each place.


Movies/Video Games:

The obvious answer here would be Amazon. While I do make many film purchases a year from Amazon, it is not my main source. In the last year or so, I have been buying movies at Family Video and The Exchange. Both of these companies are “chain” businesses, so many of you will be able to find them. 

Family Video:

This is where I find most of my B horror films. Many of the films they offer are the cheesy horror films like the syfy originals, but they do also offer the newer films.

How does this company work? They are a lot like good old Blockbuster. They are a video rental store, but once they have had a title for so long, they will put it up for sale. My husband and I are in there at least once a week. There is always a huge selection of movies for sale. 

What are their prices like? That is the beauty of Family Video, they are quite affordable. For example, I picked up See No Evil 2 on Blu-ray for $9.99 as opposed to the $24 that Walmart and other stores where charging for it. They also have a sticker system. Pink/green stickers are $1.99 or two for $3 and blue/red stickers are $2.99 or two for $5. These are on just bad or old titles either, I have picked up a few newer titles on these deals. 

Checkout FamilyVideo.com to find your local store.

The Exchange:

Aside from Amazon, this is where I find most of my “hard to find” and older titles as well as some of my video games.

What is it? The Exchange is a buy, sell and trade place. Most of their titles are used, but in great condition, and they do carry some new, unopened titles. This is also how I get rid of all of my unwanted movies, movies I don’t want anymore as well as collectibles I don’t have room for anymore.

You can either sell or trade in your unwanted stuff here. They accept movies, video games, comic books, sport’s jersey’s, collectibles, gaming consoles and pretty much anything else you can think of. They have always been pretty generous to me when it comes to trades. I always take the trade in credit. Why spend money when you can use store credit from things you don’t want anymore?

What are their prices like? Usually, they are pretty reasonable, but there have been occasions where I thought they were a bit high. Much like with other stores and sites, the harder the title is to find, the more you will pay. They’re also a bit high on new titles, but over all, they are pretty affordable.

Visit TheExchange.com to find your local store.

Comics and Collectibles:

I go local for my comics and most of my collectibles. I hit up my local comic shop, Bill’s Books and More, at least once a week. If you are in the Akron/Canton area of Ohio, Bill’s is located at 2215 6th Street SW, Canton. 

Nothing beats buying local. Bill and his staff are incredible. If he doesn’t have it, he will track it down for you. A lot of shops aren’t shy about “ripping people off”, but Bill will give you the best offer for your books and collectibles. 

Bill’s has the best prices around on back issues and collectibles. I have purchased countless amounts of pops and other items from him and have not paid over $25 for a single item (I have spent more than that collectively on multiple items at one time, but never a single item). He does have some more pricey items, but they are rare and hard to find. 

If you are not local to this area, Bill is at most of the comic book conventions throughout the year in many different states, and he does occasionally sell on ebay. 

Like the Bill’s Books and More Facebook page for more information and convention schedules. 

I think that pretty much covers it. Happy hunting!

*If you have any questions you would like me to answer here, feel free to comment your question below, send it to me on twitter @xMelissaThomasx or email it to me at littleblogofhorror@yahoo.com*

Comic Book Giveaway: 2/22/14 – 3/1/14


Welcome to the first monthly comic book giveaway from Little Blog of Horror. Below you will find the rules, dates, how to enter and the cover and synopsis of each book.

Starts: February 22, 2014

Ends: March 1, 2014


  • DC New! 52 Harley Quinn #1 (DC Comics)
  • George A. Romero Empire of the Dead #1 (Marvel)
  • Dexter Down Under #1 (Marvel)
  • Tales From Oz: Tin Man #1 (Zenescope)
  • A double sided promotional poster, side 1- Ms Marvel side 2- Thor

*All books are in bags with boards*


  • One entry per person
  • Must be following this blog by either clicking the follow button or following by email (on the left side of the page).
  • Only entries submitted between 2/22 and 3/1 will be counted.

How to Enter:

Use only one of the following ways to enter.

  1. Send an email to lbohgiveaway@yahoo.com (email must contain your real name and your twitter name (if you have one, having a twitter does not increase your chances of winning)
  2. Leave a comment on this post
  3. Repost and hashtag the Instagram photo


How is the winner going to be chosen?

  • Your name will be entered into a random drawing ap (only your real name)
  • A name will be randomly chosen.
  • Once a winner is chosen, There will be a post made on here and the winner will be contacted via email.

About the books:

harley-quinn-1-coverHarley Quinn #1:

Harley is set to begin her new life, but she needs a job first! Enter the Coney Island Roller Derby! It’s game time as Harley sets out to destroy her competition—literally!

20140213-163548George A. Romero – Empire of the Dead #1:

“Empire of the Dead” is fittingly set in the Empire State, and more specifically Manhattan, and begins with the arrival of a Columbia State University doctor who’s come to New York to try and conduct experiments to influence zombie behavior. She pals around with a special agent from the mayor who captures the undead, or “stinkers” as they’re called here, for gladiator-type entertainment.

$_57Dexter Down Under #1:

It’s a new, blood-soaked adventure starring Dexter Morgan, who isn’t just Miami’s #1 forensic blood splatter expert…he’s also a serial killer who targets other serial killers!When Dexter travels down under, he quickly discovers that sharks aren’t Australia’s only deadly predator!

TFOZ01_coverA-455x700Tales From Oz: Tin Man #1:

The first of three Oz origin stories tells the tale of Dorothy’s axe-wielding companion, the Tin Man. Is he a hero or a villain? Is he a soldier of the witch or an ally of Dorothy? The Tin Man’s actions have been cloaked in a shroud of mystery… up until now. Journey into Oz’s past, when a simple woodsman was transformed into a monstrosity.


Monthly Comic Book Giveaway

I will soon be starting a monthly comic book giveaway. It may only be one book at a time or more, I haven’t decided yet. I am aiming to pick up the book(s) for the first giveaway on Friday. The giveaways will probably be predominately Marvel and DC, but I am a fan of other companies such as Zenescope, image and Dynamite. If you are or know a self-published/indie comic writer/artist and you you like me to host a give away of one of your books, email me at littleblogofhorror@yahoo.com

My husband and I will alternate picking the book(s) for the giveaway, and we may sometimes collaborate on one.

I know not everyone is on every social media site, so to make it fair, I will host the giveaways through my blog. I may occasionally do a special giveaway on a specific social media site, but I will always have the main giveaway hosted through here.

I have not come up with the rules for entering yet, but I will use a randomized way of choosing the winner.

Check back on Friday or Saturday for more details!

Harley Quinn Gets A Makeover In Her New Comic Book Series From DC Comics: The NEW 52!


My favorite Batman villain has always been the bubbly bad girl with eyes for the Joker, Harley Quinn.  Harley has had her own line of comic books for sometime now, and now DC has given her a brand new series and with every new series comes a new look for Ms. Quinn.  While at my local comic shop, I found the first two issues of the new series, #0 and #1.

Harley-Quinn-0-coverIssue #0 (January 2014) is more of a mash-up of different ways that different artists would portray Harley in her new series.  17 different comic book artists are featured and on every page is a new version of Harley Quinn. Names such as Tony Daniel, Jim Lee, Bruce Timm, Dave Johnson, Jeremy Roberts, and other big names in the comic illustration business.  The cover art is colorful and eye catching featuring Harley kissing a large picture of Mr. J’s face.

Issue #1 (February 2014) “Hot In The City” has a full story line and only one artist.  The story quinn1was written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti.  The artwork was done by Chad Hardin and Alex Sinclair was the colorist.  I loved the direction of the story and the new look of Harley.  In issue #1, she was part hero and part villain.  She is followed by assassins who are trying to take her out.  She also gets a new a job, one very fitting to her character type, a roller derby girl.  I don’t want to spoil it for those who have yet to read it, but it is amazing.  The cover art for this one, like that of issue #0, is very colorful and eye catching.

Issue #2 is due out on Wednesday, January 22, 2014.  There will be a quest appearance by Harley’s good friend, Poison Ivy.  What trouble will these Gotham bad girls get into together?

I picked up issues #0 and #1 for $2.99 at Bills Books and more, but if you do not have a local comic shop, you can pick them up on Amazon for the same price. Buy Harley Quinn #0 and #1

When I pick up #2, I will do a review of it as well as the issues that follow.  If you would like me to review any other comic titles, feel free to contact me via the “contact me” button at the top of the page, email me at littleblogofhorror@yahoo.com or CLICK HERE to start a thread on the LBoH Forum.