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Sleep Terror Clothing: Original Designs Based Inspired By Nightmares

1239686_593793290662011_1333586806_nA new brand has been brought to my attention, Sleep Terror Clothing.  I am a sucker for original 1379746_602183529822987_1128588383_nhorror themed artwork.  Not only is the artwork original and creative, but the creator, Jonathan, has a story of his own.  The brand is not to be confused with the band Sleep Terror, they are not affiliated with the band or their music.

A bit about Sleep Terror Clothing:

My name is Jonathan and I run Sleep Terror Clothing. I suffer from a sleeping condition called sleep paralysis. It causes me to have extremely vivid dreams and nightmares. With a strong passion for design, drawing, horror I turn the those monsters from my dreams and nightmares into t-shirts.

They are a clothing company based out of New York City that makes limited edition t-shirts, 282851_600199616688045_249488718_nhoodies, hats and other accessories.  All designs from Sleep Terror Clothing are based on 1391432_618825434825463_105760932_nHalloween, nightmares and monsters that live under your bed.

Sleep Terror Clothing sponsors a lengthy list of bands/artists.  The list includes bands such as Reflections, No Bragging Rights, Kublai Khan and Totality.

1001585_621358524572154_1559837966_nIf you are looking for original Halloween inspired clothing and accessories, check out Sleep Terror Clothing.

If you have any questions about Sleep Terror Clothing, email them at info@sleepterrorclothing.com

Official site: SleepTerrorClothing.com

Also be sure to like the Official Facebook Page and follow them on twitter.

BigtimeTeez Review: I’m Not Short I’m Just Fun Size T-Shirt

BigtimeTeez Header Logo

Fun-Size-400x400The BigtimeTeez I’m Not Short I’m Just Fun Size t-shirt will be the last child size review for now.  This is the perfect t-shirt for kids, and if you are vertically challenged adult like myself, it is perfect for you too.

The design of the I’m Not Short I’m Just Fun Size t-shirt is witty and self explanatory.  It Fun-Size-400x400 (1)covers the whole chest and the contrast of the white lettering on the blue color of the t-shirt is stunning.  The screen printing of this funny t-shirt is flawless.  There are no cracks in the design and the edges are firm to the shirt with no peeling.

The material of the BigtimeTeez I’m Not Short I’m Just Fun Size t-shirt is 90% cotton and 10% polyester making for a soft, comfortable funny t-shirt.  The t-shirt is durable and preshrunk, so it will be able to handle a hard day of play and will not shrink when dried.DSCF7715

DSCF7714The I’m Not Short I’m Just Fun Size t-shirt is available in kid’s standard size t-shirt, small-XL.  The size of the t-shirt matches the measurements on the size chart perfectly.   Don’t worry those of you that are not in a child size, this funny t-shirt is also available in men’s and women’s sizes.  Along with the basic t-shirt styles, it is available in v-neck (men’s & women’s), adult tank top (men’s standard sizes), long sleeve  (men’s standard sizes), and zip-up and pullover hoodies (men’s standard sizes).  BigtimeTeez also offers an array of t-shirt colors to choose from.

This funny t-shirt starts at only $16.99. Compared to most of the online t-shirt sites, this price is beyond fair.  If that is still not low enough for you, use code miss15 at checkout for 15% off of your entire purchase.  BigtimeTeez also offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more (US orders only and can not be combined with other offers).BTT Free Shipping Side Banner

I highly recommend this funny t-shirt.  It gets attention, it’s self explanatory and it’s offered at a fair price.  What’s not to love about the I’m Not Short I’m Just Fun Size t-shirt?

Be sure to like BigtimeTeez on Facebook (Facebook fans get 15% off) and follow them on twitter for new design alerts, the $9.99 t-shirt of the day, exclusive offers and daily giveaways.


Rotten Cotton: More Than Badass T-Shirts


Many of you may have heard of the company ROTTEN COTTON, but did you know they are more than just badass t-shirts?  They also have a project called Black Devil Doll that they are working on.

First things first, let’s talk about the t-shirts.  Every horror/exploitation fan loves to find that one shirt of their favorite movie that really says “this movie is badass and so is this shirt“, but going to the mall you’re only going to find what is deemed to be “safe”.  ROTTEN COTTON carries original shirts that the mall wouldn’t dream of selling.  They offer everything from cult horror classics to shirts with Norman Reedus‘ face on them.

ROTTEN COTTON caters to men and women.  Most of the shirts that are made for women that you would find at your local mall are way too cutesy or imply that you are married to a fictional character.  I know that when I’m looking for a horror related shirt, I do not want butterflies or to be anyone’s Mrs.  Ladies, never fear, ROTTEN COTTON is here to save the day.

Now that we have discussed the vast array of awesome that is their clothing,  let’s move on to Black Devil Doll.

Photo Credit: BlackDevilDoll.com

If you are into raunchy horror, Black Devil Doll will definitely become one of your favorites.  It is in the style of the 80’s TV sitcoms.  There are 6 parts, each 30 minuets long, which means 3 hours of raunchtastic funny horror.  Black Devil Doll is brought to you by the really messed up,yet awesome, minds of Shawn Lewis, Mitchell Boone, John Osteen, and Jonathan “Louis” Lewis.

These guys may be a bunch of badasses, but they need your help in continuing the Black Devil Doll series.  The latest installment to the Black Devil Doll series is “There Goes Da Neighba’hood.”  Help fund this project on indiegogo.com.  You can do this by clicking on where it says “indiegogo.com” or do it the hard way and do a bunch of typing.  Either way you choose to do it, there is 41 days left to help fund this project.  Simply choose a donation amount on the right hand side of the screen and help out.  It won’t be in vain because not only are you helping an awesome project, but you will also be rewarded with other cool stuff.

In review, ROTTEN COTTON offers you awesome t-shirts and awesome entertainment.  So, go pick up some shirts and help fund the future of raunchy, campy horror.

BigtimeTeez “BaZnGa” T-Shirt Review



I recently received the BaZnGa tee from BigtimeTeez.com and I think it is awesome.  I love The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon, so I thought that this was one of the funniest t-shirts I have ever seen.  The way that the designers at BigtimeTeez cleverly used the elements on the periodic table to play on the ever so popular line, “Bazinga“, is one of the most creative things I have seen from a t-shirt company.

This shirt, just like the others, is 100% preshrunk and form-fit.  The sizing is very true to the size chart that is displayed on the site.  The sleeves are almost cap-sleeve style and I absolutely love that about it.  It fits a little longer than some of the other shirts from other companies, which in my opinion is a good thing.

The screen printing on the BaZnGa t-shirt is very stretchy.  It moves with the rest of the shirt instead of staying in place and getting wrinkled and bunched up.  This is very good for females with a larger bust like myself.

DSCF7081 (2)

The pricing is also great.  This tee used to start at $19.99, but because of price cuts it now starts at $13.99 (depending on size and style options)!  You can purchase this shirt in adults sm-5XL and kids sm-5XL.  It is offered in form-fit tee (men and women), kids tee, mens long-sleeve, adult tank top, men v-neck, womens form-fit v-neck, adult pull-over hoodie and adult zip-uphoodie.

The BaZnGa tee is a must have for any Big Bang Theory/Sheldon fan that enjoys a witty, funny t-shirt.  Below is the link to the shirt and a code that is good for 15% off of your entire order.

BaZnGa T-Shirt

Code: miss15 

*Code is entered near the end of checkout*



“What Would Daryl Do” T-shirt by BigtimeTeez


With the growing list of shirts inspired by The Walking Dead, I am absolutely loving the ones put out by BigtimeTeez.com.  I know it is becoming a cliche for a female to say that Daryl is their favorite character, but  he is mine.  I have been to stores in the mall looking  for a Daryl shirt that doesn’t imply that I am married to a fictional character, but I was unsuccessful.  I know I’ve said it before, but I will say it again BigtimeTeez has been the only place that I have been able to find not only quality funny t-shirts, but amazing shirts with my favorite character.  The shirt fit is incredible and the feel of the material is so comfortable.

DSCF7024 (2)

This awesome shirt used to be $19.99, but now since BigtimeTeez has lowered their prices, it starts at only $13.99 (depending on size and fit options).  On average, even on Amazon and other internet shopping sites, most Walking Dead/Daryl shirts start around $20 all the way to $35 and above.  Not only does BigtimeTeez offer amazing base prices, but below I will post a code that will get you 15% off of your entire order.

Click the link below to find this awesome shirt and enter the code below for 15% off (codes are entered towards the end of checkout, so don’t panic if you can’t find where the code goes at the begining.).

Where can I buy this shirt?: What Would Daryl Do?

Save 15% on your order: miss15

BigtimeTeez awesome news!

BigtimeTeez has lowered their prices!  Now shirts start at just $13.95!  Not only have prices dropped, but they will soon be offering zip-up hoodies, tank tops, v-necks, and long-sleeved shirts along with their awesome pull-over hoodies and funny T-shirts. This is great news because now you can sport your favorite funny T-shirt in any season!

Head over to BigtimeTeez.com to place your order and use code miss15 for 15% off your entire order.  Most days you do not even need a code for an awesome discount because they offer daily discounts like they’re $9.99 shirt of the day or many other holiday themed discounts.  Coupon codes are entered near the end of checkout, so if you cannot find where the code goes at the beginning of checkout, don’t panic.

Stay tuned for more reviews and news!

BigtimeTeez.com “Dixon Crossbows T-Shirt” Review


I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead and Norman Reedus, who isn’t?, so it only made sense to buy this awesome shirt. Below this review, I will include the link to this product and a coupon code to get you 15% off your entire order.

I ordered this shirt in a women’s slim fit XL in military green.  The fit was incredible and super comfortable.  The material is preshrunk so I didn’t have to panic about is shrinking when I dried it.  The color did not fade at all and it has been washed a lot.  The screen printing is amazing quality and is not showing any signs of cracking or peeling.  There are no signs of holes in this shirt yet like a lot of the soft cotton preshrunk shirts get after a while,  and I have had it for months and have worn it a lot.

I wore this shirt to HorrorHound weekend in Cincinnati and I got all kinds of compliments on it and a lot of people wanting to know where to get it.  This shirt is a must have for any Walking Dead/Norman Reedus fan. I have looked all over for a Daryl Dixon shirt that was not over the top girly and I finally found a place that sells the cool designs you get in a guy’s shirt, but on a shirt that was fit for a female form. I love this shirt so much that I placed an order for a second one in black.

The shipping on both shirts was incredibly fast.  The price was about half of what the store in the mall wanted for shirts that weren’t even half as cool.  This shirt was $18.99 both times that I ordered it, but BigtimeTeez has since lowered their prices.

I sincerely hope that anyone reading this will give this shirt and others from this incredible site a chance.  You without a doubt get your money’s worth.

Where you can buy the shirt: Dixon Crossbows T-Shirt

Coupon code for 15% off: miss15

Stay tuned for more reviews.



I have been ordering from a site called BigtimeTeez for almost a year now and love everything I have received from them. In my opinion, they far surpass any other shirt company I have ordered from. Their prices are very  reasonable, the design are original and creative, and best of all, their customer service is second to none.

They offer designs for everything from funny all the way to horror and zombies, including designs based off of The Walking Dead. BigtimeTeez offers the largest selection of original shirts I have seen in a very long time.

Their prices are better than that which you would find in the mall. Most shirts cost around $13.95 depending on size. They offer sizes from kids small- extra large and adults from sizes Mens small- 5XL and ladies small-5XL. They also offer hoodies in the same size ranges and have just introduced V-neck shirts. The shirts are all very comfortable. Each is a slim fit and all are true to the size chart. You get your choice of shirt color too.

BigtimeTeez is not just known for their funny t-shirts,but they also do custom printing, so if you have a shirt design you want to bring to life or have a sporting or family event you want to make cooler, they can help you out.

The staff at BigtimeTeez are all awesome. They work diligently to fix any problem you may have.  Their customer service replies promptly to any problem or exchange request filed with them.

So, if you’re looking for awesome shirts at great prices, do not hesitate to stop over at www.bigtimeteez.com .

Also be sure to like them on Facebook, Follow them on twitter and Instagram (@bigtimeteez). Simply click the links to like and or follow to keep up to date on all the new exciting news on new funny t-shirts and sales.