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My Top 10 Horror Films From 2013

2013 has given us some new, impressive horror films and a few really good re-imaginings.  With the year drawing to a close, I figured it was time to give you guys my top 10 horror films of the year.

  1. Hatchet III
  2. American Mary
  3. Curse of Chucky
  4. The Conjuring
  5. Evil Dead
  6. Carrie
  7. Maniac
  8. Shiver
  9. Would You Rather?
  10. Among Friends

Movie Review: ‘Carrie’ (2013)

carrie2013posterIt is no secret that I am not a fan of remakes, there have only been a few put out that I can honestly say that I like.  I heard about the new “re-imagining” of the classic ‘Carrie‘ a while back and decided to give it a fair shot.

As far as remakes go, ‘Carrie‘ 2013 is at the top of my must-see list.  I was pleasantly surprised by this film.  The casting was my biggest concern, but I don’t think they could have chosen anyone better to play Carrie or her mother.   Chloë Grace Moretz was fantastic as Carrie, she was creepy and very intense.  Everything that she did as Carrie was organic and looked completely natural for her.  For being such a young actress, her performance was incredible.  The part of Carrie requires a lot of acting with the face and the eyes and Chloë absolutely nailed it.  Julianne Moore played Carrie’s mother, Margaret White, and may have been creepier than the mother in the original film.

Carrie’s telekinetic powers and what she did with them before she went nuts and killed everyone, were much more elaborate than the original.  She wasn’t as afraid of them.

The closet was still used as Carrie’s punishment when her mom went nuts.

The script to this film was much closer to the book than the original.  Spoiler alert, there is no nudity in this film like there was in the original.  There is one sex scene, but it’s not like the over the top scenes you see in a lot of today’s horror films.  The famous “plug it up” chant was still used in the locker room.  There was a big difference with the way Carrie was bullied.  In the 70’s when the original was made, there were no cell phones or YouTube, but the new ‘Carrie‘ brings us to modern times and adds to Carrie’s torment via cyber bullying.  It was nice to see such an iconic film brought to the present.

The most memorable part of the original ‘Carrie‘ was of course the bucket of pig’s blood and the massacre at the prom.  In the re-imagining, these scenes were much more intense and graphic.  The ways that Carrie kills her classmates was by far more creative and bloody.  In the original, after the prom scene, Carrie went home to her mother, but in this one, she goes after Chris, the girl that treated her the worst and her boyfriend.  While doing so, she does quite a bit of damage around town.  The scene when her mother stabs her and then she kills her mother was a lot more dramatic than in the original.

I really don’t feel comfortable calling this film a remake because it really wasn’t.  The films are actually quite different and the term re-imagining fits much better.  So, if you, like me, are not a fan of remakes, look at this Carrie as a new adaptation of the Stephen King novel instead of a remake.

I highly recommend ‘Carrie‘ to anyone that loved the original and especially fans of the novel.  So, if you need a date night idea for Sweetest Day tomorrow, go see ‘Carrie‘.

The critics severely low balled this film giving it only a 6.6, but I say they are out of their minds and I am giving it an 8 out of 10.