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Movie Review: ‘Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer’


Bizjack Flemco Productions

Written by: Richard Taylor, Zack Beins and Tim Johnson

Directed by: Richard Taylor and Zack Beins

Starring: Mark Shonsey, Zachary Byron Helm, Lindy Starr, Lloyd Kaufman, Babette Bombshell and Shawn C. Phillips

Typically when a film has “zombie killer” in the title, one would assume that there are zombies in the film, correct? Well in this case, you’d be wrong. ‘Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer’┬ácontained no actual zombies, and pulled off having “zombie killer” in the title without actually having zombies magnificently.

‘Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer’ is one of the best horror comedies I have seen in a very long time. The concept of the film is sheer genius and the film as a whole is very well written. Horror comedies tend to get very cheesy and lose the comedy elements if the writer is not careful, but ‘Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer’ had me laughing from beginning to end. There was just the right amount of cornball B Movie style. The way I can best describe this film is ‘King Pin’ meets ‘Night of the Living Dead’ meets ‘Stoned Age’.

What is a well written film without an awesome theme song? The theme for this film was a catchy punk style song and it fit the film perfectly.

The special effects that were used were a little over the top, but hey, this is a horror comedy. For me, this adds to the humor of the film. I loved them.

I absolutely loved ‘Atom the amazing Zombie Killer’ and highly recommend it to anyone that loves a well written, gory laugh fest.

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