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Amazon Not Currently Selling the Friday the 13th Blu-Ray Box Set

81DZb+v9vRL._SL1500_Fans of the Friday the 13th series have been waiting forever for a Blu-ray box set, and it seems many of them are not very happy with the sets purchased from online shopping giant, Amazon.com.

The Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection {Blu-ray} is currently “under review” by Amazon, so it is temporarily unavailable for purchase.  You can still purchase the box set from other retailers.

Of the 109 total reviews this product has, only 42 of them were positive.  There is currently a grand total of 30 one star reviews.  A lot of times, people will give a product a low rating for no reason or to help another similar product sell, but this time, all of the negative ratings are accompanied by a laundry list of legitimate complaints.

The most common complaint that I seen was that the set promises “uncut” versions of the films, but only Part 1 is uncut.  The second biggest complaint was about damaged products.  One customer even talks about exchanging their set three times and every set they were sent was damaged in some way.  The price was another issue, Amazon was charging $98.46 for a sub par product.    The complaints are endless and many fans feel that the Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection {Blu-ray} disrespects the series and fans feel, and I quote, “slapped in the face”.  See the full list of complaints here.

Amazon has issued a statement that they are investigating this matter and hope to have it resolved soon.