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Upcoming Film: Truth Or Dare

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Christopher Beier

I learned of Truth Or Dare via twitter.  I watched the trailer and I must say that this film certainly shows promise.  Truth Or Dare in my opinion is a bit like the Saw movies, but a lot better.

Truth or Dare is about 6 college students that reach internet stardom because of their videos of their games of Truth Or Dare.   Their game is not like your run of the mill sleepover Truth Or Dare, it’s deadly.

Check out the trailer to this sure to be gorefest:

Be sure to visit the Official Truth Or Dare Site, like the the Facebook, follow the twitter, and subscribe to the YouTube channel for more videos, cast information and more.

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Celebrate Independence Day with American Mary


I watched this movie for the first time yesterday.  I wanted to wait on some of the hype to die down, but I really don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.  I figured, what better way to celebrate Independence Day than to review this absolutely genius movie, American Mary.

American Mary was written and produced by the lovely Jen and Sylvia Soska aka the Twisted Twins.  Soska is a name everyone should get used to seeing around the horror genre quite regularly because they are genius.

Katherine Isabelle is incredible as med student gone bad, Mary Mason.  The character of Mary, as twisted as it sounds, is very easy to relate to.  She’s smart, beautiful and pushed too far by her professor who rapes her at a party.  The development behind this character is fantastic.  There is no aspect of the character back story that is over looked.  All the way down to her concerned Nana.


All of the characters in American Mary were great.  The character of Beatress was startling,but eerily charming.  She is a plastic surgery addict that looks like Betty Boop.  She introduces Mary to a whole new world of people that want her help.


A pair of her most unusual clients are none other than the gorgeous Soska twins themselves.  Their acting is every bit as good as their writing and producing.


I will definitely watch this film again and encourage anyone else that hasn’t seen it to watch it.  American Mary has all of the elements to quickly become a cult classic.  The twists and turns of the plot tie together seamlessly.  No part of this film is predictable, it kept me guessing the whole time.  It’s not a gorefest, but still very appealing to all fans of the horror genre.

I can not wait to see more from these awesome ladies.  They are definitely showing that the horror genre doesn’t just belong to the guys anymore.  5 star entertainment for sure.  Keep up the great work ladies!

To keep up to date on Jen and Sylvia and their upcoming projects, visit their official site, like them  on Facebook and follow them on twitter.

Asylum- 13 Tales of Terror Review Coming July 8th


I have been asked to join a virtual book tour for the new horror/thriller novel “ASYLUM- 13 tales of terror” by Matt Drabble.  I will be reviewing this book on July 8th.

To start, here is a little back story on author Matt Drabble.  Matt was born in Bath, England in 1974. He is a self-professed “funny onion”.  He is jock meets comic book nerd.  His 3rd novel, “Gated”, hit #1 on Amazon UK free Horror Chart when it was first released.  On it’s re-release, it hit a high of #4 on Amazon Uk’s Horror Chart and #2 on the Horror/Thirller chart.  He is now releasing his 4th novel, “ASYLUM- 13 tales of terror”, and is half way done with his 5th novel, “Abra Cadaver”.

asylum front 2013 copy

Now for the star of this coming article, a bit about “ASYLUM- 13 tales of terror”.  In this novel, we follow 26-year-old Martin Parcell, an ex-journalist that was injured in a car accident and is now working as a custodian at a private mental hospital called Blackwater Heights.

While working  at Blackwater Heights, his elderly supervisor, Jimmy, offers Martin a way out.  This way out is access to the histories and stories of the hospital’s patients.  A collection of 13 tales from the minds of the darkly disturbed minds of the residents of Blackwater Heights.  These stories begin to make Martin question his own sanity.

Stay tuned for a full review of the story on July 8th.  For more information about Matt Drabble and his works, visit his website, friend him on Facebook and  follow him on twitter.


*All information provided in this article is based from the the information in the media kit for this virtual book tour.*

TOXICTOONS: Masks, Shirts and More

I myself am a fan of strange and original things, but where can you find strange and original mixed together?  TOXICTOONS is such a place.  You can find t-shirts, masks and more.

TOXICTOONS offers mens, womens and kids t-shirts at reasonable prices.  As a matter of fact, they are working on their first ever baseball style shirt.  It is up for order until June 30, so you better get to ordering!  This shirt is running $23 plus shipping.  They will have two new shirts in July and two new shirts in August.

If a t-shirt is not what you are in the market for, they offer plenty more awesome creations to choose from such as stickers, calendars, patches, cards and just about any other creepy thing your heart may desire.  They even have an app called MONSTERPIECES.  This cool little app only costs $2.99.  If you are a real fan, they offer the Fiend Club Kit for $25 plus shipping.  I think the coolest things they offer however are their masks.

TOXICTOONS’ Monster Masks are incredible.  They currently have five new masks for 2013.  My personal favorite is the”WEREWOLF” (pictured below).   The other four new for 2013 are “TONGUE TIED”, “CYANIDE”, “FANG”(in a new color), and “Z-EEK! FACE MASK”.  All masks that are new for 2013 are for sale starting in August.  For images, prices and full list of masks,   visit their MONSTER MASKS section.

Photo and Creative Credit: TOXICTOONS
Photo and Creative Credit: TOXICTOONS

All of TOXICTOONS Halloween merch will go on sale on September 1.  You may also want to check out the book “why are you so weird unkle pigors?  book of fan ?’s” (pictured below).

Photo Credit: TOXICTOONS
Photo Credit: TOXICTOONS


You can keep keep up to date on TOXICTOONS through Facebook and twitter.



Rotten Cotton: More Than Badass T-Shirts


Many of you may have heard of the company ROTTEN COTTON, but did you know they are more than just badass t-shirts?  They also have a project called Black Devil Doll that they are working on.

First things first, let’s talk about the t-shirts.  Every horror/exploitation fan loves to find that one shirt of their favorite movie that really says “this movie is badass and so is this shirt“, but going to the mall you’re only going to find what is deemed to be “safe”.  ROTTEN COTTON carries original shirts that the mall wouldn’t dream of selling.  They offer everything from cult horror classics to shirts with Norman Reedus‘ face on them.

ROTTEN COTTON caters to men and women.  Most of the shirts that are made for women that you would find at your local mall are way too cutesy or imply that you are married to a fictional character.  I know that when I’m looking for a horror related shirt, I do not want butterflies or to be anyone’s Mrs.  Ladies, never fear, ROTTEN COTTON is here to save the day.

Now that we have discussed the vast array of awesome that is their clothing,  let’s move on to Black Devil Doll.

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If you are into raunchy horror, Black Devil Doll will definitely become one of your favorites.  It is in the style of the 80’s TV sitcoms.  There are 6 parts, each 30 minuets long, which means 3 hours of raunchtastic funny horror.  Black Devil Doll is brought to you by the really messed up,yet awesome, minds of Shawn Lewis, Mitchell Boone, John Osteen, and Jonathan “Louis” Lewis.

These guys may be a bunch of badasses, but they need your help in continuing the Black Devil Doll series.  The latest installment to the Black Devil Doll series is “There Goes Da Neighba’hood.”  Help fund this project on  You can do this by clicking on where it says “” or do it the hard way and do a bunch of typing.  Either way you choose to do it, there is 41 days left to help fund this project.  Simply choose a donation amount on the right hand side of the screen and help out.  It won’t be in vain because not only are you helping an awesome project, but you will also be rewarded with other cool stuff.

In review, ROTTEN COTTON offers you awesome t-shirts and awesome entertainment.  So, go pick up some shirts and help fund the future of raunchy, campy horror.

Zombie with a Shotgun Review


I recently watched a short called Zombie with a Shotgun it can be viewed online.  There are currently four episodes available and the average run time is 4-5 minutes.  The shorts were created and produced by Hilton Ariel Ruiz and co-produced by Kirk Goodall.

Zombie with a Shotgun stars Braeden Baade as the protective and tough Aaron who is not yet sure what his future holds and Lynnea Molone as Aaron’s innocent and vulnerable girlfriend, Rachel.  You also see one certain zombie a lot who is played by Sammy Mena.  The script was well written and the acting is very convincing.

The setting is very dark and fits well with the story.  It appears to be an old warehouse and fits perfectly with a story that chronicles a mans transformation into the undead.  The music, by David Bateman, makes the setting even better with it’s eery sound.

The makeup, done by Karen Michele, is very creative and convincing.  The makeup that Karen did on Braede Baade (Aaron) was fantastic.  With  each episode, Aaron’s makeup changes gradually, much like a person’s appearance would if they were turning into a zombie.  The makeup on the zombie (Sammy Mena) is definitely grotesque and ranks pretty high on the list of zombie makeups that I have seen in the past few months.

All in all I would say that Zombie with a Shotgun is a solid indie piece and has a lot of potential to become very successful.  I will definitely continue to watch the upcoming episodes.  To keep up to date on all Zombie with a shotgun, follow the official twitter page.

140 Fiction: Dark, Original, and Uncut

There is a new breed of horror fiction popping up on twitter and it’s called 140 Fiction.  140 Fiction is just as it sounds, horror fiction in 140 characters.  Each 140 character story comes together to form a longer story, at least it does in most cases.  I have recently read some original 140 Fiction by @cultmetalflix.  His stories are very original and very dark.  I will warn you, there is a lot if adult content and sexuality in his stories.

I am all about the originality of these stories, and I have been granted permission to share some of it with you.  Again, reader discretion is advised.

This story is a “10 parter.”  I will post the pieces of the story in order along with a link under each part where you can find each original post on twitter.

In 15 years of marriage His wife pleased him in every way,but one.He Traveled alone once a year,4 business,His pleasure.

Again his “Supplier” delivered everything precisely as promised.The lithe form draped in white sheet upon the cold emotionless slab of metal
(Original Post)

Quivering with childlike excitement He lifted the weightless sheet.Slightly blue, pale and chill 2 the touch.Fresh, not a movement for days.
(Original Post)

His belt make the slightest sound as pants hit the sterile floor.Erect He pulls his prize toward him.Squeek as lifeless flesh and metal rub.
(Original Post)

Sheet fully removed the object of morbid fetish is revealed.Unable 2 contain Himself hands explore the Forbidden.Penetration exquisite.
(Original Post)

Tenderness turns 2 brutality as the moment of climax nears.Kneading livid flesh He surveys His treasure,lifting the stiff neck..movement..
(Original Post)

Hips grinding,loins burning 4 release.A question arises soon 2 b dismissed.Proposterous!..Faster..Closer..Eyes flicker open..
(Original Post)

Panic electrifies as lower extremities tighten a vise like grip.Writhing,twisting cursing,violence unleashed upon the once inanimate..
(Original Post)

Slipping,losing position.Intense pain as knees collide with unyeilding steel.A smile breaks dead flesh.Guillotine like grip bars His escape.
(Original Post)

Hemorrhaging profusely the room spins.Severed,He crumbles in a tangled sweaty, naked chaotic heap.Life ebbs away.The cold smile remains.”

(Original Post)

In my opinion, this guy has great potential and is definitely original and talented.  Give him a follow on twitter for more 140 Fiction.


Interview with Night Walker Cinema

As previously mentioned in my last piece on Night Walker Cinema, here is a short interview that they were so awesome to participate in.  I can say that I am looking forward to working on a few more pieces with these guys in the future.


What movie initially got you interested in horror?

 “Wow…good question. I’d have to say that really early on I loved Michael Myers, Halloween and Halloween II”

A lot of people today have been spoiled by CGI.  What keeps NWC wanting to stay true to classic horror and not use CGI? 

 “I know a lot work goes into CGI and those artists are talented but it’s just not real. You can’t interact with it, feel it, wear it or be scared in real time with it. Practical FX are the only way to go in our opinion. It’s not a crime to use CGI to slightly enhance something but it should always be unnoticed.”

 What is the hardest part of staying true to classic horror?

“I’m not sure. We write what we want to see. I think sometimes you have studio people who don’t understand or even watch our genre telling people how to make films. That’s a bad recipe.”

From a producer’s stand point, which producers (horror or not) have been the most influential?

 “Well we are only producers because we pay for all of our films (except TDG which we are crowd funding).”

What kind of advice do you have for other indie producers? 

 “Well we like to focus on the writing and the directing. If we worked with another producer we would want them to trust that we know what we are doing. Too many producers want to see things their way but they don’t write so they nitpick other people’s art…no bueno.”

 What can we expect to see from Night Walker Cinema in the future?

“Hopefully we can get The Dinner Guest into as many festivals as possible and hopefully get distribution! After that, we have many films in the pipeline from more shorts to features!”

Night Walker Cinema: Independent Horror at it’s Finest

Over the course of the last few months, I have had the pleasure of really learning about an amazing independent horror production company called Night Walker Cinema.  It is hard to find an independent production company that truly has a passion for horror, but Night Walker Cinema definitely has that.


A little background on NWC:  NWC is based out of San Diego, California and was founded by Joseph Dean Martinez and James Neff.  They are working to revive the good name of the Horror genre.  They do not want to rely on CGI like many of the horror movies spit out, remade and mass produced by Hollywood.  Night Walker Cinema’s main focus is to bring original ideas to the horror lovers of the world.  They are currently working on their first feature film called The Dinner Guest.

The Dinner Guest : Night Walker Cinema does not want to spoil the plot for anyone, but they have put together a promotional teaser trailer.  Eric Fox of SyFy’s FACE/OFF has signed on as the Special Effects artist.  NWC still needs a bit of help to fund this amazing project.  They are hoping to raise at least $6000 to help with production and other expenses associated with the project.  By donating you do get some perks such as a cameo all the way to producer credits.  There are only seven days left to help them out, but it is definitely a worthy cause.  Click the link below to help restore the good name of horror and to check out the promotional teaser trailer.

Help NWC

You can also keep up with Night Walker Cinema and their up coming projects on any of their social networking sites.  Click the links to add or follow.


Facebook: Night Walker Cinema

Twitter: @NightWalkerCnma

Instagram: @nightwalkercinema

Stay tuned for an interview and more from Night Walker Cinema!