The Most Popular Scary Games in 2016

Halloween might be over, but not scary games. The whole year is the perfect time to play horror games. To play the games that pumps your adrenaline to its highest peak is so exciting. If you ever play a betting game, something like M88, you must have undergone it, when your adrenaline jumped to its highest while you’re waiting for the result. It is the same experience here, even higher.

Most Scary Games in 2016

Some scary games are even scary enough to hold the title of the most popular scary games. In this year, 2016, there are only few games that can hold this title.



DOOM is a game developed by id Software. The game was first published on May 13 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One users. The game presents FPS experience with many big guns and demons to slay. In this game, players will be able to use push forward combat system, sprint, and double jump.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Horror is the perfect way you should remember about this game. Not only because of the scary content, but also because the best way to play the game is by using VR. You’ll enter a world where all your darkest nightmare becomes real. A chilling rollercoaster ride will be waiting for you inside the game, along with all the excitements and scares.

Allison Road

Just from watching the game trailer, many believe that Allison Road deserves the title as the most terrifying game in 2016. There is no game scarier than this. The game itself was developed by Kojima Productions. The solid storyline and excellent graphic also makes playing this game presents an experience, not so many can forget. It’s like animating your nightmare, in front of you.


PAMELA is a unique horror game where players must survive in an open world, a fallen utopia to be precise. The player will enter the game as a protagonist character who got awaken after a long cryogenic sleep. It used to be a perfect time to learn about new world, but in this game, there is better way to describe your world but a ruined one, after being taken by Afflicted.

Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is a unique that that combines found footage film genre with survival horror game. This is a very long tradition that comes from the Outlast game series. If you carefully watch the game trailer, you will find something interesting about this game. There are some religious themes available to explored in this game. It is something you can’t find on every horror games. Outlast 2 is available for Windows PC, Xbox One, and PS4 players.

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